Saturday, January 31, 2009

i feel so .....
i dunno how to describe .
this is reali not the best years i have had .
since i was born .
my family is a problem .
my education is also another problem .
my expenses is also a problem .
my temper has a greater problem .
and my luck this year is the greatest problem .
and this seriously gives miie a headache .
but like wad my uncle sae .
i have to pull through it even though it is tough .
but i have to try .
i now it will not be easy .
but hopefully i dun fall before i try .
i dun give up before i even try .
so all i can sae is
hopefully everything will be fine .
i pray hard and verii hard .
for almost everything happening to miie .
pls have some mercy on miie .
i am just a girl turning 18 .
even though i have to suffer some hardship to get mature .
but pls dun crash all the problems at one time .
i cant hold on to that much of the stress .
i will fall and be crush .
i will just hold on to my verii best .
i will pull through this round .
so all i can sae is JIAYOU JIAYOU !

Sunday, January 25, 2009

chinese new yr greetings

hahaas .
todae is the eve of chinese new yr .
so people happy new yr k .
cos i dunno if i will post tmr and etc .
cos is like will not be able to use com if i too busy .
so here to wish you people

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Arguement

before i shut down and read breaking dawn .
i forget to mention in the previous post .
haiz .
i had a little arguement with rolrol .
is becos of the outing happening 'todae'
and haiz .
my temper is getting out of control .
haiz .
someone kill miie .
i dun wann to lose my frenz .
hopefully not .
no one noe wad happen in future .
so i have to say


troubled !

ok so is like ytd he ask miie .
see if i wann stead with him .
but the point is .
i dun think i like him .
no tat kind of feelings .
haiz .
like i sae .
those you love will nvr love you back .
yet the ones who likes you stick like a buzzing bee .
wad to do .
aniwaes i treat them as flings .
no matter wad .
and i think i will try to see ba .
see how i feel .
aniwaes valentines is coming .
i dun wann to celebrate it alone .
tat is super pathetic .
so wish miie luck ba .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

hahaas .
todae HB had a reali great day i think .
is like super duper ultra fun .
and we set a day to go sing k !
hope rolrol can go .
so anxious to know her answer .
pray hard hard so she can go .
hahaas .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i am just freaking shag now .
totally out of mood to post .
how ?
dun care le la .
feeling damn moodless to seriously do anything !

Promise not fulfiled

ok so i broke the promise i made myself .
i was super tired ytd .
so i didnt post anything .
so i am here to give a updates on .
wad i will be posting on the next post .

1. sushi tei pics will be up.
2. ytd maddness photo will be up .
3. wad happen ytd will be stated .

ok that shld be all .
so i think tat all .
have to go study cmaths le .

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ok i have just officailly do finish my cmsk report.
den is like i took lets see .
8 hrs for miie to finis it .
and now i feel a bit relieved .
but one thing i have to sae here .
thanks my HB .
as they have help miie quite a bit .
cos i have no clue on how to do til they tell miie how .
thanks a lot .
love you girls .
okay .
i promised i will post the pics on sunday .
cos i haven got time todae .
so i will post it tmr .
i think i will be bring my labby to school or something like tat .
or i will post it when i am homed .
ya i will do either of it .
hahaas .
and this week will be busy dealing with a lot of things .
so i have to get better rest cos i am falling apart plus sick .
haiz .
and i ahve to say another thing .
i am sorriie HB .
cos i think i got serious bad attitude these few weeks ?
i dunno cos i have been like super irritating i noe .
so do understand miie cos i have been feeling F'ing stress .
i noe you all have stress too .
but i ....
just cant handle it that well like you all can .
i am just falling apart .
what i need now is lots and lots of time .
to study and to also do my assignments .
so ya give miie some time .
i will be less irritating and more likeable again .
hahaas .
and of cos no matter when it is i am alwaes tat thicked-skinned .
hahaas .

oh oh before i forget quotes quotes .

