Thursday, July 31, 2008

hahaas .
and i realise that i have to blog .
cos most of my chicks have being blogging .
and i am not .
so it is actually kinda weird .
cos i am suppose to like post more regularly .
but it is so damn weird .
haiz .
so i am going to post even though there is nothin for miie to post .
haiz .
lame .
but i will try to post the pictures if i get them from carol .
so it is kinda funny .

Friendster Icons

branded are my favourite .
they will forever be my favourite .
and i mean FOREVER .

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

haiz .
i have put on my fake nails .
but no i got difficulty in typing .
as a prove i am going to note the time down ltr .
hahaas .
den now having prsp .
but den dunno how to type .
i am soooooo dead .
sianz .
ok now is 1131 .
and i think i will stop myself from this misery as another is comin .
hahaas .

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friendster Icons

oh my oh my .
look at the time .
and i am still at my cousin hse ,
was not able to deal with my blogshop for like 3 days .
and now i can onli wait until next week den deal with them le .
ok .
i got a few orders in .
and i seriously nid to edit it .
and i am also not advertising for my blogshop .
so i nid to do serious advertising .
so lazy .
haiz .
i dun think there is any work undone .
and there is nothin to do with .
onli left iiso .
so ......
that have to wait for everyone .
ya so i can relax .
tmr de school dunno bz ma .
haiz .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

hahaas .
atill my cousin hse .
stayed at home the whole day .
and guess wad .
i am playin maple .
and to my surprise .
i realise that boredom can lead to childishness ,
hahaas .
cos i am turnin to be one .
hahaas .
alos nothin much to sae .
so i can onli sae i am bored .
and nothin more to sae .

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Friday, July 25, 2008

i mean like i realise this thing about photo editing .
ok seriously it can do miracle to your pictures .
ok and i spent time proving it ,

this is obviously before and look below .

ta da !
after .
big different huh .
ok den this totally remind miie of this girl .
she is totally in to this photo editing stuff .
she edit all her pictures that she show in public .
and for god sake i am so glad she did .
cos she looks llike crap .
and so you noe it is good that she hide all her ugliness .
but by doing this way she is so deceiving everyone .
but too bad .
i saw her before and i even told a few friends about it .
hahaas .
they totally agree with miie .
she is pretty UGLY .
hahaas .
ok so wad maybe i dun have the right to comment on people .
but i dun care .
hahaas .
one pictures that is sayin how i feel now .

Friendster Icons

happy day .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

another day pass.
todae de presentation finally finish le .
took photos like before and after the presentation .
hahaas .
the zozo sae i look like porn star .
is like wad the hell lorx .
hahaas .
took lots of photos wann post but the carol so slow de .
i wann pics i wann pics !
can go protest le .
hahaas .
so damn boring ,
haiz .
waitin .
still waitin ....
oh ok .
i am still waitin.....
but i while waitin i saw this icon .

Friendster Icons

not bad la .
take note wad it sae .
understand wad it mean ,
if you understand just when you read it ,
that mean you are full of experiences .
and if you agree .
you noe why i post it .
if you dun agree .
den all i cann sae you onli act that you noe about relations .
i am still waitin for the pics for your info .
and it is 8 30 now .
haiz .
still waitn .....
sianz .
ok time check 8 48 .
i finally received all photos .
and going to post it in friendster .
but onli the best looking one of mine will be posted .
hahaas .
friends are something i admit that no one would wann to miss out .
is like come on .
if you tell miie you can survive without friends .
my god you are like tooooo emo .
or you are just a freak .
everyone nid friends .
and true friends are .

Friendster Icons

hahaas .
good huh .
hahaas .
den i must be a verii good friend .
cos the first few timi i was with carol .
i totally made her laugh til she cried .
hahaas .
ok that it .
oh btw we are sooo going to have carc presentation todae .
and i have to sae .
it must be fun .
i am soooo going to take photos .
and maybe get carol to help miie load up .
as wad a lousy phone i have .
it can no longer connect to my pc .
wahahaas .

