Tuesday, December 30, 2008

so freaking bored this few days .
but last few days are so much better .
spent time with them .
and we play little big planet it is like super nice .
hahaas .
and we alwaes slp at a verii late time .
ate tons of sushi .
hahaas .
den tmr how leii ?
i also dunno yet .
will update soon .

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

now at korkor hse .
using his com .
tonight celebrating christmas eve with them .
hahaas .
and still not confirm abt the movie .
but tmr will confirm go out de .
hahaas .
aniwae ltr i will be helping out with the food .
hahaas .
hope nothin goes wrong .
ok so todae de dinner menu .
there will be honey baked ham .
turkey .
fruit salad .
potato salad .
pizza .
fried chicken .
and dessert ba .
dessert not confirm yet .
so will take note
will try to take pics .
and is provided i rmb .
hahaaas ,.
aniwae i had fun ytd .
thanks .
i noe ytd i a bit moodless .
some reason behind is becos i am a bit tired .
so no choice .
cos as you guys noe i went shopping .
and dunno why i just feel a bit tired .
aniwae thanks for the dinner too .
lets go out soon .
cos i left a few days of holiday onli .
so must make it worth it .
thanks ppl .
love you ppl .

Monday, December 22, 2008

a few days nvr post le .
nothin much happen .
but ....
i got $$ to shop le .
hahaas .
soo tmr going out with zizi .
but she sae confirm timing with miie .
yet i haven received any calls or sms from her .
oh and might be watching twilight on christmas day .
hahaas .
and of cos it will be a treat .
i no nid to pay any $$ .
hahaas .
these few days go out all not i pay de .
like a day not even spent til $5 bucks ba .
hahaas .
but if i go shopping tmr .
i might spent a bit of $$ .
cos i reali reali feel like buying this shirt from the shop .
but is like after discount le still $31.5
it is like super ex .
but i reali like it .
plus another factor i was thinking whether to buy or not .
is simply becos it is half transparent .
and it is a off shoulder .
if i buy my dad is so going to chop my head off .
hahaass .
so how how ?
i also dunno .
or maybe i shld go extend my hair .
hahaas .
ya as in put hair extension .
but den ....
haiz .
dunno la .
or maybe buy a pair of shoe or wadever .
haiz .
i just feel like buying something .
yet i cant think of anything i can confirm buying de .
hahaas .
so ya .
will post tmr saying wad items i have bought .
or none .
hahaas .

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i went shopping with bitches todae .
and i just reach home .
tmr will go mummy there help her do some work .
and as for my own de salary will be .
the contact lens solution .
hahaas .
$22 .
cos i verii poor le .
no more $$ le .
haiz .
den todae i bought a new bf tee .
black de .
no pattern de .
hahaas .
but long den quite nice .
hahaas .
oh and i bought a new eyeliner too .
hahaas .
face shop de is called shimmer liner .
hahaas .
yupx it is bling bling de black eyeliner .
but a bit blueish .
ahahas .
but overall nice la .
den now going to see if can sharpen it not .
haven figure out le .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

aiyoyo ~
todae so busy busy ,
hahaas .
rush ppl make payment .
submit payment etc etc .
hahaas .
ltr still must go update the order status .
ahhaas .
tmr going shopping with bitches .
den maybe if can den go pei zizi .
hahaas ,
but den dunno who can pei miie go find keli .
she keep asking miie to go pei her .
but den ...
i dun wann be light bulb leii .
somemore her stead look soooo ......
haiz .
i can onli sae unless i found myself a stead again .
if not i wont pei keli go anywhr de .
oh and keli .
pls pls break with him la .
he so ....
even my worst ex also more better looking .
he look like he kena bang by some lorry sia .
lol .
but anyway no offence though .
oh and once i find a stead first thing to do .
must go ben's clubby .
hahaas .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ok so i am here to blog .
first i will do the food review .
first is the one we ate the day before .
as i said we went there and eat .
just miie and zizi .
so we went over when there is no crowd .
we dine for abt 1 hrs .
just within this time .
the queue for it is alreadiie verii long .
cos it is at a verii low rate with yummy food .
ok so i ate steak and zizi ate chicken .

