Wednesday, December 30, 2009

spending week

this week i think i have spent about 100 dollars le ,

i bought 2 tank tops from cotton on .
one black and one dark gray for $20 .

i also bought a super long cardican from cotton on.
black one for $29.95 .

ate with zo at sakae .
spent $17 .

today i made payment for my mask which cost $38 .

so in total is $104.95

and exclude taxi fare and allowance .

tmr going to school for early class so slping early tonight .
tmr is new year eve le .

time passes fast .
in a blink of an eye .
another year has past .

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

first lesson of the week

today i am havin my first lesson of the week .
supposingly ytd shld have it le .

but sadly not .
so today MSYD is my first lesson of the week .
and having to spent the first term in misery .
i wasnt expecting anything much this term .

but surprisingly MSYD did not bored miie to hell .
this is the sub that is reali on and about the mobile .
hahaas .

not a bad sub i guess .
and guess wad i am so gd that i have already done the work for the next lab .

of cos, wad give miie headache are grouping .
today have to think of who to group with .
and 3 per group .

but MIJ requested with the teacher to have like 2 groups of 5
and 2 groups of 4 .
how we used to have the grouping like .
no need of separation etc etc .

i seriously dun mind .
cos this way i be group with the smart ass ones .
hahaas .

eventually will pass the sub .
cos this sub projects is going to stand 75% .
so even if i fail my class test .
hopefully i will still pass .

hahaas .
sound so mean leii .
like i taking advantages of them .
but i am not la !

i will participate one lorx.
but only maybe lesser than them ma .
cos they so pro i so noob .
where can compare right ?

hahaas .
so people that about all .

one happy thing that is going to happen .
which is about 1 and a half hour later .
wooohooo .

cant wait .

Monday, December 28, 2009


now i am back to school .
i have more time to slack around during weekdays .

meaning i will be watching lots of drama .
blog and tweet like crazy .

emo, play my ds .
etc, etc....

i have a life once .
but will never get it back .
offically be an otaku ba .


Sunday, December 27, 2009

sch reopening

tmr sch reopen again .
my torture to hell starts again .

and this time we going to chose our elective le .
i think i pass all my term subs .
haiz .
so super dupr sianz .

updates :
spent my christmas eve and christmas at work .
hahaas .
wad a life .

didnt update much because i do not have the time .
or too lazy .
or just plainly nothin much to blog about le .

cos my life is just filled with complain and etc .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

tears rolling

i haven reali shut eyes ever yesterday .
i keep thinkin and thinkin .

i dunno .
wad else can i do or not do ?!

but now i feel so tired .
i have work at like 4pm ltr .
wad can i do ?

nothin ?!
wad shit is this man .

how can i be so crappy in living .

am i reali better off dead ?!
i think if even i die no one will be there de .

no one going to visit my wake .
no one to send miie except my own parents .

so am i reali better off dead ?
please someone answer my doubts and prayers !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

working for the holidays .

i will be working my ass off .
so to take my mind off the awful presentation .
and report .

main point is to escape from school .
i am like giving up .

and now the one who alwaes gave miie hope .
he is feeling miserable .
and there is nothin i can do to comfort him .
how ?

i reali wish i can help him .
so trying to ask him out .

but this clever guy is not picking up my call .
wondering if he is weeping ?

haiz .
now even he got rejected .
den wad chances do i have left .

ciao people .
going to bombed his phone til he pick up .

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sick makes miie think

i just realise at this verii moment .

he alwaes treat miie like a frenz
a sister but never a lover .

so why am i still holding on ?

why cant i just let go .

Monday, December 14, 2009

presentation day = sick like crap

todae is SSSD de final presentation .
and i feel like crap now .
plainly because i am having fever, flu and sore throat now .

and this is reali crap feeling .
i feel like killing myself .

my head feel like it is being ripped open .
and my whole cody is aching like crazy .
all i wann to do now is crash in my bed .

super tired now .
i feel like i might faint any time now .

this is such a torture to miie .
kill miie please .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

double date success

ytd went to school for presentation .
den after that thanks to my kind classmates and teacher .
we presented first and i can leave early .

den i went home straight .
bathe and prepare .
but i did my make up like on the way their .
and went i did my eye make up .
the granny beside literally stare at miie .

i was like so stress and irritated .
but due to i am alreadiie late .
i had no choice .
so i just ignored and carry on .

den i reach .
met them .
and the minute i saw him .
os = "oh god ! sooooo freaking cute !!!"
hahaas .

den we went shop a little .
bought movie tickets before we went to eat .
so in the end we decided to watch case 39 .

at first by the look of its poster and slogan .
i thought it was a horror movie .
but no , this movie is SICK .
and when i say it is, it reali is .

this movie's moral is never trust kid that look innocent .
hahaas .
anyway i sat beside him .
and sometimes i can feel him looking at miie .
i just cant sit still .
at some suprise point of the movie .
i totally freaked .
and lean towards him .
one important thing !
he did not move away yet he move closer .

woooohooooo ~~~
how is that .
hahaaas .

before we watch movie we went to eat .
we ate at sushi tei .
and nothin special here .

after the movie we went to level 3 and rest at somewhr .
hahaaas ,
and we talk while looking at the view and night sky .
even though there isnt any stars .
but we talk like we never did .

we talk about him and miie .
not as in us .
as in about past of his and mine .
talk about his hometown .

his childhood .
some of his thoughts about marriage .
his plans of his marriage .
things he wanted to do .
wants to learn .
etcetc .

we reali talk a lot .
den after that ZD have to leave first .
so hoong sent her off to the mrt station .
den came back with 3 cups of fresh squeeze juice .

we rested a bit .
and they ate at the food republic (foodcourt) .

after finishing we went to the candy empire .
look at chocolates .
they bought JM's birthday present .
den we talked about how we celebrated christmas last yr .

went to take mrt home .
all i have to say ytd i had like 100 millions physical contact with him .
cant describe it here .
cos to difficult to describe in words .

anyway i will be going off to buy green apple, tomato and eggs .
den after that i am going down to ZD's hse .
cooking fried rice at her hse tonight .
hahaas .

will then go to work from her hse .
so got to go prepare le .
ciao peeps .

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new moon

i watch new moon and yet again .
second time .

still i find jacob is duper hot !
ah ~~~

now chatting with him .
on fb .
haiz .....

ltr got presentation .
den after presentation will take off home .

change and rush down to meet ZD .
after that will travel down to habour front .
meet the guys .

den shopping ?
eat ?
movie ?

dunno wad they will do .
but will wear nice nice de .
hahaas .

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

double date / left handed

ok so one again .
we give another shot at the double date again .

hahaas .
and it is going to happen tmr .
yes .
i am nervous .

and i am still troubled with wad to wear .
wann to wear smth nice but not revealing .
oh god that is like .....
a bit impossible for my style ?
hahaas .
thinkin thinkin .

but i shld be studying now .
cos ltr still got EBM de term test .
hahaas .
but i am still not getting anything in my head .

oh and i just found out ytd .
i was once a left handed .
and was awfully forced to become a right handed .
daddy cant seem to accept a left handed child ?

hahas .
anyway i found out from my mum ytd when dining at sakae sushi .

haiz .
so from now on .
practicing to write with my left hand .

so people i will be leaving home ard 430 ba .
den wish miie tons and tons of luck ba .

Saturday, December 5, 2009

term test & presentation

super tired now .
still thinkin shld i study for term test or not .

haiz .
anyway too tired to think .
and hopefully i will be able to go out with them next week .

is like a makeup for the double date that didnt happen .
so hope this time it will eventually turn out right .
haiz .

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

tmr's meeting

tmr my group is the last .
so sadly i will go home late and yet again .
haiz .

going to sch at 3 20 .
and hopefully end at 4 .
plus need do working minutes .
sianz ....

but tmr will be like the last day of misery .
wooohooo .
cos after tmr i will be free from sch for like 2 weeks .
or 3 weeks i shld say .

but i have to come back to sch for 2 days .
first is the EBM term test .
followed by the SSSD presentation .
which is totally sickening de .

but no choice la .
haiz .

but i hope things will be better .
den friday work sat work .
i think i will study on sun and mon for EBM .
hahaas .