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ok this weekend of mine is crushed .
i planned going out de .
but was all cancelled becos of my projects .
but some ppl just dun understand as they are not schooling .
and i nid to study you noe .
i have to manage my time .
when the date due is like monday .
i onli got two fucking day to complete a whole project .
but thanks to my peeps .
i reali love them .
they seriously rock my world .
they were also wasting they weekend doing this project .
but not for two .
and they are of cos zoelyn and supeng .
ok they went out ytd so wad .
i hope at least they are still doing their jobs .
and god who noe wad will happen .
and if we finsih in time .
we are like god .
here a random picture we took in the library.

ok den i have to sae again .
a pictures speaks a thousand words .

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

hahaas .
i have read through the same old blogs .
no updates yet to ani of them .
and i was thinkin my blog is rotting .
hahaas .
but one good thing happen .
i got over it .
let it pass quick .
just in one single sentence .
and so he agree .
he was so not calm but no choice i have made my decision .
but he is better then the previous one .
he is not a STALKER!
but i shall let picture do the talking .

Friendster Icons

hahaas .
i should post more picture post .
so that it would not be soo lenghty .
lol .
ok i shall start from tmr post .
i just change a song.
this song dedicate to a darlinx .
whose loose her dearest and beloved boyfriend.
lots of people has went to comfort her .
but i can understand deep inside she misses him a lot .
and i noe how that feels when your most beloved person leaves you .
maybe our different is onli that i still have a second chance but not for her .
when i read her posts i seriously can feel that when she is posting she must be crying .
it must be real hard for her to recall the past .
this would cause her to hurt more when you recall .
anyone in a real relationship would den understand .
some stupid people will nvr understand this .
but to that dearest:
you might not noe miie .
but i can reali understand how you feel .
when people ask you to stay strong.
i noe you will try but the truth is that you will be more vulnerable inside .
so wads the point .
just be yourself .
he likes you as you .
he can understand you crying through nights for him .
as he noe how much you love him .
how much you missed him .
so cry all out let it all out .
and once you have cry enough.
the tears will dry up .
you can still love him miss him .
but when think back of him no more tears will flow out .
cos all the tears has finish when you first cry it all out .
be brave .
is ok to show your vulnerable side .
cos after being vulnerable you will be strong .
you will laugh when people recall about him .
cos all you noe that
he will be watching over you .
he will dearly miss and love you .

Friday, July 18, 2008

the end .
is what will alwaes flashes into peoples' mind.
when everything has ended .
and this has also state on you and miie .
our story comes to an end .
goodbye .
and the end to it .
no happily ever after and wad so ever .
can onli sae i reali feel so helpless depress .
wadever .
i dun care animore .
i have so many girls for miie .
i dun nid guys .
but if there is one i wann and wann miie .
i will be glad to take you in .
hahaas .
bored .
gonna watch my show le .
bye people .

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

at this point of time i shld be dozing off .
and of cos snoring like a pig or maybe i dun snore i dunno .
shld find one day to record and see if i do .
hahaas .
boring .
but i went through a few blogs .
and i realise that so many people change .
so many faker around miie .
is like i feel so weird .
so there is no true friendship in this world ?
i am reali troubled by this question.
or maybe i am the one changing yet i am not realising it .
and maybe i am the one who is alwaes sayin ppl change ?
i am soooo confuse .
seriously i dunno how to sae .
ppl normally say omg you are my BFF.
but once you are no longer free or them not taking initiative to look for you .
the relationship goes down .
i was so once happy that i had such good friends .
who were there for miie for like the tough times for miie .
but now we are nothin more den stranger .
maybe those who hangin longest is your true friends ?
i also dunno .
as for wad i noe .
true friends does not talk behind your baack .
and more will not scold you a bitch or slut behind your back in a non-jokin manner .
so is like ....
i dun even think we were friends .
cos friends dun be this way .
friends onli scold each other bitch and slut on two situation .
first when they reali hate them .
the other is they are seriously jokin with them .
ok this maybe verii saddening .
but i also dunno .
hahaas .
reports on my grades for those who cares .