the chicken was tender and nice .
so if for miie i would recommend the chicken instead of steak .

it is tat a meal is inclusive of 2 side dishes and a main dish .
and it is at most a 30 dollars maximum .

i can onli sae the steak wasnt so well cook .
as it is too tough to chew on .
not tender enough .
zizi's recommendation .
ASTON specialty tea (earl grey tea) .
She sae it is nicely fragance and smoothing .

so tat is about it .
den followed by ytd .
ytd i went to somewhere near ASTON too .
which is WARAKU.
waraku got many outlets .
so you ppl might noe .
and it is a jap restaurant .
so ytd miie and zizi went there .
i ate curry niku and zizi ate chige ramen .

the ambience there is great .
and everything is well .
and this is one shop tat i have to sae is worth tat 10% of gst .

the curry is not spicy yet verii fragance .
the noodle is springy if tat is how i can descirbe .
and the beef is tender soft and nice .

as for zizi the soup smells great and it taste great too .
every single ingredients in it tempt you to eat it up .
hahaas .

we ate everything inside of the bowl is delicious .
we ate it all up clean as can be .

overall the price is affordable and is super duper filling .
the look at the dessert tempts you so much .
yet there is no longer any space for dessert .
hahaas .
but i will be going back for the dessert de .
haahhaas .
oh and they ocha is great too .

is both at katong .
near roxy square there .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ok todae planned to sing k at katong de .
but sadly it wasnt fulfilled .
cos ....
we dunno the number there and wasnt able to make a booking .
den is like we have to call to book first .
den tmr we will call and book .
den we will go sing k .
ok so todae being not able to sing k .
we went over to play pool .
and guess wad we played 2 games in an hour .
and sadly i was the loser for both games .
i just has to sae .
i have rust .
lol .
ok den we went to aston to eat .
hahaas .
it is nice .
but the steak isnt as well as imagine .
to difficult to chew on .
the meat is not tender enough .
too hard .
nvm i will sae more when i do the review de .
and tat shld be tmr .
cos i nid to wait for zizi to send miie the pics .
oh ok .
and den i think tat is all i nid to post todae .
oh btw the business has once again picked up .
hahaas .
i now have 12 cappings for the lenses le .
just 28 more cappings to go .
all i can sae is JIAYOU !
hahaas .
so if you are interested to buy geo lens at a supplying rate and at fast order.
so order from miie .
or if you noe anyone who is wanting to buy .
do intro them to miie .
hahaas .

Friday, December 12, 2008

hahaas .
FINALLY term test is OVER !
and tat obviously mean one thing !
hahaas .
yupx my holiday has lots of appointment .
and of cos i am happy with it .
but ~
i am not working .
then there will be a constraint of $$ to spent .
sadded .
anyway i went to celebrate with my bitches todae .
we went to ate soulgarden .
and on the way up i saw AHONG ~
so ps lorx .
hurry walk up .
hahaas .
den eat half way i sms tell him .
as in told him i saw him .
den he reply like 1 or 2 sms .
den it took about 3 - 4 hrs for the sms .
hahaas .
den now he must be partying .
hahaas .
cos he didnt reply again .
nvm i am use to it .
and i think like wad jasmin sae .
he is just simply playin with my feelings .
hahaas .
but i hope it is in the good way .
hahaas .
ok so yea i am going to upload pics .
and depending on how many .
if too much den i will upload those that is nice de .
otherwise ....
i will try to upload all the pics i took .
hahaas .
but one sad thing .
i didnt took any pic of myself .
how sad can tat be man .
when a zi lian kuang didnt take a pic of herself ....
ok so here are the photos la .

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

now totally no mood in studying .
cos i now i confirm fail this subject .
this kind of grades how can i pass ?
haiz .
i worry for my this sem de gpa .
haiz .
i cannort afford to fail .
so will ahve to strive harder in future .
and of cos for the sem test .
hahaas .

