Monday, June 30, 2008

todae is sooo totally cool la .
cos hor i went to school expecting to have the whole day of lesson .
and guess wad i went to school at 7 plus .
ok den my first lecture is at 9 to 10 .
but to my surprise .
i got 6 HOURS OF BREAK !
i was totally rotting in school .
a waste of time .
must well dun go school .
hahaas .
den is like tmr also end early at about 1 .
hahaas .
sooooo cool .
den now just do a quick post .
boring plus boring equal to find something to do .
new theory of mine .
hahaas .
wann go watch show le la .
lol .

Sunday, June 29, 2008

ok so i just watched a few movies .
and ok the timing now is like .
wow !
but one thing is my mummy and daddy arent home yet .
the moment i reach home i was relieved .
as i rmb they went out .
sooo .
yupx .
den had went to ken's house to so call party~
is like if kel haven told miie to go .
i would have just stayed there .
but hey thanks kel .
and yr girlfriend is such a hot babe .
ok now i am talking like a guy !
my god ~~!
i am not lesbo .
is just tat i am you noe .
just single and i help friends to judge on the other half .
hahaas .
like ken's girl is such a spoiler .
next time got party~ cannortt jio her la .
she will spoil mood de .
but the stupiid ken keep siding her .
damn ass lorx .
she shld have been drunk and drop dead .
hahaas .
lousy drinker .
oh and i didnt take any bit of tat alcohol .
cos i am a good girl .
hahaas .
i noe you ppl dun believe it .
but who cares .
i noe the truth can liaox .
btw roy you suck too .
but thanks for sending miie home .
alwaes thought you a bit pyshco .
but turn out you're alright .
hahaas .
you may have alwaes irritate miie .
but you were kinda good to miie tonight .
is it becos you are drunk ?
but i dun reali care .
but hope to party~with you guys soon k .
and by then i try to bring a partner too k .
if not i can try going with roy .
hahaas .
i am soooo kidding .
dun take it too seriously huh !
*yawn yawn*
ok i am beat .
going to hit the sheets le .
good night to the whole word .
or in fact good morning .
hahaas .

Thursday, June 26, 2008

oh ok .
this blog is officially rotting .
so i am going to post regularly .
hahaas .
cos i have been bz with all the blogshop thingy .
and my studies, test and all .
i am 100% bz .
no time for outing .
and am rushing my wds proposal also .
haiz .
no time ar !!!!!
so sianz sianz .
but den i feel tat i let my trust fly again .
i hope and pray i didnt trust the wrong ppl this time .
i reali hope not .
hahaas .
oh and by not making it rot .
i am going to make this blog official ,
hahaas .
but den wad can i do leii ?
not sure yet .
but soon la .
soon will make it official de .
hahaas .

Sunday, June 22, 2008

it has been so long before i post .
so going to post now .
i was verii busy this few days .
and this morning when i wake up .
my head was aching .
it hurt so much .
haiz .
den is like carol darlinx tell miie can chose cds le wor .
den i just go and see .
and ok i chosed 5 subject .
haiz .
but i still wann get in the 1st subject i chose .
and the rest is still alright de .
haiz .
schooling was once a desired .
but now it just cause miie to fell so stress .
but is like i feel tat schooling is a tortured .
haiz .
three long years .
oh and one more thing .
i hope and wish tat those ppl .
would just fail their subjects' main and sup paper .
cos they dun deserved to pass .

Sunday, June 15, 2008

haiz .
i todae den noe something .
all along mingrong has think tat i stole her T&C and others ,
ok the T&C didnt come from miie fully .
as i took some other advise from friends .
and i did took a few from her .
and since she thinks i am copying from her .
i have edited wad can be edited .
and credited wad i took from her .
so is like .
my other friends saw le .
also think tat is not all the same lorx .
but they got tell miie .
some ppl thinks tat even you edited it .
it is still theirs .
so i sent mingrong an email .
so now is to see how she reply .
haiz .
so i spent about 2hrs doing editing .
haiz .
waste of time .