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

presentation~ reminisce~ updates~

tmr is MSID de presentation .
this doesnt make miie feel nervous at all .

hahaas .
but reali have to brush up le la .
next term still like that jiu die le la !

wake up le la .
dun wann to regret .
so ........

counting every steps i am taking .
hope i will not step on a road that i cant turn back le .

anyway .....
holidays are coming !
that means !!!!
i can go for work le .
and i am happy becos this mean i can see him again .
almost everyday wor .

i think he is like the onli strength that is pulling miie through all this .
so all i can say is that my holidays will be great .

i wann celebrate christmas with him leii .

but i think need work that day .
how sad .
no late nights at orchard squeezing with tons and tons of ppl le .
hahaas .

it is actually rather funny to find myselft missing that .
when i alwaes celebrates with friends, family and whoever i am with then .
and we alwaes laugh through all this .

but slowly the older i am
i realise that the ppl ard miie are getting lesser .
or i shld say fewer .
ppl are passing away as time goes by .

wad can i do leii ?
i am not god i cant make them not die and live on .

and if i am i would .
of cos i would .
i love those who left miie .
but i am willing to believe that they do not wish to .

recently insomnia is not much a problem anymore .
as i will start to feel tired and sleepy ard 12+ 1 .
so that is a gd thing .
and i have been sms-ing him almost every night .

we are also starting to chat on the phone more le .
ytd we chat until 3am .
hahaas .
to miie he just seem like oversize 10 yr old boy .
as in he is physically looking 20 but mentally 10 .
ahahas .

he is just so super cute la .
and just as i thought i had took back my heart .
he poached it again !
wad am i suppose to do ?

cos i dun wann things to be awkard again .
i like the way we are now .
and sadly the status of us now are "just friend"
sometimes i just feel like he is starting to like miie .
but i might just have think too much ?
dun wann to give myself false hope anymore .

anyway just have to go through tmr's presentation and lesson .
den after that thursday's meeting .
then i will be able to see him again !
woohooooooooo ~~~~

how gd is that .
misses him tons and lots lots lots lots .
a hole is left behind whr my heart used to be .

Monday, November 30, 2009

revision week

this week shld be the official revision week .
and i have one subject for term test .
yes it is EBM .
the stupiid subject that i hate .

haiz .
oh and this wed got presentation .
den this thursday got assignment for CMSK .
which is meeting .
den that would be all for this term .
den i have to strive for next term le .

Friday, November 27, 2009

cookie baking .

baking the cookies for zozo now .
still baking .
yes, now this timing .
i now doing last round of baking le .
after that i can go sleep le .

super super tired now !
wann slp ......
but i scare i sleep le ltr cannort wake up .
so shitty !!!!

super duper tired .
maybe i can do finish cookie den go home ?
haiz .
dunno la .
see how first .
cos i think i shld slp here .
den wake up early tmr .
after that take bus home .

rest or shut eye for a bit ,
after that can bathe change and meet zozo .
shld be meeting her 1 at bedok inter .

den we meeting rol and peng 2 at clarke quay mrt station .
sadded .
tired like shit !

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


todae i meet with zo rol and peng after test .
we went to eat chicken rice .
den slack at the void deck .

at those moments i reali reali feel like we were still like old times .
i reali reali miss those times .
i hate to say it .
i reali miss them !
miss the time spent with them .

anyway i bake chocochip cookie today .
amazingly yummy .
but with much help from hann mummy .

but it is still yummy .
tmr going mummy hse to bake again .
this time onli myself with no help .
so hopefully it will taste the same .

oh and will be meeting korkor tmr after school .
cos we going to watch new moon tgt !
so ciao ppl .

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SSSD test = fail

cant seem to study for SSSD .
not because no time .
but because i cant seem to get anything in my head .

so i think tmr i wont know wad to do .
sooooo .
den wad worst is that stupiid miie shld take 2 days mc .

den tmr after test can go home .
but who call miie so stupiid .

and today see doc sooo damn freaking ex la !
damn it .
cost miie like $16+
den spent $50 on a meal .
and bought a pair of shoes for $30 .
almost spent $100 today .
how shitty is that .

argh !
irritated by lots of stuff now .
plus P visiting miie .
so more moodless .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

project & exams

this coming week .
i think is wednesday .
i also dunno
if it is on tuesday den i die le la .

anyway i was talking about SSSD written test day .
i just keep forgetting when it is .

den tuesday he actually ask miie out .
and i seriously dunno shld i go or not .

if i go .
then it reali states this as an offical friendship thing .
all dreams scattered ?
i seriously dun understand .

haiz .
now tons of things need to be done .
but i think not all have been done .
firstly SSSD haven even separate who do wad codes .
and MSID got no clue wad they wann miie to do about .
den there will be another meeting assignment for CMSK .
this is so crap la .
but hope i still can pull through .

lets cross our fingers people .
and soon half a sem will be gone .
and hopefully i can pull through one whole sem .

den life will be better next sem hopefully .
dun wish to be stranded anymore .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

school is making miie numb

recently i have attended more lesson than previous .
i think it is because i have face the fact ?

i cant leave this class .
so i have to learn how to survive .
even thought their voices bothered miie .

i just need to plug in to the music .
and they are so out of my world le .

so this is also why i love the new headphones .
they can totally isolate miie out .
i love it.

so i onli need to bear with the sight of this class .
i can survive and i will .

this deteremination declared from miie .

anyway i just reali need to get myself attached .
so that other than school i have smth else to think of .
to take my minds off from school .
or just another excuse in getting other topics to whine about here ?

hahaas .
i dunno i think i just notice smth .
ever since the start of this sem i have been complainin
whining, falling sick .
and all because of this stupiid classs .
which i just need to stay in for 1 more yr .
suppose to be 1 and a half .
but too bad .
cos last sem is attachment .
so hopefully i wont see anyone of them .

and all i can say i am now a changed person !
no longer the warm-hearted happily smiling girl .
now i cant even feel my heart anymore .
i think it is dead and cold somewhr out thr .

i need my shelter and wall to be build up against everyone .
nvr let anyone in .
this way no one or nothin can do harm to miie .
i will be protected .
i will protect myself from getting hurt again .
no matter is school, friendship, loneliness, love, work.
now nothin can hurt miie .

Monday, November 16, 2009

Missin the old times

I an now on my way home . blogging with inq . not verii good . but still acceptable i guess . anyway i feel so alone now . i just dunno why . but i feel like i have lost something to someone . this feelings suck a lot if i must say . i just dunno why . i miss hanging out wiv all my friends . even though i have the freedom now . but i feeli i am missin something . and tat thing is friend . i am missing my life . and guess wad . i am actually miss the bad girl life . every late night out . every crazy things i once do and love . not this boring life i have now . anyway i will edit this sort when i get home . cos i think quite a lot of typo . cos the screen super duper small for miie to see .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

luck on love?

firstly, the guy i like just wann to be friend .
secondly i have guys wanting to woo miie ?!
last but not least ytd my colleage confess to miie ?!


first the guy i like say he onli wann to be friend .
ok so i had no choice and had to go with it .

but now i realise that he seems to be peeping at miie ?
this is so freaking weird in all ways .
and i even heard theories like,
actually he is starting to like miie .
but wann to know miie more ?
or he liked miie but scare i wasnt real .
and even some say he is tryin to see how faithful i am wor !

these are all too crazy to take in
especially after i just got indirectly rejected .

ok den secondly now some guys i dunno wann woo miie .
esp from fb .
so i seriuosly just treat them like fling .
nvr takin them seriously .
so that wasnt so important compare to both first and last thing i've mention .

ok last .
ytd during work, a colleage sort of confess .
but i think his was like a crush or smth .
i told him it will pass .

so lets give it some time and see next week .

and as for school .
there is reali nothin to post abt.
until i have ans from the course manager .

Thursday, November 12, 2009

miss my granny

i dunno why but i am missing granny like mad .

cried when watching mj's this is it movie .


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sick of school ?

am falling sick like damn seriously .
i dunno wad is happening .

but just hate school .
talk to my parents abt it .
but still confused .

even though they support miie .
i just feel so not happy .
because i am wondering if i still wann to pursue studies .

i feel so helpless .
it feel like i no longer wann to study le .
and hope today can convince them to let miie change option .

pray and hope and pray again .

Sunday, November 8, 2009


now we are friend .
this make miie hate like shit .

which i mean i detest this word !
ARGH !!!

i am dying like shit .

given up on MSID

gave up on MSID de .
den now is like i reali dunno la .

cos i dunno how to do .
den after that tmr just tell teacher say i cannort .
den he will just flunk miie for this sub .

so in this case i can stop going for this subject .
anyway i dunno how much this assignment stands for .
maybe ltr go check .
ahahas .

heart broken and yet again .

haiz .
i now just done eating my supper .
and i got rejected by the beloved one .

i seriously cried like shit !
but he is tryin to make it up .
and he say he wann to be friends .

so let miie take this chance ba .

be friend first .
den see wad can come out from there .
or not .

so i am going to cry soon .

Friday, November 6, 2009

ZD cook !

going to ZD hse now .
having lunch cum dinner .

den after that will go down to work .
then can see him .
woohoo .

hahaas .
excitment decreasing ?

dun think so .
but less nervous le i think .