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

am so bz now .
hahaas .
i was doing my blogshop .
den study my cmaths test.
bzbz .
shall go carry on with my blogshop and studies

Monday, December 8, 2008

this week is term test week .
so i will be bz studying .
oh and i restore my blogshop le .
am selling geo lens and masks .
so ppl if you all wann can find miie .
hahaas .
oh oh .
and i am better with the adobe photoshop .
so i am going to design my own blogskin again .
but provided i got time .
so ya see my new blogskin tat time must tell miie if nice or not k .
love .

Sunday, December 7, 2008

hahaas .
so i can onli sae .
todae i had taken the econ paper .
cos before the paper
we kinda meet up and he was asking miie this and tat .
but ...
i seriously dunno any of wad he was saying .
but i caught some points he was talking abt .
and to my surprise !
the ones he go through with miie were mostly in the paper ~
hahaas .
so i am verii grateful to him .
den after paper we went to have breakfast .
den shopping at tm .
after tat i went to meet zizi and he went home of cos .
hahaas .
went to bedok post office to get the masks .
and went home to rest .
but spent my time doing banner for my blogshop so ya .
to miie it is damn freaking nice ,
hahaas .
ask ard for comment and opinion .
and improve etc etc .
look at it and give miie yr opinion too .

den went downstairs for dinner .
went to az to look for zizi .
den after tat we chat .
she came to my hse and we chat AGAIN ~
hahaas .
so yes i love to chat esp with her .
WANT to tell her everything .
but i have to sae sorriie .
cos got somethings i still think it is not right to sae to you now .
so do understand miie .
love you girl .
hahaas .
you noe wad i mean .
hahaas .
ok den send her down came back.
read my novel .
resting use com .
den yes i am beat .
so i am hitting my sheets now ,
goodnight ppl .

Friday, December 5, 2008

but den is not my wishful thinking .
hahaas .
he has accepted the fact tat i wann to break .
so we have broken up le .
i am relieved and glad .
as he can face the fact and dun so stubborn on the impossible .
so all i can sae suitors .
i am free .
so you noe wad i mean .
hahaas .
ahhhhhh .
lets see it shld be the third or second day ?
i dunno la .
but it is a torture anyway .
i am having a serious cramp plus headache .
and ltr i got class test for cds .
den sat i got econ de term test .
den i forget for the other de exam le .
will check it ltr or tmr de .
haiz .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

haiz .
just now my eyes turn red like siao .
i so scare lorx .
wad if i go blind ?
so i am going to stop wearing contacts for awhile .
hahaas .
the nerd nerd de miie ?
ok who can tell miie .
do i look nerd when i wear spects ?
hahaas .
bored ~
FNDB assignment dunno how to do .
how how ~
praying so hard for her to visit,
but yet now i regret .
hahaas .
cos it hurts and i feel verii super moodless .
will explode any second if i get pissed off .
haiz .
is this wad they call PMS ?
i dunno leii .
but hahaas .
was too bored .
so todae de post is in rainbow colour .
shall end here until i got mood again
hahaas .
she came visiting in the middle of the night .
yupx she came last night before i went to bed .
oh and i was so bloody happy !
but now i am bloody suffering the pain it is bringing miie .
cos i didnt noe it will come .
so ytd i drank tons of cold freezing water .
so yes now my retribution .
hahaas .
my womb is like contracting .
and yes it hurt super a lot .
i feel like fainting .
but i will be going to school todae .
as so to say menses is not a verii good excuse to get loa .
hahaas .
plus term test coming .
i wann attend lesson to do last mins revision .
hahaas .
so wish miie luck todae ba .
hahaas .

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hahaas .
todae went to eat sakae sushi .
went over to sun plaza park first .
oh btw i went with ah xuan and ah peng .
we had a lot of fun lorx .
and took damn lot of pics with my new hp .
hahaas .
and is like damn fun .
hahaas .
i will not talk much
but let the pics do the talking .
hahaas .
dun anyhow think .
we are not tgt .
and we are verii STRAIGHT