"I wish I could explain it to you right so that you would understand.
I can't hurt him"---- she pointed to her stomach---
"any more than I could pick up a gun and shoot you(Jacob). I love him."

this is the part where jacob try to persuade bella in giving up her baby .
but she couldnt.
and this leads miie into deep thinking and shed a few drops of tears .
willing to give her life to just give birth a baby of yr love ones .
this is just so noble ?
i dunno .
but i was asking myself .
would i ever do something like tat for anyone ?
and there was no answer to tat question .
maybe it is becos i haven met tat person yet .
still waiting for him to be there for miie .
so that i can be there for him .

Friday, January 16, 2009

haiz .
it is a friday .
and i am back in school becos i have to submit the FNDB .
den is like i came back but no sign of zozo .
so sianz .
den now i seriously dunno wad to do .
i hate FNDB .
dunno wad kind of F'ing subject it is .
i wann go home la
so irritated .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

lol .
i now in FNDB .
den is like super sianz lorx .
den i dunno wad to do for the assignment .
still thinkning .
den we deciding to go faceshop ltr not .
den dunno can go zozo hse not .
this might be the first time we go .
adn we were saying about cny .
we will go each other de hse to like go take ang bao .
hahaas .
goodiie .
hahaas .
oh anhd i read through breaking dawn last night .
and i am going to read about the baby coming out le .
den will update tonight on wad happen todae .
hahaas .

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hahaas .
todae is a verii bz day .
cos i have lots and lots of things to do now .
and is like i have done my oopg within one day .
i am like super .
hahaas .
but rather frustrated .
haiz .
stayed at school til about 7 plus .
den reach home at about 845 pm .
super late .
had a late dinner too .

and i sae something tat i shldnt .
but no use .
wad said is alreadiie out .
i can no longer do anything .
like wad he sae .
he alreadiie attached le .
den is like it is meaning i have no chance le la .
but wad to do leii .
just a verii nice way of rejecting miie lorx .
so like i sae rejection is alwaes painful .
so i have to take the pain .
den i will be going to slp soon le .

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shopping day

todae i went to tm to shop .
and bought lots of things .
and it is like super fun .
i did a plastic name super nice
i will try post pics de .
and anyway i can go out with zizi this sunday .
so i am booked this sunday le .
den is like todae we do a lot of things la .
still got buy nails polish .
den ltr i going to do my nails .
but before tat i will try to do my cmsk first
den still got oopg .
i am like going crazy le .
plus i tmr 9am got dcnk lab .
and it is a PRACTICAL TEST .
so sianz ar ..........
and no time to read breaking dawn .
so i dun have any quotes to write .
gtg and do my work le .

Sunday, January 11, 2009

so i started to write this post at 3:47 .
and lets time how long did i take to post this time .
hahaas .
ok so as i was reading breaking dawn .
i love it will mad .
but i haven been able to read to the part i wann to read de .
so ya .
but by this post de ending i will post another quote .
and now quotes will be phrases in the story itself .
sweet phrase or sad or even meaningful phrases .
i will state the chapter and pages and even which line it is .
just in case ppl dun believe it is from the book .
so i will just state it down just in case .
will be in this format .
so you ppl will noe .
den ytd had a rather ...
boring day ?
cos i mainly went downstairs just to do a bit of stuff .
den we stayed at home until night time .
when my uncle come and fetch my cousin home .
ok ytd menu was .
we had nasi lemak for breakfast .
or i shld sae branch .
and bubble tea .
den as for dinner we ordered mac .
both had mc spicy and twisted fries .
yaya i noe i am childish .
but i reali like ma .
so wad to do .
den ytd we stayed at home playing maple, audition and watching tv .
quite fun la .
but i wann find some free time go her hse stay .
cos her hse got wii !
i wann play wii !
den if it is nice den i wann to buy lorx .
hahaas .
ok ok i noe i spent a lot of money .
but wad to do seriously .
and i also wann buy ps3 .
and there is two things more i wann .
hahaas .
anyone out there .
if you ahve no idea wad to buy for miie .
oh i mean for my b'dae this yr .
you can go my wishlist there see .
and now those is bold or italics is the ones i wann more .
bold will be standing for things i wann the most .
as for italics is the thing i wann a little more den normal things .
cos some is i dunno wan or just like the thing .
you noe that kind of feeling .
like you like it but dun wann to have it .
so ya .
not sure de feelings lorx .
so ltr will be editing the list .
ok so lets see it is now 4:03 so i took about .
i think less den 15 mins .
ok and now here is the quote sweet and heartwarming .