Thursday, November 5, 2009

out with him

so todae our final decision was bugis .
went over to meet him at bugis .
den after that we walk over to eat QQ noodles .

even though i hadnt ate anything .
but i dun have the appetite to eat .
he seem a bit concern .

so not to let him worry for miie .
i ordered the same thing as him .
and also a cup of water chestnut .

so in the end, reali cannort finish .
left tons of noodles .

and he said i look like one of his friend when i eat .
dunno is good or bad .
haiz .

den after that went to iluma to see wad show to watch .
bought the tickets for the show .
at first he wann watch the coraline .
but in the end watch imagine that .

this show is super ultra funny .
and not a bad show .

during the show is like some people message miie .
some called miie .
den he notice and he said i wasnt like paying attention to the show .
i think this cause deduction of impression points .

but before the show start we went to shop a little .
rather den saying of shopping .
we more of like walk the whole of bugis .

i know a bit lame .
but so long i am with him .
i feel happy .

he look so super cute todae .

so my judgement was right .
he indeed like red color .
cos he wore red todae too .
hahaas .

brought him over to the newbie store .
hahaas .
oh and todae pass by askene right .
the sales lady who regonise miie .
and she was like out shopping with yr bf ar ?
den i scare he dun like so i deny imediately .

but didnt see his expression .
so dunno wad he think abt that .
and when he walk besides miie he seem so tall .

even when on escalator he damn gentleman .
in order to see each other at eye level .
he still step down one step .
isnt that sweet and gentleman .

anyway before the movie we sat down at coffee bean .
den is like chat for awhile .
keep talking abt other people .
when he smile or laugh i just cant help it .
i feel so attracted to those reactions .

and todae i learn new things abt him .
e.g like
he has two older brother .
he is not afraid of tickle .
he doesnt think that i am crazy .
he like to do things or buy things by feeling .
and he is not sure when is the correct feeling .

hahaas .
ok anyway it is late .
it is alreadiie 2:22am .
need to go and slp and rest le .

love you, miss you !
hope you are having a sweet dream now .

dream of miie and miss miie .
best of all !
love miie like i love you too .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


todae might be my happiest day in this entire year .

cos ytd night i ask him out .
and guess wad .
he totally like agree no .

i was like so freaking happy .
and dunno wann bring him go whr .
also dunno bring him go do wad .
haiz .

headache but happy plus excited .

wondering wad will he wear leii .
wondering wad he wann to eat leii .
etc etc .

but one thing is that todae daddy mummy come back le .
den i dunno wad time they reach singapore .

but i think mummy will call miie de .
another problem is that i sms him this morning .
but he nvr reply miie .
sooo ....

maybe he regret le .
hahaas .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

miss my darlings

now i feel so lonely ....

i miss so many people .
let miie name them one by one .

i miss zizi my dearest .
i miss rolrol, pengpeng & zozo my beloved HB .
i miss xinxin, vonnz, yanyan my ex-classmates .
i miss cece, lingling my favourite clubbing mates .
i miss daddy, mummy my one and only family members .
i miss dandan, manman, hoong my darling colleages .
Lastly i miss liangliang ! my deepest love .
miss him the most .

at this timing, he must be verii busy .
lunch hours is also the worst .
busy busy .
dunno today he wad time break leii ?
haiz .
this friday going to work again ,
hope our relationship can improve la .

pray hope and desire for improvement between us .
he seem sooooo much more closer when we talk when no other people is there .
haiz .

i reali wonder if he is so innocent as people think .
i feel like he is playing my feeling in his palm .
i feel like i have been played .
haiz .

but why i still feel happy ?!
i am so freaking sick leii .

haiz .
anyway i just miss everyone !

Monday, November 2, 2009

school suck ! i wann to change option .

wann to change option .
i feel soooo torture studying in this option now .

firstly even if you are sick .
no one .
NO ONE will even tell you wad happen todae .

how good is this class of classmates .
not saying that c199 was better .

but it was indeed better den now .
haiz .

pissed at everything .
nothin can be done .

this is soooo freaking pissing miie off .

i just wann to get out of here .
plus i seriously dunno wad the fuck the teacher is teachin .

is like he teach SSSD .
go through also never give answer de leii .

that is also why no one actually care wad he is going to teach .

i even wonder who the hell listen .
i did try to listen .
but den i reali dun understand .

plus i dun think his teachin method work for miie .

sometimes strict on some verii small things .
den sometimes i reali dunno .

i shld be happy now .
because he is saying there is totally no test no exam .
but SSSD have a written test .
term test .

so now is like i dunno wad to say .
super sickening .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

stay over

stayed over at ZD hse ytd .
hahas .
super cool ?

den later going to work AGAIN !
and what worst !
my pay i think got delayed yet AGAIN !
is like this time i got more .
but still less than my one hour pay .

this time round i got $4.50 .
hahaas .
i think they are like cheating on my pay ,
so lame right .
is like i calculated yet .

my pay my accumulated over a thousand over dollars .
after deduction of CPF is i should still have 800+ de .

but now ....
i reali dunno le la .
if daddy know abt it .
he is going to be angry and ask miie to quit le la !

Friday, October 30, 2009

insonmia + sick

i dunno why .
cant slp .
and look at the time now .

got feedback abt my jap post .
saying it is verii troublesome .
hahas .
so i think english is still the preferred lang .
hahaas .

anyway if it is jap .
maybe onli zizi will understand ba .

now i just feel so sianz .

i miss him .
what can i do ?

tmr gonna spent like a tons of $$ .
haiz .
sianz .

hope this time i can get my pay .
if not chop off my head le la .

den tmr maybe will wait for the masks to come .
after that prepare go bugis .
take the shirts .
den go to work .

after that work .
will try to give him the shirt .
hope pray and wish he will accept it .

haiz .
please please accept the shirts .
please please dun reject miie .
please please listen to this .
please please answer to this .
please please please .

ok it sound less like praying .
but ....
i reali reali pray and hope and wish .
made my wishes come true please .

may i be blessed .
ok .
i am starting to yawn le .
good sign .
meaning i am getting tired le .

so will go to bed soon .
setting my alarm at i think 10 in the morning .

Thursday, October 29, 2009








Tuesday, October 27, 2009



分からない場合は、音が変 ?





freedom ~

todae is the first day of freedom .
later during break will go do nails .

den after that attend SSSD .
6pm will den go zizi hse .
order pizza and mummum .

but i feel so tired and shag leii .
cos you know why ?
cos ytd cried like shit .

cried my guts and heart out .
cried out loud .
now my eyes feel so swollen .

tired like mad .
haiz .
read so many things .
and given myself so much hope .
hoping he will accept miie .
but wad else can i do now .
other den wait for him to realise ?

but i can onli sae .
he thinks that if we are tgt .
and if things doesnt work out .
i will do smth stupiid .
hahaas .

maybe i might .
hahaas .
who knows .
but i think if i reali love him deep enough .
the things he worried abt might come true .

but if i dun love him that much as i think .
den i am afraid the one who will get hurt might not be miie .

so wad shld i do .
anyway this friday i will still insist in going to buy the shirt .

no matter he is taking it or not .
i will just get it

DUNCARE !!!!!!

cried and cried

i cried my guts out .
no one heard miie cried out loud .
no one can understand .

how i feel .
tortured .
confuse .

haiz .

Monday, October 26, 2009

home alone in action.

hahaas .
will be acting out home alone .
cos daddy mummy going oversea tonight .

9 days of freedom .
until next wed .

den now i still doing the stupiid user guide .
so damn irritating la .

wann the teacher to delay the hand in time date .
but he dun let .
how ??????

user guide due-d

today by 6 there is a lab work due-d .
and it is a sample of our assignment .

so wad i have to do is to write a user guide .
and i decide to write a user guide about blogger .

but one verii bad thing is i dunno how ,
no template etc etc .
so i dunno how to do .

den i got nothin i can say .
need start doing now .

i have to complete smth everyone else have 3 days to do .
but i onli have 4 hrs .

so jiayou jiayou !!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

first week of school

todae is the last day for my first week of school .
and we alreadiie have tons of assignments, reports .

so is like the first got 7 weeks .
and i reali reali have to stop skipping classes .
skipp-ed todae class halfway .
didnt get my mc in time ,

so dunno wad i will be doing .
soooo .

anyway have to say i reali verii tired .
and excited cos tmr workin .

dunno wad will happen .
and i will be changing my skin again .
cos realise my skins is like rol's .

so wann to change .
i need new base codes la .
give miie non original de basecode !
damn it .

