Thursday, October 30, 2008

currently in FNDB lab .
recently i have been posting during lesson .
cos when i go home i lazy post le .
cos i wann watch show .
so lazy post hahaas .
den ytd i watch the gossip girl .
and i can onli sae .
it is getting better .
hahaas .
den just now before i go school .
i went to meet him .
cos he just finish his maths paper .
hahaas .
hahaas .

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

having OOPG now .
den is like i a bit bore .
cos is like java got so much code .
den is like so difficult to rmb .
i so sianz .
haiz .
how how ~
haiz .
den he now having his physic o lvl paper .
soooooo sianz .
wish him luck .
den he ask miie out to shopping .
but i dun reali feel like going to shopping leii .
how ar ?
i also dunno leii .
haiz .
just dun ahve the mood .
cos i feel verii tired after school le .
den if still go shopping more tired lorx .
haiz .
den he still make miie chose one day .
haiz .
den he sae the day will be the official day de .
den is like if like tat .
just make miie feel like dun wish to be official .
but if i dilly dally den my friends keep saying .
haiz ,
den i also dunno le la .
sooooooooooooo sianzzzzzzz
ok so i have to say this .
ytd the bitches played this super scary game .
and in ended up a bit fastruating
and of cos being the bitches it also ended up .
being veriii funny
hahaas .
we had fun skip FNDB lec but went for cmaths .
and when we attend the lec .
i dun even understand a single bit .
howhow ?
die le la .
den miie and zozo ended up doing tut 1 .
hahaas .
after tat i went home and take comic book .
den go meet zizi go yy return book .
den after tat meet him .
den is like .......
i dunno how to say .
a bit speechless .
den is like the brothers of his is super funny .
hahaas .
but he reali dote miie .
and i reali reali hope we can last long .
hahaas .

Sunday, October 26, 2008

haiz .
i feel tired sleepy plus sick .
i am offically sick .
oh my god ~~~~
i hate bring sick .
cos is like super sianz de lorx .
den ytd i went to ehub to sing k with zizi .
hahaas .
love zizi .
she is also there when i ask her out .
we had fun ytd lorx .
and we sang and sang .
and i think i sore throat le .
hahaas .
haiz .
den ytd i took a few photos .
dunno wann post ma .
err .
and miie and him .
we back in contact AGAIN~!
as in i was avoiding him .
but in the end still soft-hearted .
how how ?
but he is so sweet lorx .
haiz .
i am so freaking confuse .
i dun like this kind of feeling lorx .
when i talk on the phone with him .
i just think he is super cute and all .
but when i am alone .
weird question pops into my head .
haiz .
den he has a lot of expectation for this relationship .
and another problem .
i have to wait til he finish his O's .
so ya .
haiz .
i am so freaking troubled .

Friday, October 24, 2008

i just call carol to help miie check .
and to the worst of all things .
i am in the same clas as "ROYSTON"
i think my cds will be a living hell .
cos of all people it has to be .
haiz .
like zoelyn sae tavis is nothin .
haiz .
i rather it to be tavis sia .
sianz .
now it is "ROYSTON"
i wish i die this verii moment ,
cos i just dunno why .
haiz .
so i will be attending my lec soon .
so yupx .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ok so i am now in school .
and am having oopg now .
"OOPG" stand for Object-Oriented Programming .
so it is another "PRSP" lesson .
just change of name onli .
ok so ytd i went for the econ de lec le .
it actually sound kind of fun .
den todae i will be going to the tut for it .
soooo nervous .
hahaas .
i hope i can noe new friends .
hahaas .
den ytd i heard tat the bitches like had a lot of "childish" fun .
hahaas .
and it is the first time they all post !
is like FINALLY !
but too bad i wasnt there for this silliness .
hahaas .
i woke up quite early to use com .
but forget to post .
so the "MOF" review is being delayed again ~
haiz .
i noe i noe .
i will post it soon k .
but i dun think is todae ba .
cos by the time i reach home i shld be verii tired le .
hahaas .
oh and i can onli sae .
i am avoiding him ba .
cos i dun feel like replying his message .
dun feel like talking to him .
is like i just dun like him .
i am being such a "faker"
haiz .
i just love the feeling tat someone is treating miie tat way .
i just love to be treat like a princess .
this is miie .
hate miie or love miie .
i dun care .
if you love miie den you have to accept of who i am .
hahaas .
so i think i shall post till here le .