hahaas ,
i failed two sub for all i care carc and cmsk .
and tmr got cmaths test not even touch it .
dun even understand any of it .
haiz .
sad life of mine .
gonna hit the sheets le .
i am sooo beat .

i am not as strong as seen .
who can reali understand miie ?
i dun think there will be any.
i am breaking apart .
who can see it .
true friends ?
who can understand .

Sunday, July 13, 2008

hahaas .
currently is at carol de hse .
suppose to do carc de .
but now everyone like just use com lorx .
i am super damn tired .
as i haven slept la .
sooooo super tired .
i wann sleepppp !!!!
and is like the past two days i had fun at the chalet .
is like reali fun and cool .
but i kept going swiming so now there is two different color .
my god !!!!!!!!!!
i god two different shades sia .
stupiiid .
sooooooooo piissed .
haiz .
but den one good thing is i think the diet is working .
and even though i ate quite a lot during chalet .
but i got go on intense swimming .
so fats burned !
hahaas .
slimming is my target den studies .
hahaas .
photos were taken but problem in uploading will try to upload if ! possible .
hahaas .
post til here .
gonna do work le .
ciao .
hahaas .

Friday, July 11, 2008

its a friday and i am in school .
cos ytd stupiid miie forget to bring the doc to print .
as wds proposal was to be handed in by this week .
so no choice i decided to come back to school to print and bind and hand it in .
and i saw a few of my class de ppl .
after that i am going to find zizi to take my mascara .
den see if there is enough time for miie to have lunch .
if not i will be rushing home to prepare and pack for the upcoming chalet .
hahaas .
no surprise this chalet is held for my godson .
cos they be celebrating his birthday tmr .
wooohooo ~
cool right .
and my mission todae is to be a nanny .
and look after my son and his sistas and a few cousin ,
namely royston yong sheng cheryl cherylin and my son wynn .
haven decide wad to buy for him yet .
haiz .
how ?
but shld be swiming todae .
but the problem is like i wann swim at night leii .
haiz .
see first ba .
will try to take photo and post it here de .
if i rmb to take photos . hahaas .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

now in lvl 6 de lab .
doing prsp .
as todae got one assignment due
and if not handed in by todae it will be account as later submission .
so i rushed through one question ytd .
and now we are doing the rest .
there is a total of 4 question .
but there is supposed to be 5 as questtion 4 has part a and b .
so i no choice lorx .
wann do le .
so will post more ltr at night if i have the time .
cos this week is a bz week .
as lots of project paper and project are dued this week .
so bz bz .
but still will try to post .
and gonna back to picture posting .
hahaas .
took a few photos ytd .
hahaas .
so might post them .
hahaas .