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

third day of school

todae is the 3rd day of school .
bad to worse to worst .

cos ytd nvr go lesson .
den today come den i realise .
i will be seeing one teacher for like 14 hrs a week .

out of 23 hrs of lesson .
i will be seeing him for the 14 hrs .
plus out of the 23 hrs .
5 hrs is lec .
which mean i can dun go .
up to my mood .
so shld be counted as 18hrs of complusory studies .
so it will be 14/18 .

it is like verii bad la .
it is like in my first term .
i have to spent like more than 3/4 of my sch hrs with this teacher .
how good is this ?

so all i can say it was good that i nvr come ytd .
cos if not he will know i wann skip his class .

hahaas .
so now no choice have to come everyday .
except for lec .
given if i am not tired and good in mood .

so abt there le .
need to post off le .
if not he will say i keep using the com .
on non studying material etc etc ....

ciao people ,
love you guys .
counting down 2 more days to work .
woooohoooo .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

second day of school

i skip-ed sch today .
actually planned to go for the 3pm lesson de .
but after that ....
started feeling moody or put it this way moodless .

so i skip-ed sch todae .
hahahas .

and den when i was watching my show .
i realise p visited .
so understood why so moody .

den trying to not feel so moody .
but was tryin to find the little thing to transfer game .
cant rmb where i put it .
so now cannort find it .

verii easily got irritated .
haiz .
now still lookin for it .

but a bit give up le .
hopefully it will be found some whr .

anyway change a new blogskin .
i still find the color combiie a bit weird .
so still lookin for a better background .

Monday, October 19, 2009

first day of school

today is the first day of school ,
is like i totally suffer from insomnia ,
it is such a torture .

i came to school early ,
and sat in the LT with rol .
talk a bit and etc etc .

den after that attended EBM de lec .
super ultra boring !
den thought got lab but in the end no lab .

soooooooo .
i went to buy food for mummy ,
den after that went home .
finish watching criminal minds season 5 episode 4 .

den after that i went to divine nail .
got an express medicure .
praying hard my manager wont realise this fri .

still thinking and missing him like mad .
hope he is ok .
hope he will be with miie .

love him like crazy .
and i wann him to love miie too ,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

tormented & depressed

i dunno why .
just cant help myself .
obessed with you .
but there is nothin i can do to make this feeling go away .

dont wish to trouble you .
but i still send you the sms .
i think i am just pure evil .

and now i am being tortured by my sins .
knowin you cant give miie any answer .
i told you that it was not needed to give miie an answer .
but i lied !

i reali wann the answer from you .
but like they say .
your reaction is slower den others .
plus i didnt ask an answer from you .
so somehow ....
it came by that i wont be gettin the answer i need to hear ,

need to protect myself from you .
from the hurtful answer that you will be giving miie .
maybe now like this is the best way ?

i wonder how it will be next fri ?
will i still face you with a different emotion ?
or will this feeling still linger ?

i dunno and cannort guarantee .
dont wann any regrets .
so i hope you can forgive miie .
cos i am so selfish .

i onli think of myself .
maybe i am just not good enough for you ba .
6 days .
you left miie alone for 6 days of agony .
now in return .
i gave you a confession .
and same thing .
i gave you 6 days too .
these 6 days i dunno wad will happen .

will you avoid miie next fri ?
i also dunno .
but i hope not .

maybe even if we cannort be tgt .
we can be friends right .

even thinkin of it makes my hearts aches .
it aches because it means to a ending of smth possible ?
i dunno .

feelin so tortured, confused and depress .
wad else can i say more to let you know abt how i feel .

will you ever feel the same way for miie as i have for you ?
this is a unknown answer .
also the answer that i dun reali have the courage to face .

so please let this 6 days pass soon .
and i hope the agony can stop .
hopefully i can move on fast if a rejection is cast .

but alwaes hope for the best right ?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

sick + love sick .

i think i am coming down with serious cold and slight fever .
but later on still got work at 4 .
haiz .

have to go .
cos tmr will be the last day i see him .
before sch reopen that is .

den after sch reopen .
i will be onli workin on weekends .
and hopefully can see him .

he cut his hair after he came back from malaysia .
and he is like cuter den before la .
plus start to show a little charm here and there .
making my world spin like crazy .

so maybe i am sick because of love .
love the way he talk to miie .
and the way he look at miie .
the way we both look at each other .

i am going crazy le la
anyway todae rol came to eat .
and she took a shot of miie and him tgt !!!!!
TGT !!!!

hahaas .
driving miie crazy .
he was a bit concern when he know i was sick .
but i dun wann him to be worried .
so i told him i wasnt .

haiz .
i am turning to be so shy .
haiz .

anyway i going to shower
after that going to look for flu medi .
den maybe will go straight to bed after eating medi .

so people good night .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


haven release the time table yet .
so irritating leii .
tmr totally no time to check la .
argh !

den is like i wann know next sem the schedule if it is packed or not .
hahaas .
i am going a bit bonkiie le .
die die die .

anyway todae start work at 5 .
but will be going down early to meet jin man .
cos she break at 3 .
and we are going to china town to eat !
hahaas .

i know i know
everytime eat eat eat .
but one things is that i wann try ma .
so later will go down and meet her .
but i no $$ le .
need go withdraw again !
haiz .

ok so i am going to read my book le .
will do a review on it once i am done reading .

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

blog neglected

sorriie people .
been reali busy with work .
and super tired .
plus nothin much to blog about .

anyway i bought the gel liner .
and it is quite good actually .
i also bought a anna sui lip gloss todae .
it cost miie 33 dollars .
and i am still spenting money like no body business .
but i am in debt le .
die die die !

because right i haven got my pay yet .
which is like damn shitty .
and i am going to work my ass off this week .
my onli off day is sunday .

which i hereby declare :

and here i am still wondering can i do it or not .
i know last time i can .
but now ?!
i dunno .
haiz .
life is so shitty .
and it will eventually get worst when sch reopen .
haiz .

and i dun even know my time table yet .
and it is supposed to be out any day this week .
so people if you know .
do sms miie or give miie a ring k .
and darlings !
come and find miie at my work place .
den can go enjoy night life .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

dinner with zizi/ shopping

todae i will be going shopping .
den after that will meet zizi for dinner .
at ....
hahaas .

but anyway i hope i got enough $$.
have to buy new clothes for work .
den after that need go buy my eye liner .

will den travel down to liang court de kinokuniya .
wann buy books to read .
haven been reading .
lack of some verii profound vocab to use in life .
wahahaas .

just purely nothin much to do other den work .
so to not slow myself down .
wann to read on the way to work and after that .
so wann to find a gd book to read .

ok got to put on some make up
den cam whore .
after that i will go shop for my things le .

maybe at parkway ba .
so anyone who is going there and wann meet miie ?
hahaas .
just give miie a ring k .

Monday, October 5, 2009

pay delayed

still dunno when i can get my pay .
but i think i going to go buy my stuff le .
hahaas .

gel liner .....
any other brands i can chose from ?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

gel or pencil ?

recently been busy workin .
so reali nvr go out .
hopefully next week can go watch movie etcetc .

anyway i wann to change eye liner .
and i am caught between two choice .
one is majolica's pencil eye liner .
and the other is maybelline's gel eye liner .

i heard that actually gel liner is better .
but i swtill do not know how to use it .
and they say gel liner do not smudge so easily like pencil liner .

but i also wann majolica's pencil eye liner .
haiz .
and the new shiseido eye liner i also like .

but will have to buy and then know which is better .
and if gel liner is good .
den i might change for good .
sooooo .
i think i will buy all 3 ?
hahaas .
broke like mad .

plus a mistake from the office maybe ?!
my pay is onli $2.35 .
wad a joke right .
is like lesser den half an hour of my pay .
hahaas .

so i told my supervisor and he say he will look into it .
so now i have to wait .
haiz .

wann to get my pay asap .
so many thing to buy .
so many thing i wann to eat .

Friday, October 2, 2009

i miss HB like crazy

haven been taking pics of myself .
so i cant post any recent pics .

as all you know i cut my fringe .
and it is veri hideous .
so ....
i am not taking pics .
plus no event or outing .
keep working and resting at home .
so no pics .
but i do have belated pics .
some old pics i took .

ok so shld i post unglam pics or nice pic leii ?
hahaas .

ok so i have decided .
i shld put my bdae outing de pic .
one that everyone love verii much .
including myself .
it can be one of the best pics of HB .

love the smiles in this pic .
like everyone is truely happy !

have been workin recently .
and never chat or even meet out with HB .
sianz .
miss them like mad .
miss all the moments we have tgt when we hang out .

seriously cant think wad will happen next sem .
wad will become of us leii ?
will there still be HB ?
wad will HB end up in .
still as gd as last time ?
or we will just slowly fade apart ?

i dunno .
maybe i reali have to leave it to fate le .
haiz .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

training ?

todae kelvin will train miie and other girl from work .
but ...
wad the training is about i am not so sure le .

anyway ytd for the first time i work til 1030 .
hahaas .
and it is like help to close the shop .
etc etc .

and also saw some things !
but i cant say .
soooo .
haiz .
anyway realise that actually .
they have a changing room there .
so i think next time no need go toilet change le .
can go there change .

got to go check iris .
den after that need go take bus to work le .