Monday, October 20, 2008

ok so i noe i shld post on the mof de first .
but i can onli sae i keep forgetting .
so it is best i do the bistro walk de first .
ok so i had today's special .
and it consist the soup of the day .
"mushroom cream soup"
ok i did not speell or type it wrongly .
this is wad bistro named it to be .
but i alreadiie drank almost half .
totally forget to take photo of it first .
hahaas .
ok den the next thing .
of cos it is the main course ,
todae's main course is ....
fish and chips with colestraw and tartar sauce .
but the colestraw obviously dont have tartar sauce .
cos i didnt taste any of it .
and i didnt finish it .
ok and the fish is super damn oily .
and has this verii fishy taste .
they shld improve on it .

ok so the last one is of course the desert .
the desert is the browniie .
which taste awfully sweet dry .
and if you can tell it look damn dry .
but looked normal for a browniie ,
but it just doesnt taste normal .

and for this meal it cos $7.80
and the rating i give is .....
it just taste awful for the overall .
the soup is ok .
but the other reali just doesnt taste so well .
oh and zozo ordered an extra french fries with garlic or something .
and it seem normal to miie .
onli the chilli flakes (note: chilli flakes is zozo put de )
ok and this bistro walk is in tp .
yupx .
it is "Temasek Poly"
so ya people it is counted as ex .
so think before you go lorx .

ok den now my final timetable .
haiz .
look at it .
i am going to die le la .
shit shit .
i think tmr i will do the "MOF" de review .
hahaas .

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hahaas now on the phone with zozo .
talking about our cds .
and her phone is like low batt le .
but the beeping has gone off so many time .
yet we are still on the phone .
hahaas .
and we deciding on wad cds to add .
oh and to sae .
i wanted to post picture .
but blogger got problem .
so cannort post .
den maybe tmr den post or wad le .

belated pics


Saturday, October 18, 2008

feelings of posting is lost .
cos i am bz playin my ds .
wannting to find more games .
but .....
no time to download .
and also laziness to download .
so .
i may search for the games .
and if i can find any i will dl ba .
hahaas .

Friday, October 17, 2008

ok so i was saying to my bitches ytd .
tat their blog is rotting .
and when i saw my last post .
i have to sae i have not update it too .
i have reasons .
cos i was having a great time at the pc chalet .
and so i dun have excess to blogger .
therefore no post .
but of cos there will be picture taken on the 13 oct .
and more from the chalet .
some of my other random picture .
but i am going out soon .
so will not be able to post all the picture ,
plus i am too lazy to post it now .
hahaas .
i think tat is about it will take picture todae too ba ,
if i am not wrong .
den can post together .
but i cannort confirm when i will post .
cos i will forget .
so cannort blame miie if i have forget it .

Monday, October 13, 2008

ok so now i going to go pompom le .
den i will go hann hse to pass her my things .
i feel so paiseh lorx .
cos it is quite a big bag .
den i will go take bus to mrt station .
den meet zoelyn .
den go bugis to meet pengpeng
den we will go shopping .
den 3+ pengpeng will go for her work .
den zoelyn and i will contiune to shop .
maybe we can take neo print before pengpeng go work .
hahaas .
ok den zoelyn and i are planning to buy clothes .
so wish us luck ba .
ok den around 5 50 we will go down to meet the person .
and pengpeng will meet us there .
den after collecting i will go straight home .
den pengoeng maybe go back work or home .
zoelyn .... i dunno .
cos she nvr tell miie .
hahaas .
den i will come home to put the ds lite .
change into pants .
den i will go find hann at downtown east .
if not i might have to go in myself .
and wei will be there too .
hope to have fun .
and i actually think it will be fun .
hahaaas .

Sunday, October 12, 2008

ok i reali reali wann to post pics .
but .....
i totally forget .
and i nid to pack my clothes for tmr .
and i nid to pack a few more things .
den i nid to find clothes to where tmr and etc ....
ok but now right i got back my cam le .
and i realise some ppl went through my pics .
and i was kinda pissed .
but i didnt reali show it out .
haiz .
i dun care .
i just hate ppl who invade other privacy .
haiz .
oh and i will be getting my ds lite tmr .
other den excited it is still excited .
hahaas .
and i will be going to pc chalet too .
hahaas .
i hope it will be fun .
i hope i wont make a fool of myself .
and i hope i can be miie there .