Friday, June 13, 2008

oh and i just change a new song for my blog .
i read the lyrics kinda nice and sweet though .
你开心 我关心
贴成无限 就是我们最富有的宣言
贴心里面 收集感动 给以后怀念
贴成无限 就是我们最富有的宣言
贴心里面 收集感动 给以后怀念
元若蓝:嗒嗒啦 嗒嗒啦 嗒 嗒 啦
吴忠明:嗒 啦啦啦(元若蓝:嗒 嗒啦)
吴忠明:嗒 啦啦啦(元若蓝:嗒 嗒啦)
贴成无限 就是我们最富有的宣言
贴心里面 收集感动 给以后怀念
todae i just sent out the mask de order to supplier .
den is like she sae nid to wait for about 2 weeks .
so i gg to wait lorx .
den i sending it out to my customer .
even though is onli two people .
but hey start from small doing right .
but now is like got quite a few people asking .
but after they ask .
not much of a order was submitted .
i was thinkin .
is the product expensive .
but the problem is i am not earning from all these stuff that i am selling .
for example the mask i onli earning like $0.10 from one mask .
den is like the mask itself is ex .
and den you cannortt earn from the preorder de la .
haiz .
a bit stress over it .
but i wont give up so easily de .
now is like my poly frenz also advertising for miie .
arent they sweet .
and is like i also advertising on myself .
so i am like spenting most of my time on this thing .
but den is like i am a bit bz .
as i thought if i start school .
where can i find enough time to do this .
regretted .
but is like i can onli rely on myself .
no choice de la .
but den todae ,
mummy totally pissed miie off .
haiz .
i was totally vexed todae .
but who can understand miie .
haiz .
den zizi ask miie to pei her go buy shoe tmr ,
but sometime i think tat .
my taste and their taste like so different lorx .
is like some time .
maybe a certain thing they see .
they find it pretty but i dont .
or i find that thing pretty but they dont .
so is like opinion clashes .
and these clashes alwaes cause arguement or something close to that .
and normally this will worn out a friendship .
but it is like i do cherish friends .
but yet some friends .
they are just too fake and realistic .
as in fake is that they make friends with you with a motive .
as in realistic is that once you are no longer hanging out with them .
they just treat you like a stranger .
and is one thing tat totally make miie feel tat human being are so fragile .
and i cannort reali understand why .
but i also realise i have a few true friends .
through so many thing i realise .
and thanks to them .
let miie name them out .
the first one i think is feiyan .
she is alwaes able to be there for miie once .
but even though i had arguement with them .
she may have been cold to miie .
but after thing were much clearer ,
and i nid her help .
she will be there and of cos she is my mj mates .
lol .
of cos not forgetting meixin .
but sometimes she tends to get stress up easily .
and maybe zuer ba .
cos sometimes we got same thinkin .
and sometimes she can understand how i feel .
yet after we got into poly .
even we had met up afew time for lunch but i feel there is this gap .
haiz .
so i also dunno .
just wann get through poly life as fast as possible .
cos to miie it is a torture .

Thursday, June 12, 2008

ok .
todae was like so cool lorx .
i wemt to godmummy friends the beauty salon .
and we all did something .
godmummy do radio frequency mummy do body message .
and as for miie i did body scrubs .
hahaas .
is like super fun .
and the effect is soooooo good .
my complexion is sooooo much more smoother .
and one important thing it got whiter .
and this salon is at katong mall there .
it is open daily but if you are interested you can make an appointment .
but i did spent quite an amount .
as i am still a student .
ya .....
so ....
but who cares .
ok gtg to do my blogshop and etc le .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hahaas .
has been busy doing my blogshop .
and finally let miie find this agent who can help miie order in the preorder .
but den when there is good news there is also a bad news comin with it .
hahaas .
my worst nightmare .
the orderform has to be handed to the agent by
oh my god i am so going crazy .
oh so i went to look for a way to make my labby de mircosoft excel work .
but to my horror .
the popup thingy went missing .
i was wondering maybe i can try opening it .
as i have not yet tried the excel yet .
(okay dumb and tryin to deceived myself)
so when i open it .
there is suppose to be this thing tat pop up and would tell you to enter a certain product code or something like tat .
but there was nothin ,
so i sense of delight came upon miie .
i thought i can use it le .
but den to my horror .
now i cant key in any product key .
and i also cannort use excel .
den how .
how ?
OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!
who can help miie ?
pls pls .
tell miie if you noe .
if not maybe i can see whether is it possible to restored the com .
ahh .
booohooo .

Monday, June 9, 2008

ok lets see .
todae morning i woke up .
and do some slacking at home .
den after tat i went to sch to find zizi .
den after i go find mummy go mummum .
we ate sakae sushi .
and is like verii full lorx .
oh and sakae the price also increase sia .
soooo shocking .
lol .
oh den we went to do the bank thingy .
and den we go fix daddy de watch .
and i saw this watch is like totally nice lorx .
but den is like those elegant watch or something like tat .
den i verii scare dun suit miie .
but mummy think is nice also .
oh and who ask miie out this wed ?
pls if you are the one .
come and tell miie or call miie .
cos i am verii sorriie .
i forget is who and where or wad we are gg to do .
and tmr i gg out with mummy and godmummy ,
we gg to eat ma la huo guo .
hahaas .
wahahaas .
must be delicious .
but is at suntec la .
haiz .
den after eating must take mrt home .
haiz .
so sianz .

Sunday, June 8, 2008

ok so todae morning when to pray my grandma .
even though i wasnt willing to go .
but no choice lorx .
is like they keep sayin i verii long nvr go le .
so ya .
den i go lorx .
den is like i am such a shopaholic .
yet i am suppose to go out wif zizi to buy her shoe de .
but due to my discomfort .
out of no choice i have to tell her .
i cant make it .
and is like i feel tat i verii bad .
cos i alwaes ask them pei wo .
they will be there de .
but like when they wann miie to pei them .
den i like cannot make it and all lorx .
is like haiz .
sometime i scare they misunderstand .
but seriously no choice .
and i am now doing my blogshop .
ok .
so now i am going to advertise on my blogshop le .
and for my friends .
if you wann buy anything just tell miie .
special price given .
if you noe wad i mean .
oh and ya .
i nid tell zuzu .
the joyce shop i takin with another person .
much much more cheaper .
den i doing it in the way they all do .
easier for miie .
not so much time to go upload the photos .