Sunday, September 27, 2009

workin week

next week will be workin non stop .
will be workin from monday to sunday .
but will off on wed .
workin just like a full time .
except i dun work full shift for almost everyday .

that is the onli different .
haiz .
dunno shld be happy or not ?
shld i hold expectation ?????
i dunno .
cos i dun reali know wad he is thinkin ,
i need to know .
haiz .

Saturday, September 26, 2009


this weekends will be spenting it over at my cousin hse .
attempted curling my hair todae at home .
but i think hair mousse is needed .

as .... my hair might be tooo 'fine' .
not shitty and dry enough to keep the curls to stay long enough .
sooooo ,
no comments .
anyway bought my hoodiie ,
posting pics of it soon .

not been taking pics recently because !!!!!!
i cut my fringe and the stupiid person layered it !!!!!
and one more secret it is like bangs type la !
how can layered !
stupiid girl !
argh .

ok so i am like not taking pics of myself .
and now i am like shit !
when is he going to even ask miie out ,
or even just tell miie he wann to be with miie .

i need a man with more guts den tat .
or i can just say the guts he's having now is not within my expectation .

ok gotta blog til here le .
maybe tmr reach home den post ?
will attempt to curl my hair again .

Friday, September 25, 2009

toto's jackpot

todae's toto is like dunno $1000 000 or $100 000 000
soooooo .
i am going to buy toto todae .
not revealing wad number .
hahaas .

ok anyway .
later will go down tampines buy the hair curler
and cheryl's wallet .
den after if possible i wann come back home .
as in put all the things ma .
den after that i will go down to bugis .
to buy my newbie hoodie .

but i dunno if i can get it not ?
haiz .
but i reali love it .
hahaas .
ok anyway will be going down .
den maybe straight go work from there .
cos todae work from 4-10 .

den after must check next week schedule
hopefully can know by tonight .
hahaas .
den is like i am so tired .
maybe will bring the DVD go uncle's hse to watch .
while i babysit them .
two days out .

will post if i have the mood .
cos babysitting is verii tiring .
plus one is verii naughty .
the other ....
ok ok la .
but is at a rebellious age .
so i have to chat with her a bit .
hahaas .

opps look at the time .
it is 10 45 le .
need go pompom le .

ciao people ,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$$ - outing time = workin

hahaas .
the above title is wad i think la .
you earn the money .
but you dun have enough outing time .
because you are working .
right ?

haven been blogging .
like amybe two days ?
u dunno la .
so i thought i shld just post smth before i go to work .
anyway tonight will be going to have a drink with zizi .
after work that is .

she will be coming down to find miie .
and den pass miie her hair curler .
wahahahahah .

den maybe thurs morning i will try it .
after that go to work with either good or bad curly hair .
hahahaha .

ok so that is abt it le .
still managing my INQ mini .
not good too use at all .
the application keep having connection problems .

so i gtg le .
ciao people .

PS .

Monday, September 21, 2009

spenting tons of $$ this week

going to buy the newbie hoodie this thurs or fri .
meeting peng dunno which day yet .
waiting for her reply .
but sadly she didnt reply miie and yet again .
soooo .....

haiz .
all i can do is wait .
and maybe curse and swear a little bit .
hahaas . no la .

anyway will be starting to use INQ tmr .
hahaas .
so i will be tweeting more frequently .
and maybe blog a little here and there .
hahaas .

den will be online but not definitely reply .
cos i might be workin .
hahaas .

so chat with miie whenever you wann .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

singtel INQ .

i just got my INQ todae .
it is the first social phone in singapore .
meaning it is like black berry and such phones .

but .....
i am paying less than those users .
i just pay my usual bill but i get the service .
i get to browse webs and IM .
tweets, dl music from AMPed and FB !

hahaas .
so kinda playing around with it .
suppose to use finish the battery den charge it for like 8 hours .
but now my probs is that the battery is not running out at all .
and it isnt even close to running out .
argh !
so i have been playing its music player .
and taking tons of pics with the cam ,

btw the cam is onli 2megapixel .
so not as good .
but is alright .
cos i alreadiie got a digi cam .
hahaas .

anyway so now INQ is in my gadgets family le .
hahaas .
welcome .
presenting INQ .

and welcome to the big family .

ok .
maybe not so big .
hahaas .
ciao people !

Saturday, September 19, 2009

single life

i am fine being single .

but i also fine with being attached .
is onli i think for both they will have different probs .

like now .
i am single .
but there are a few guys that wants to be with miie .
or have fallen for miie .
but the probs is .
i do not wann to be tgt with them .
yes i do love them .
as a friend of cos .
but i think they have misunderstands it .

and i hate the part for explaining .
so .......

anyway .
den if i am attached .
i just tends to lose feelings for the other one .
den eventually i like someone else .
and etcetc .

so now i need a fake bf .
who isnt bad looking .
and is able to help miie to get rid of the suitors de .
this way i wont have any of the probs above .

but now i have a HUGE prob .
which is who can i find to be this candidate ?
i cant find close relatives .
because they will let my family know .
and that is just toooo complicating and irritatin .

i cant find godbrother .
because i scare they think tooo much ,
and etc probs will come along .

i cant find ex-s .
too many misunderstanding .
and need to give reasons .......

so actually i was wondering .
if i can get my friends friend to help .
so i am asking mx de friend .
but the prob now is i do not have the phone number .
so i ask from her .
and just so nice, she lost his number .

lol .
so i ask his number from another guy .
den wad bad is that he didnt reply miie .
so how great can this be .
and if he can help miie .
den i shall be relieved from all this misery .
woooohooooo .

so keep my fingers crossed that he can help miie ~!
hopefully la !
reali hope he can .
if not i have to just pick a guy on the street to help .
how sad is that .
haiz .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

tired but still have to work

i am still verii tired .
luckily pipi change shift with miie .
as in replace miie .
and took my morning shift .
if not i will be reali late for work todae .
anyway i have to go and bathe le .
if not i will also be late the the night shift .

ciao people

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

off days .

am at home .
trying my best to be as otaku as possible .

so i am watching show from morning to night .
went out in the evening to 511 .
meet zizi at YY .
borrowed a few comics .

ate minced meat noodles at 511 .
den walk back and forth between home and YY .
cos kept forgetting this and that .

hahaas .
den laugh our way to 85 .
just sharing some of our happenings recently .
bought red tea .
walk her to the bus stop .
within minutes her bus came .
and i went home .

continue to watch criminal minds .
LOVED the show !

might be going to shop with zizi tmr .
depending ...
but is shop for her stuff .

i am verii poor now .
tons of things that needs tons of money .
mostly things that i reali wann .
but waiting for people to save up .
or haven had the time to travel down to buy them .
or maybe just cant find people to acc miie to buy .

also toooo busy at work .
gonna work on wed to sat for full days .
so maybe the next few posts will be all complaining abt work .
like how tired it is .
or which part of my body is aching like mad .
or wadever customer sucks and etc etc .
wadever i can complain abt .
or !
i will not even post .
reason being ...
i might be dead beat to even touch my com .

so i will try to remind myself .
to drag my lazy ass to post .

Friday, September 11, 2009

work work work work work

have been working for the past few days except tuesday .

and i am sooooo freaking tired .
plus my leg ache like mad shit .
and there is nothin else anyone can do abt it .
argh !

this is soooo irritating .
anyway i have to leave house at 1030 .
so i got to bathe now and maybe post tmr .

shall keep this blog as most up-to-date as possible .
but it will be pretty boring .
as i will be working and such .

so not much of excitement .
if you guys love jap cuisine .
den come down to liang court .
it is at level one just directly at the entrance .

you can take 32 from bedok interchange and drop infront of liang court .
but you will den have to walk in and walk til the end and turn left .
the shop name is tampopo .

the food is great and all .
but i recommend you bring yr parents and such with you .
cause the price is actually a bit expensive for the sides dishes .
as for the sets it is much worth it .

try their ramen it is nice .
also try their fried rice .

ok reali got to go le
so ciao people !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

packed schedule !

todae i got a medi pedi session appt at 12 .
den after that i will be coming home here .
to get my fringe cut .

den i will be going home .
bathe and change .
and get ready to go work .
but before going work .
i will be going to parkway .

i need to get the shirt !
den after that i will straight go work from parkway .

which i want to mention .
i totally agree with TAN SU PENG !

iris journey planner totally rocks !
hahaas .
now i understand why she loves sbs iris soooo much .
hahaas .

oh btw todae the main exam result will be out .
hopefully .
dunno why .
not nervous at all .
haiz .
maybe i alreadiie face the facts ?
but i think i will get verii excited if i passed all subs .
hahaas .

ciao people ~!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

second day of work

ok so i will be going for work le .
haiz .
first need to remove the nail .

den after that need go eat my dinner cum lunch .
take bus to work .

den work til 10pm .
after that maybe will go drink with zizi and her colleages .
not confirm yet .

waiting for zizi to confirm with miie ,
damn it .

so tired !
dun feel like working
argh !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first day of work

todae is the first day of my work .
and i just reach home .

super tired now .
my leg is aching like mad .
and so is my back .

why must working be so tough .
haiz .

have tried the dodo club de concealer le .
i think it isnt gd enough for those who have verii dark circles .

cos for mine they cover up just fine .
but due to wad my friend say .
my dark circle arent that serious .

anyway i went down on sunday to buy the summer BB cream .
but the people scam my $$
cos when i go down they alreadiie close le .
as in they kept their stand le .
lame right !

den i went to sing k with zi zi after that .
sing until 2 plus den cab home .
reach home at 3 .
den collapse on the bed .

it is what i am going to do after i post finish this .