Saturday, October 11, 2008

ok so i wanted to post pics
i left my camera at my work place there .
den must wait til tmr den can get back my cam .
den is like i will be going to the pc chalet .
and on the first day i will be reaching late .
cos i going to get my ds lite .
wahahaas .
which is 2 days ltr .
i am so excited .
emo feeling is still there .
but lesser le .
maybe is becos of the ds lite ba .
i also dunnno .
and my hair has grown like going to be 1 cm .
hahaas .
but not long enough .
and worst .
i got a verii obvious pimple on my cheek .
and i HATE IT .
ahhhhh ~!
i sometimes just hate it la .
but i hope i have fun at the chalet .
it sound fun .
and maybe i can join pc this way .
cool right ?
and is like on the 16 oct i can see all my horny bitches .
cos monday carol dunno going ma .
so ya .
and i think they will give us our time table on tat day ba .
i am also verii excited in knowing which cds i got into .
ahhhh .
i wann jap ~!
hope i can get wad i wann .
wahahahaas ,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i got more and more emo these few days .
i tried to enjoy myself ytd .
i did have a great time .
but whenever i am alone .
i start to get verii emo .
and it is getting worst and worst ,
so i reali still no mood to post pictures and all .
sorriie ppl ,
you will have to wait .

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i suddenly feel so down .
i suddenly feel so empty .
who can understand this emptiness ?

i once thought you were my frenz .
i told you everything.
but now i feel this huge gap .
when mx ask miie out .
and when i noe you are going .
i got this phobia and hesitation .
shld i go or not .
and when i recall back .
i realised tat i am feeling afraid .
afraid to hang out with you .
when i noe you dun trust anything i sae .
when i dun even noe if you are frenz or foe .
this reali scares miie .
i reali wish to be frenz with you .
but when i realised you dun even trust miie a single bit .
i am so afraid to even talk to you .
i was browsing through all the neoprints i took before .
and i realised tat we had taken so much during our period of friendship .
den i recalled how much fun we once had .
how much things we had shared with each other .
yet now we are nothin .
onli one thing can explain 最熟悉的陌生人.
i reali miss you as a frenz .
Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest

I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight

Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way
You hold a heart in your hands
That has never before been given away

this poem is quoted from somewhere de .
hahas .
now this is mine .

at this verii moment ,
how i hope time freezes .
when you told miie tat yr heart onli has the space for miie .
i was touched .
when your lips touched mine .
i was mesmerize .
when your hands are around miie .
i feel safe .
love is wad bring miie to you .
and also bring you to miie .
yet hate is wad bring us apart .

Monday, October 6, 2008

ok so .
todae i stayed at home for alomost the whole day .
woke up around 10 plus 11 ba .
cant rmb clearly .
den i do some usual routine with my pills .
and ate my breakfast .
den i watch some tw drama .
and den spent the rest of my day listening to music .
and most importantly pack my closet .
cos daddy keep complaining i got too many things
and it is getting more and more messy .
so i decide to pack it up .
and this is so call a overview of it .
wanted clothing on the bed .
bags on the floors .
unwanted clothing in bags .
and i have cleared a few bags todae .
these are alreadiie half done de .
half folded yet still so much .
haiz .
throw some bags away . so left a few .
this compartment was also rearrange .
to make it neater .
and to my surprise no dust .
but there is quite some strands of hair .
cos i put my comb in there too . hahaas .
rearrange and packed neatly de clothes section .

ok so todae i will do comic review again .
hahaas .
some are a single book de .
yet two of thenm are new series .
and i think the storyline are rather well drawn and written .
so here i am to recommend them .
ok so the first book is this book in the pic below .
the stortyline is about this cosplay cafe .
and i can onli sae .
the storyline is actually not bad .
and there is a few small love story included .
rating is 9/10 .
story ending not tat great .
too sudden when it ended .

ok so the next book is alos another single book .
this book compared with the previous book .
this book loses a bit .
to my own opinion the drawing compared this one is not tat good .
not to my liking tat is .
but yet this book there is no main story .
they are all small story .
and the concept of the story is not bad .
so i think the overall is good .
rating is 8/10

ok so now is the series le .
this is an uncompleted series .
and the story in the first book is not tat nice .
but when it reached the second book .
it kind of nice and sweet .
and one point of this comic .
it is verii up to date .
as the character are playing ds lite .
wooo hooo~~~
which remind miie tat i am getting mine soon .
hahaas .
so i like it more .
biased opinion on this .
but it is reali nice though .
recommended for those who are in to sweet love story*
the rating is 9.5/10

ok den this coming series is by one of my favourtie author .
becos the drawing is alwaes nice .
and the storyline is alwaes good .
nvr one series or book of hers has disappoint miie .
so if you wann you can search for her other book in the comic shop .
so this is her lastest series .
it is damn super nice .
hahaas .
cos onli the first book makes miie wann to carry on reading .
but the second book arent out yet .
but i can reassure you the waiting time is worth it .
the rating is 10/10 .
recommended for those who love sweet looking character and a good romance story .