Saturday, June 7, 2008

going to do a quick blog .
den i am going out le .
is like now at this time .
is like super early to wake up on a weekend la .
and ok .
todae is the start of my holidays !
and is also mummy de birthdae .
and so

ok and followed up by a super unlucky thing ,
my menses came on the start of my holidays .
cannot do a lot of things .
cos no mood .
sooooo stupiid .
den is like actually wann meet roy and kelvin todae de .
k: wei .
h: hello ?
k: hui ar . you tmr free ?
h: dunno . why leii ?
k: i wann buy thing for my gf leii . can help miie ?
h: huh , gf ? you got mehz .
k: ya just together not long onli .
h: reali not ? dun bluff miie hor . bluff miie you die .
k: real one la .
h: den if go out . go where ?
k: dunno la . see you wann go where lorx .
h: but why ask miie peii you ?
k: cos hor she and you the same one ,
h: huh wad you mean ?
k:da xiao jie lorx .
h: where got sia , i soooo good girl not da xiao jie can .
k: aiya dun care la . just pei miie k oh and roy also got go .
h: err . ok la . i see first den tell you . bye
ok this was the rough conversation through wad i rmb la .
den he wann give present but dunno give wad .
so ytd call miie go out todae .
hahaas ,
is like super shock when he tell miie .
thought he jokin .
lol .
ok la .
his gf not bad lookin lorx .
but he sae a bit da xiao jie like miie .
hahaas .
so lame lorx .
ok la so i think i gtg le .
den will have to ost wad i did ytd tmr or tonight le .

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ok .
i have to sae .
i have change a new blog so i expect something new .
but i realise .
after browsing through so many blogs .
i reali realise one thing .
and it is tat ,
no matter where you are ,
ppl just talk about you .
and is like argument and conflicts ?
i noe some arguement withinh friends can let yr friendship go stronger .
but conflicts will onli worsen .
is like i can joke around .
but dun go over board .
den i think tat is too much .
is like i realise some ppl in our class .
they are not like miie .
as in i came in here as i have no choice .
but some ppl they are like super smart one lorx .
they have a grade of 16 .
yet they get in this course .
this seriously make miie wonder .
is this a choice of theirs ?
is like i seriously think tat the person attitude is good lorx .
and tat i dun think he meant any harm or wad .
but i reali wish to noe .
why would he chose this course ?
and is tat i reali hate those backstabber .
when with you they act as if you are friends .
but when you are gone they just bad-mouth about you ,
this kind of ppl suck !
and wad more is that if you blabber .
tat is like much much worst lorx .
so i can onli sae .
someppl they onli think of makin fun of other yet nvr think about themselves .

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ok lets see .
i just got back home .
and ok flash back on wad happen todae .
i woke up .
and went to bedok inter to meet zizi .
den i forgot to lend the calculator from her .
and so right before the exam .
i call her and run to engi sch there .
and rush back to my lt so tat i can get there in time for my test .
and luckily i did .
and ok .
den after the test .
i realised that the question is simple for miie .
and onli the last question tat totally caught miie .
oh and i kinda argue on the phone with han .
cos there is this thing about ...
aiya .
nvm .
dun mention it le .
so we almost argue (but the way we talk ....)
the attitude wasnt right .
anyway is not my problem le .
cos in the end we also hang up the call .
and tat is it .
and ok guess wad .
my frenz got some problem and i went down to find her .
so wasnt able to pass zizi her calculator .
haiz .
den now i reach home .
feelin super hungry ,
lol .
anyway .
there is something wrong with my loa thingy .
cos my cmsk teacher called miie .
and sae that my mc MUST have unfit for test ....
and which is why now i dun get marks for cmsk .
ok wadever i dun care .
den she like blaming miie tat i am sick la !
so wad lorx .
irritated .
is like on tat day also no test .
dun care le la !
den i sooooo scare for tmr carc la !
is like i noe nothin lorx .
sooooo regret .
i think after get back from term break .
will pay more attention in carc de .
if not i am afriad tat i will not pass leii .
die liao la !
some thing i have passionately wrote .
and someone verii kind has helped miie to translate it .
and a verii nice thing is tat those who noe jap understand .
but those who translate it back to english can hardly noe this .
as it will not be in fluent or normal english sentence .
hahaas .

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hahaas .
finally this blog is done .
and alll the credits goes to ....
my dearest ah fei fei !
hahaas .
love her .
but den todae keep banging into her ear .
hahaas .
den she like in pain like tat .
haiz .
den now the rest of personal info i shall edit myself le .
hahaas .