Saturday, September 5, 2009


ok so i went to bugis with zizi recently .
and there was this cosmetic roadshow there .
and i bought the mag there and a concealer .

the concealer i bought was from dodo japan .
or also known as dodo club .
and yes there is a 'stand' in the roadshow for dodo japan .
there are also other brands there .

the concealer i bought was for dark circle .
they onli has one tone .
that means no tone of selection for different skin tone is available .
but for miie it work just ok .
not tooo light .

the mag is called my TLB .

it is a fashion mag ,
it includes all kind of new accessories .
they also have information on makeups and different brands and products of cosmetics .
also hair products like sexy girl which you can purchase them from sasa .
in this sept issue there is a few section that teaches you DIY lymphatic massage .
how to deal with zits and etc .
to know more you can go down to the roadshow to purchase the book now at $6 .
the roadshow will be until tmr .
and if you still would like to purchase it after the roadshow .
it will be 2 mth 1 issue .
and you can purchase them at all bookstore like kinokuniya and etc .
but if you purchase at the roadshow freebiie will be given .

on that day i bought the mag and got a free demo of nails .
but just in case you all misunderstood .
the nail demo is an acrylic overlay with 3D flower .
oh and is onli 1 nail .

hahaas .
and if you are interested in learning
you can go ahead and ask .
as THE PINKROOM is a school where you get get a diploma cert to be a manicurist .

so do go down and take a look .
you might spot one or two things you are interested in .
anyway there is this stand where they sell summer BBcream ,
is specially for tropical country like singapore de .
i can say it is pretty good .
so i place a reservation .
so i will be going down tmr night to make my purchase .
hahas .
now they have an offer which is 2 for $80 .
whereas 1 for $45 .
so why not buy two .
they have 3 types .
summer luminiser
summer teen BB
summer trio BB
so you can mix and match to make yr purchase of two .

ok so some people might not know wad a summer BB cream is .
so i am going to explain .

a summer BB cream is a blemish balm which acts like a make-up base foundation,
concealer, sun screen(which give protection from the sun rays) and ....
something that i forgot .
hahaas .
but all of this is no harm but to protect our skin .

so i am going to say again .
just go down and learn more abt the product
and if you like them .
just make a purchase .

Friday, September 4, 2009

job interview

i am going over to tampopo to interview .
i need a job .
spending too much recently

argh !
need more money to spend .
hahaas .
anyway still cant upload pics .
so not able to update .
will update asap .

anyway the myTLB .
booth is until this sunday .
so people who wann to buy know mjore about various brand of cosmetics .
can go take and take a look .

i can say you will wann to buy almost everything there .
hahaas .
i am serious though .

ok off to meet zozo le .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

to be contiuned !

ok so i will be blogging later .
becos blogger is not letting miie to upload pics like ...

anyway i will be blogging with pics about my day .
and some other things that come to my mind .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

salmon day

hahaas .
today is carol de birthday .

so we went to celebrate with her .
and we watch The Proposal .

this is is a 4.5/5 movie .
super funny !
almost laugh through the whole movie .

den before that we went to phil's steak house to eat .
but .....
not say verii nice .
but still edible .
hahaas .

den after that peng went to mac buy shaker fries .
but zo and i went over to buy sushi .
i bought lots of salmon sushi .
hahaas .

but they onli cost miie $10.8 .
i think is about 5 packets of salmon nigiri sushi .
1 salmon handroll .
and the other 2 paacket i dunno their name .
hahaas .
but also salmon .

so actually quite cheap .
compared to ytd tampopo de .
tampopo is nicer .
those are high class salmon belly leii .
hahaas .

den went over to sunplaza park to eat and talk .
hahaas .
in conclusion HB know each other quite well .
i think next sem i will reali miss their laughter .
lol .

anyway i bought 3 hairbands todae .
and two of them look almost identical .
hahaas .
but they onli cost $1.9 so i find it ok .
hahaas .
anyway i bought them from century montip .
hahaas .

tmr will be going to bugis with zizi .
cos i need to shop for bags and clothings .
hahaas .
den after tat maybe will go 511 eat dinner .
find comic books to rent .
hahaas .

going to watch movie now .
sooooooo .
good night people .

busy busy week

didnt had much chance to post for the past few days .
but now i am free .
i dunno where to start posting about .

but this week will be a busy week .
today there is rol's bdae celebration .
den followed by tmr .
i going shopping with zizi .

den after that thursday will be going over to 511.
den friday must stay at home and wait for package .
saturday shld be no activity .
sunday need go out to pray my great grandma .

i shall post next week schedule when i know it .
shld not be as busy as this week .
hahaas .

Sunday, August 30, 2009

mad dead and tired .

ok so i had my chalet .
and one thing that reali piss miie off .

i didnt get to take any pics during chalet .
sooooo this is LAME !

haiz .
soooo reali nothin much to post .
but all i can say is that HB reali moved miie .

so thanks to you girls !
next sem i will reali miss you guys .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

birthday wishes and stupiid carol

ok all i can say is

ok ok i know i am evil .
i didnt denied it .

hahahas .
anyway just when it strike 12am ytd night .
i received a sms from HO CAROL
and it goes like this :
Aww, my beloved darling had turned 18, sweet 18.
^^ you know something?
I'm actually very touched with the fact that you always turn to me whenever you had problems,
be it family or relationship,
even though you know that i'm not good in giving people useful and mature advice.
But, trust me. i can be a good listener, anytime, anywhere.
Remember, im always a call away.
I'll alwaysbe there for you:)
Afterall, we've been friends for 1 year, 4 months,7days and 9 hours. :)
Although i always piss you off, but i don't mean it.
Really, i don't.
But it's amazing isn't it?
How friends for that period of time can develop such a strong friendship bond.
It's a special kind of friendship that i didn't experience before in my entire life.
Thank you for being my friend:)

ok so of these above is her message .
and she bloody make miie cry on my bdae .
see how stupiid she is .
but all i can say is
rol thanks .
that is verii sweet of you .
i am reali verii touched by it .
love you and HB forever .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

forever my little secret

i can onli say .
i have a secret .

and that this is smth i kept from everyone .

everyone knows that i love him .
everyone knows that i would wann to get back with him .

but ....
those arent things that will happen any more .

i wann to wish him .

happy birthday boy .

Monday, August 24, 2009


i am sooooooo fucking pissed off by my parents !
FIRST they wann to make a decision for the buffet dishes .

den after i make out the dishes .
they keep fucking complaining !

den is like wWAD THE FUCK LA !


damn fucking pissed .
those things i ordered are things that people eat one la


Sunday, August 23, 2009

DSAG main paper

ok i suppose to feel damn stress .
cos i cant fail this sub .
but ....
i dun feel any stress .
and i onli revised half .
and i must say half meaning the ones not in term test .
mainly BST, Stack and half Queue .
tat is wad i have study on .
i shld soooo panic now .
but .
i still feel quite relaxed .

anyway i will revised a bit more tmr.
and maybe reach school abit eariler or so ba .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

chiong chiong chiong !

now reali must chiong for my main papers le .
now den start to study !
i feel like crap now .

plus i just got back home .
went to katong village to eat the korean buffet .
will upload pics after my exams ba .

but i can recommend meat eaters to go .
cause the food percentage is like 80% meat .
chicken pork beef and even lamb .
so yes they are nice .

i enjoyed lunch today .
but once in a while should be alright de .
cause i can onli verii oily .

ok got to go chiong for WWNK le .
later must check seat no and location .