Sunday, July 6, 2008

has not being posting .
cos i was verii bz .
wad am i bz with you may ask.
i am recently verii bz with school work .
as the end of one semester is coming !
time passes soooo quickly .
and i haven even went back school to take my o lvl cert .
hahaas .
and is that lots of project are all due the following week or the next following week .
so ya .
that right i do not have time for fun .
and i am also bz with work .
on weekends i have been helping my mum .
so yupx .
i back working .
oh and my blogshop .
i think business is picking up .
more and more people is ordering den just asking .
so maybe the time put in is worth it .
hahaas .
so i am glad .
but another thing is that i was wondering .
will i have the umper time to advertise my blog any more.
i also dunno leii .
also main paper will be take during august .
and oh my god .
it is just next months .
and worst of all !
my birthday is also on next month .
just hope and pray that the exams does not land on my birthday ,
pray that it end before my birthday .
den i can at least have fun on my birthday .
and den worried if i have pass .
and IF (hope not) i do not pass .
i can also study for sup paper
and i am almost done with my wds de proposal .
i think it is done le .
counted la .
but i still nid draw about three more picture .
this is for the website de.
is like you nid three concepts .
and one concepts is counted as 1 main and 1 sub .
ok so i have to draw 6 pictures .
and ok i think i will scan in after i have done drawing .
cos still nid to print wor .
sianz .
but one good thing is that the past few hours .
i have been doing research and all those blah blah stuff ...
and i was done .
good grief as the research nid do 8 PAGES !
my god .
luckily the research can be copied .
as you can do research by rephrasing everthing you research right .
so i am relieved .
and the rest like the overview objective goals and blah blah ....
i have also done it by myself as obviously my parent arent great help .
as they are not snoring through they lalaland .
but i am still happy i finish it .
just nid to think for 1 more concepts .
i got 5 hours to think and draw before i hit the sheets .
so wish miie luck lorx .
oh ok personal things .
i have done reading hazing meri sugarman like on .......
err . when was the day that carol came my house here to cut her hair leii ?
i think is ytd ba .
it is such a exciting story .
about bitches in highschool .
but though it reali scares miie of wad the girl is reali capable in doing .
i do recommend you guys to go read it .
it is reali cool .
oh did i mention it is a series .
my god how i love series .
and by the way the twilight series is up to the fourth book .
oh my oh my .
and it will be out on august .
cooooolllll .
i want it ,
but i hadnt read the third yet .
so maybe after finishing this series i shall finish the third book of twilight .
by that time i think the fourth book might be on sale in singapore .
i am so going to buy it .
hahaas .
ok so i am now on the second book of this meri sugarman series(not sure if it is this series name)
it is call meri strike back.
and i also have the third book(dark cindy)which i think might be the last book .
as i cannort find any fourth book of this series .
oh but there is a new name for this series' first book
it is call meri sugarman physco queen .
you can look for this book by this name or
by hazing meri sugarman .
ok its now 5:05pm .
so i am soooo going to think for my proposal thingy le .
will post tmr again .
(if i have the time )
hahaas .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

hahaas .
was laming almost the whole day .
bored !
tmr onli like got one hours lesson onli la !
moreover is lecture lorx .
is cmaths lecture .
soooooo conclusion is .
i have to go to school tmr .
i seriously think tat missing a lesson of cmaths is stupiid .
as the lesson is getting more diffivult den before .
so more attention and effort is needed .
so life of poly get more stressful .
hahaas .

so here is a list of work i need to complete by or for week 12 :
1. i have to complete the elearning for wds .
2.try to find a way to complete my website for wds .
3.complete proposal for wds .
4.try dling jgrasp for prsp . tut 7 &8 of prsp .
6.tut 6 for cmaths .
and ......789
dunno la .
i think there is something to do with iiso and carc .
but i dun reali care for those subjects .
hahaas .

sooooo i just dun care .
ok .
and for all i care todae we onli took back one paper .
and tat paper is prsp .
that doctor eng bluff the whole class saying tat we done so badly .
and funny thing was he even said tat zoelyn cannortt .
hahaas .
but to a surprise .
zoelyn got a grade of let miie recall .
i think is 30 .
hahaas .
and the highest goes to .
*drum roll*
Miss supeng and Mr kephren[not sure how to spell his name]
and their grades are 37.5 .
so good .
but i onli got 33.5 ,
i was happy with this grade .
as you noe i nvr thought of passing it .
and on tat day i was reali pissed by the paper itself .
so with this grade i am happy .
and for those who dunno .
the grade is upon 50 marks ,
hahaas .
now i just wish thursday would quickly come .
as i want to noe my cmaths result .
hahaas .
ok will try to finish homework todae .
and now i nid go out for awhile .
den will try returning early to finish the aaaabove listing of work to be done .
hahaas .