ok so that is about all for todae post .
will see if i have time tmr ma .
cos i might be going to yy with zizi .
so i might get more comic to recommend .
oh and a thing to do for miie until i get my ndsl .
days left to getting my ndsl is
7 DAYS = 1 WEEK !
wooooohoooooo ~~~~

Saturday, October 4, 2008

so ok .
i had this verii emo feeling last night .
so i post the previous post .
ok so i am here now to post more on my daily live .
and todae there is a few things i wann to do .

1. i will tell more about wad i have been doing .
2. why i hadnt post these two days .
3. talk about food court food .
4. teach those interested to form a heart with crystals
5. show off my eye and lips make-up .
6. latest news of the nintendo ds lite
7. count down on how many days left in getting my ds lite .

point no. 1
i recently have been working with my mummy.
as she dun have staff to work on thurs and fri .
so i went down to earn some $$ .
and i am also saving for my monthly contacts .
so $$ is important to miie .
and i might be selling this book on my blogspot .
if you are interested do tell miie .
cos i might not post it up there yet .
it is about design concepts of how to pimp your gadgets de .

point no. 2
why i hadnt post cos i got no time .
too bz working and too tired to post when reached home .
point no. 3
ok i add food court food tat day during work .
my mummy bought back to the store for miie .
so she had spare miie the food court drama .
but one reason why i dislike it .
is partly becos of the food .
some may look nice but the taste is so much different from the looks .
they taste like ....
no decent word can describe .
ok so this is wad we had .

and i can onli sae it is not nice .
so ya .
point no. 4
some people ask miie how to do the heart with crystal .
actually there are a few types .
mine is onli one of them .
but if you are interested i am willing to teach .
so a free lesson here .
hahaas .
first you nid all the things .
you will nid
16 pcs of size 16 crystal any colour of your choice .
16 pcs of size 10 cyrstal any colouur of your choice .
slow setting eproxy glue .
a mixer . (anything tat can mix the glue must be unwanted)
a tweezer .
if you have the above things .
we can start to arrang it le .
as it is demo onli .
i did not stick on anything .
so if you wann .
i am going to explain .
first you have to squeeze an equal amount of both tubes of eproxy glue .
den mix them together .
and spread it evenly on the surface you wann to stick it .
make sure to buy slow setting eproxy glue .
as you will nid time to stick the crystals on it .
den now you can start .
firstly do a upside down W like the picture below .
den put 4 small crystals in one side of the W .
it will look like a square .
the picture below is a example .
do the same to the other side .
and you will get something like the picture below .
ok so now do one more set for both sides
and at one in the middle of it .
just at the center .
once you get it you will something like the below picture .
if you have something like tat .
it mean you have something wrong or missing .
so we carry one adding one pcs at each side.
making it look like wad i ahve below .
ok den put the last small crystal in to fill in tat hole .
and you are half way done .
den use the bigger crystals to colse the heart .
follow the line and close it up .
and there you are .
the heart .

ok so next .
point no. 5

ta-dah .
these are my eye and lips make-up .
some are bought by miie .
and other are gifts or i shld sae presents for miie .
so i shall not talk much about it .
too long a story to tell .
point no. 6
lastest news on ds lite .
is tat there is a newer version of ds lite coming out soon .
it is called DSi .
the pics below show about how it will look like .

ok so let miie tell you guys more .
both the screens are bigger .
and wad more is tat both are touch screen .
and as you can see there are two cameras .
so this is wad the ds lite doesnt have de .
den followed by the slot 2 for gba is no longer there .
so we will not be able to play GH .
and another different is there is now a slot for the SD cards .
no nid r4 or dstt .
so there are good and bad .
so is up to how you see it .
and the cost has quite a range different with the ds lite too .
ok so tat is about it lorx .
and next~~~~
last point .
point no. 7
count down ~
i left 9 more days in getting my ds lite .
excited by every day .
but sad too .
cos on tat day i will be spending a lot of $$ .
hahaas .
cos i still planning to buy clothes and more .
so .
i have to save more now .