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

late nights, dark thoughts

recently i have been slping at a verii late hours .
simply the time that i dun slp normally .

and i realise the later i slp .
some weird and evil or shld i sae dark .
different kinds of thoughts will occur to miie .

i think i am turning rather weird .
or maybe i just think toooo much .

ok let miie make an example .
ytd after i wrote that song lyrics .
i feel so sad .
and when i look out my kitchen window .
i was thinkin if i could jump off the building .
it will be so fun .
like i could feel the sensation of falling .

and if i can understand the feeling .
i could write out something better .

but someone face appear in my mind .
and i forget about this thought .

not going to say who ..
but in my mind the person made miie so happy .
that i was standing there smiling .

after that it was like...
i had never slept for a thousands years .
cause my eyes felt soooooo heavy .
and the instance i lie on my bed .
i fell asleep .
no turning here and there .

and when i woke up today .
my mummy tells miie i was smiling in my sleep .

how creepy is that .
so i think i will be going off to bed le .
night people .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

feeling so numb

i wrote a somehow song lyrics .
but the tune .....
is rather anyhow de .
never record .
because i just wrote it .
and time check now is 2:09 am .
hahaas .

song title: feeling so numb

my heart is slowly not feeling anything .
i dunno wad is wrong with miie .
i am all speechless now .

all i could say was .
my feelings comes and goes .
i try to keep in control
but i always loses control .

i dun understand what is wrong .
something is so wrong about miie .
so wrong .

i am feeling so numb now .
numb and tired .
what have i done again .
why do i deserve this .

This behaviour cannort be stop .
it just feel so right to miie .
to love someone or not love them .

even people tell you i'm bad .
but they dun understand miie .
that is what you alwaes tell miie .

i cried in the night .
but do you know ?
did you try to understand why ?

i am feeling so numb now .
numb and tired .
what have i done again .
why do i deserve this .

feeling so so numb .
why am i crying again .
when will all this end ?

i am feeling so numb .
did you try to understand ?
i think not .


that is it .
i know it might suck a bit here and there .
but i dun care .
this is my work .
hahaas .

so this work is copyrighted by missyhuihui Vanessa Lee Qian Hui .

hahaas .

Sunday, August 16, 2009

upcoming ! EXAMS .

ok so this coming friday will be the main paper for WWNK .
den followed by the next following monday OPSY .
den lastly wednesday DSAG .

so that is about it .
but i am not stressing out .... YET .
sooooooo ........
now i have to reali study .
cos not failing is reali a difficult thing .

i have to get myself to move on to 2.2
and of cos without staying back for any subs .
soooooo .

ohoh !
will be going for the next monday revision lec for DSAG .
hahaas .

suprise to hear miie
going for a revision lecture ?

hahaas .
yes, i am going to study .


Friday, August 14, 2009


today went to watch UP at THE CATHAY .
haiz .
quite disappointed .
even though the show is nice .
but i expect somthing 3D in the movie .
the 3D effect is nothin .
you will just feel like as if you were watching 2D .
so wad is the different leii .
haiz .
anyway went to bugis after that to shop .
actually is i wann shop for newbie shirts .
so yes we went to buy .
onli i bought of cos .
and so i bought 3 shirts .
and reserved two hoodiies .
hahaas .
the hoodiie is one for miie and one for supeng .
hahaas .

and i have to say .
the hoodiie is reali damn damn nice .
hahaas .
so we decided to get them .
i have paid for the deposit le .
so just need to wait for us to get enough money to buy them .
we told the shop esti. will get them around sept .
which gives miie about one month to save up .
and for rol's bdae too .
hahaas .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

study week

study is starting .
basically it start tmr .

and i will be watching UP 3D tmr .
will be watching it at THE CATHAY i think ?

i dun feel like going to school .
sooooo .
might be meeting them there ,
haiz .

tmr dress nice nice .
and aiming to take tons of pics .

and as for later ,
class is going end at 5 .
den will be meeting mummy to go mummum .
but still haven decide wad to mum yet .
hope it is something good .
hahaas .

exam coming !
JIAYOU to everyone .
and also to myself

Monday, August 10, 2009

tired and i have lost

things are going bad to worst .
first the feelings fell out .

second i hate my family .

third i changing classes .

fourth i am losing everything i have .

so i dunno wad i have left .
i am so tired .

Sunday, August 9, 2009


hereby i wish singapore a happy 44th birthday .
and so singapore grows a year older .
and so am i .
will be watching for the fireworks later .

and also there will pledge reciting at 8:22pm .
i am so gonna do it .
hahaas .

ok going to play games le .
bye people
enjoy your holiday .

crazy bitch

i just can onli say .
i admit that i am a bitch to some people .
but ...

i just cant help it .
wad else can i do?

i just dun have feeling for you anymore .

and i dunno how to let out the news .
what to do .
so i run away .
keep the distance .

Friday, August 7, 2009

i am lost so is my feeling

cant feel my heart now .
dunno why .

feel like i am such a failure leii
haiz .
no choice .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

presentation week coming to an end

ok so cmsk is down
and so is wwnk.

so was presentation i have onli psyco, jap and MDBS left.
and still tons of things to be done by next week .
or i shld say mostly to be done by this week .

i can onli say this week is reali havoc and it is coming to an end .
and i hope and pray that next week will be a better week .

next week everyday de study time in school is being extended .
next week there will be no early going home .
because it is revision week
and HB has decided to go to all revision lec i think .
but for all i care .
i am going for wwnk and oopg .
as for dsag .....
i still not sure yet
but i was thinkin wad about mdbs .
i wonder if they wann go for that .
but for miie i will be anything .
cause i wann pass this sem .
hahaas .

ok i shall end here .
have to faster finish wwnk report to hand in .
will try to post tmr abt my presentation and etc .
if i rmb that is .
woohoo .

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

presentation week

ok so i am going to have my cmsk presentation tmr .
den follow by wwnk on thursday .
but for wwnk is more of just setting up the things .
den on friday i will have two presentation .
one is the psyco .
the other will be the jap role play .
BUT !!!!
i haven been able to memorise all .
howhow ?

ok den after that next tuesday MDBS presentation .

so now the to-do list .
1. do wwnk phase two before thursday .
2. do MDBS before next tuesday .
3. memories the script for jap by friday .
4. do all psyco quizzes by this sunday .
5. check if all subject survey has been done .
6. go revision lecs
7. study for incoming main papers

ok that is about all .
so i will be verii busy .
cant expect miie to post .
but i will try .
and it is onli if i rmb and there is smth to post abt .
if not a title for the post is verii difficult to think of .

i think of you at night .
but you dont seem to know .
everytime i think about you .
a smile will appear on my face .
wad can i do to let you know how i feel .

the fear of rejections
comes over miie .
i fear of it as like i fear of the dark .

Saturday, August 1, 2009

laziness do kills .

ok i know i have been not reguarly blogging .
but i have just realise my laziness is reali killing miie .

what if i die of laziness ?
i know it is a dumb question .
but it is still a possibility .
so whatever .

anyway i have been lazy at almost everything .

and now my heart is lost .
it is all becos of miie .
stupiid miie .
i have a change of heart again and again .
when den can i change to be a more normal girl ?

like i have said .
settling down have no connections with miie .
so never ever thinks of going out with good boys .
cos all gd boys wann is forever .
they think you can change in future .
they even think they can make you change .

cos yr love for them is so great that there is no way you cant change for them .

so in conclusion i have to find someone bad .

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

fun = cramps .

i had soooo much fun ytd .
went swimming at sengkang swimming complex .
super fun .
love it .
hahaas .
there is always a but ....
i got one or two tone darker .
haiz .
damn it !

but thanks to HB . i had a happy mem0ries .
hahaas .

but i haven do my resume yet ,
and it is alreadiie 10 .
die le la .
plus i think is by todae must hand in leii .
how ?
haiz .
so maybe after bathing i will see if i can do .
den bring to school to print or wad .
and i am officially broke .

i suddenly rmb i going to do my nails ltr .
super broke this week .

todae morning i woke up realising i am having muscle cramps all over .
ahhhh .
super annoying .
and i still have the water in my ear .
more annoying .
argh !

wadever la
going to bathe le people .
ciao .

Monday, July 27, 2009

suspecting myself

i keep thinkin if i was able to do it
but now when there is a chance for miie to try .
i suddenly feel like i am going to chicken out .

so troubled by this ..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

project gives miie headache

i have to do the psyco presentation by todae .
have to hand in by tmr .
and thanks to my group mates .
they have finish the proposal thingy le .
so left the presentation slides .
and i am having a serious headache now .

i am not giving excuses .
but i am afriad i might have that .
cos i am not feelin verii well .
die die .

so i will try my verii best .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

solar eclipse

todae didnt see any eclipse at all .
cos is like raining for the whole morning .
den is like i can onli say todae is a gd day to slp .
slpt through and was almost late .
and quite bad luck .

cos i saw "him"
and as peng has said e saw miie too .
so todae was like super weird .
hahaas .

saw "him" todae and my heart throb again .
die die .
i just cant change my character to be more faithful .
haiz .
i am dead meat le la .

so off i go le

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

super tired .

haiz .
i reali dunno wad happen to miie .
but i am sooo freaking tired .
just wann to go and slp .
but tmr got cmsk presentation .
den haven read sooooo .
cannort slp .

Monday, July 20, 2009

tooo busy

a lot of things to be posted .
but because i am going over to malaysia .
soooo resulting tat i cant post any thing .
sooooo .
will post when i am back .

i hope things go well .
and i hope i can reali settle down this time .

i just hope i can stop thinkin so much .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

headache . unfinished work !

ok i am having a serious headache .
and guess wad i didnt finish my script .
and worst i doubt my group has finish .
cos i have to say .
it wasnt so easy as we thought it would be .
i have feeling verii sick now .
have to slp soon i guess .

but it is still so early .
hate sch work .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

verii tiring . dunno why .

today after school went to century square .
we went to watch obsessed .
but before that we went to eat at billy bombers .
and we were so stuffed !
can hardly finish them .
but they are still delicious .

ok back to the movie .
the movie is a verii sick and psyco one .
cos right the brief story of the movie ,
is about this girl who is a stalker .
and a verii crazy one .
tryin to break up the family .
and she is crazy ,
guys shld watch this show .
and beware this kind of woman .

so i think that is about all for todae .
and anyway i slpt through from 4 -9
and i am still feeling slpy .
i still can slp through the night .

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


feeling quite sleepy now .
dunno why .
but i think i will sleep early .
recently dunno why like not getting enough slp .
but i still slp at the normal timing i slp .
and wake up at the normal timing too .
but i feeling damn restless .

haiz .
dunno wad is wrong with miie .
i reali wann to find someone to settle down .
but ....
i still cant find that guy .
so is there a reali mr.right for miie ?
or i am just not destined to have a steady relationship .
this is making miie verii tired too .
and maybe this is why i feel so sleepy and tired ?

there was once a person told miie .
when you see THE right one .
you will noe it .
but now .
all i can sae is even if i see him .
i dun think i noe is him .

or he just didnt seem to be on this world .
cos i still dunno it yet .

Monday, July 13, 2009

defination of settled down

i dun understand .
cos i have nvr reali settled down .
so who can tell miie the true meaning ?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

dead beat .

just reach home .
slpet for onli 5 hrs ytd .
and had a hell of a day for todae .
gaming eating playin like mad .
and lots of other activity .
like cooking .
helping out .
etc etc .
reali like the acc of family .
just make miie feel so right .
going to slp soon .
anyway i wrote this ytd .
middle of the night, when i suddenly thought of you .

becos of you i wann to put a smile on my face .
becos of you tears drops fall like a running tap .
becos of you i feel confuse and troubled .
not a gd emotion to feel .
but who cares .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

catching up is gd, busy

ytd i went to sch at 11 .
cos somehow psyco was cancelled due the LOA given to the teachers .
but yet jap still contiune-d .
so after jap i went to the bus stop to wait for vonne and jess .
it was raining damn heavily and there was so many people .
crowded like packed sardines .

after a while they came,
we waited for the bus and arrived at bedok inter .
we went over to watson to buy stuffs and to NTUC to buy drinks and snacks .
so after that i went to buy MCchicken meal .
we went up to cash studios .

review : cash studios .
was actually average .
songs doesnt seems to be very updated .
sound system : average .
serivce : so-so .
charge : reasonable .
one thing gd, you can bring yr own food and drinks .
BUT alcoholic drinks will be charged i think .

so we went crazy like mad during k session .
meixin came and join us at abt 5 40 ?
den we ended at 6 .
took bus 9A to simpang bedok to eat .
while eating we done lots of catchin up .
laugh like mad .
there was lameness, craziness, laughters and gossips ?
hahaas .
just lots and lots of catching up was done .

after we were done,
jess went home,
miie meixin and vonne we went to bedok mac .
cos meixin need teach vonne her school work .
while teachin we done some little catching up .
hahaas .
and i ask-ed meixin for advice about "him" ,
now i can onli say i dunno wad to do .
but all the decision is up to miie .

anyway todae is a verii busy day .
i will have to go to ah ma hse to teach cheryl maths .
den after that i will come home to eat dinner with daddy mummy .
den after that at night i need go over godmummy hse .
cos need help her do preperation of tmr's party .

so that is all le .
byebye .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

i cried .

todae i cried .
becos of somethings .
i just hope tmr is a better day .

nothin more to post .
just finish opsy .
so i going to slp now .
tmr still got jap .

that all .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ready to settle down

life is normal .
but all the crushes is flowing through my mine .
too many .
hahaas .
flings countless .
stead a few .
unforgettable love one and only one .
guys i cant get tons upon tons .
hahaas .

now i have to say i reali wann to settle down .
never in my life i wanted to settle down so eagerly .
maybe because i haven had a real relationship
for wad seems like a thousand yrs to miie .
hahaas .
yes yes .
have a good laugh and say miie ba .

yes i just cant stay single too long .
and that is miie .
i dun even know wad is wrong with miie .
haiz .
disappointed in miie .
but i recently like-d a few guys .
they make miie feel like .
i shld reali get a guy to settle down with .
this is actually quite pathetic isnt it .
haiz .

Monday, July 6, 2009

love is so confusing

just created a wordpress to write abt my own story.
so i started to post the first post .
now i wont say or let anyone know abt the link yet .
cos i haven reali get it right yet .

so when i am ready i will tell de .

todae is such a not so gd day .
saw hann, zuer, samuel & HIM.
so now i also dunno leii .
i was talkin abt the guy that is attached.
but now i have 3 guys in mind .
one is E, HIM and the guy that is attached .
i am sooooo confuse now .
i dunno wad the hell is going on with miie .
i dunno who i reali like .
who is the one that i LOVE ?

haiz .
love is so confusing

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i am yours

you are the one that can make miie smile .

i was walking on the streets,
thinkin abt wad you sae to miie .
suddenly thunder roars,
lighting flash across the sky .
the sky is turning dark,
a droplet land on my hand .
i started to wonder,
was it rain or tears ?

when i touched my face,
i realised it is filled with tears .
tears that are dropping because of you .
that is when i want to walk in the rain .
without any shelter,
cause i dun wann people to knwo that i am crying .
that is the only time when tear and rain cannort be tell apart of .

you control my feelings now .
you make miie cry
you make miie laugh
you make miie pissed off
you make miie fall in love .
you make miie fall out of love .
you gave miie all kinds of emotions .

i just hope you can be there for miie .
i just hope you can stay by my side .

i love you ,
i miss you too .

Thursday, July 2, 2009


that is the yr different between us .
it is just not wad i wanted .
i wann fun young freedom sweet warm .
i wann smth stable now .
i reali wann to be steady with someone .

so i dunno how le .
can you tell miie ?

a long and steady relationship is all i wann .
and i think i am mature enough for that .

i think and i hope i am .
so pls my mr. right
pls be there for miie .
pls love miie for who i am .

and for all that favours ask .
i will love you back as much .
i will last long with you .

that is all i am askin for .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

photos are deceiving

so tired now .
failed my two term test paper .
and now i left with OPSY .
i think i wont fail that ba .
hopefully .
and i reali dun understand guys .

i alwaes say pics are deceiving .
haiz .
facts to be told :
not even close to pretty .
bad attitudes .

so people dun be deceive by the pics .

Monday, June 29, 2009

our life's

HB to miie is like my other family .
i care for them .
and they are the listener for almost all my troubles .
i have to say they are the ones who have acc miie through my troubles .
sadness, happiness, angry, pissed off, fun, craziness and all .

i have almost a book full of memories and poems .
i wrote tons of my feelings and such .
so now i have to say they are the best .
love them .
different people different attitude .
we are like the whole world .
cos there is all different races and others .
so here it goes .
our journey of adventures start now .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

meaningless post

today is a rather boring and meaningless day .
just stayed at home watching shows .
and that is it .
tmr will be going out .
soooooooooooo .
ya .
that is it .

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P michael jackson

todae i have heard that michael jackson has died of heart attack .
may he rest in peace .

michael jackson
1958 - 2009
died of heart attack .
age : 50
married twice
3 kids

he will be a legend and alwaes remembered .
he invented the famous "moon walk"
and have lots of unique things about himself .
he was some what verii successful in his own career .
for all we know he built a wonderland for kids .
and is super rich .
makes himself worthy for people to call him a legend .

when hearing the news of michael jackson .
i was actually shocked !
didnt expected it .
this proven tat anyone can died at any moment .
and you will never know when it is your turn to leave .
but all i wann is to not have anyone leave miie for at least 20 yrs time .
i cant bear any more depart, goodbyes and separation .