Edward :
"Do you want me to sing to you? I'll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away."

(chapter 6.Distractions:pg.105:line 15-16)

isnt he sweet ?
oh my my .
how i wish he can be my bf .
hahaas .
haiz .
reading this book .
make miie feel like having a bf .
but one verii sad fact is tat .
i can hardly last with anyone .
and now i dun even have the time to have a bf .
cos i need to work harder .
and i mean ALOT harder .
cos main paper coming .
and my term test is like shit .
so i better study harder .
if not i am so going to retake this sem .
and which of course is some thing tat i do not wann to .
and pray hard and keep our fingers crossed !

time checked : 4:12

Friday, January 9, 2009

before i forget i verii important thing .
like i sae ytd i would try to post quote i find and read upon .
and it will be in the book breaking dawn de .
so here is one .
also rather meaningful .
but nid a bit of understanding on wad it reali means .
so lucks to you guys in understanding k .

Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age .
The child is grown, and puts away childish things .
Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies .

by : Edna St. Vincent Millay .

do you understand the meaning behind this quote ?
find it meaningful .
so when ever you sae a person childish .
think back on how you behave .
everyone has gone through their childhood .
like wad it saes childhood is a kingdom where nobody dies .
meaning no matter how old you are .
you still can be childish .
cos tat is part of yr life .
is has onli past .
but the decision is up to you to make it history or not .
for miie i prefer to recall my history .
even though i noe tat even though it has past .
but i will alwaes rmb the happy childhood of mine .
so i am still as childish as before .
hahaas .
cannort blame miie .
it is just in my blood and born along with miie .
so bear with miie ba .
love you .
hahaas .
todae had a great dinner .
a verii heart warming dinner .
cos korkor came over to have dinner .
and just left with daddy and mummy to go home .
and he brought his gf here .
i can onli sae she is fun to hang out with .
hahaas .
maybe fun wasnt the right word .
but who reali care ?
hahaas .
i noe i dun .
i just nid to enjoy myself tat is it .
hahaas .
love people who can chat along with miie .
hahaas .
aniway hope and pray hard he can get better .
i hardly hang out with him .
but i reali hope he will be fine .
promised him tat will treat him eat crabs when he is fully recover .
hahaas .
and now my cousin is here .
staying overnight with miie .
hahaas .
hope we have a fun night too .
aniwae i just miss him a bit .
cos he haven called or even sms miie .
but who noe .
i shld be the one in shock and etc .
maybe he think i nid time to cool down ?
but i am calm as alwaes .
haiz .
maybe is i think too much .
it is actually nothin important .
just some verii casual procedures .
hahaas .
ok all i can sae is tat i nid to relax and etc .
so dun think too much ba .
love you people .
will post pics soon de .
i promise ?
hahaas .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hahaas .
just change my blogskin .
and change a song also .
change it to a moody colour .
cos dun it to be too pinkiish .
and verii tired .
even though i have spent have the night reading breaking dawn .
so super tired now .

something quoted from the book .

And yet, to say the truth,
reasons and love keep little company together nowadays.

William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Act III, Scene i

i do agree to onli a certain extend to this quote .
cos not alwaes does they have onli little company tgt .
they can also spent a certain amt of time tat is more den expected .
so i can onli sae it does tingle something in miie .
but doesnt make miie in a full obession over this quote .
but in this book there are quite a number of good phrase .
i will read and quote it in my blog de .
aniwaes i need to hit the sheets le .
too tired le .
i need to shut my eyes and rest for tmr le .
so goodnight people .
oyasuminasai .

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ok so i have post this morning
but todae was a fun day .
so i have to post about it .
todae went for dcnk den break .
and before i go school .
i took mummy the flu medicine to eat .
cos i got a verii serious flu .
den after taking the medicine .
i dun feel tat well .
a bit sleepy tired plus verii uncomfortable .
but i pull through .
cos the bitches went to tm to eat branch .
den before tat we went shopping at the pasar malam .
yupx the one located at the mrt station there de .
hahaas .
and is like quite fun la .
oh and i bought the big big bag i mention .
and we saw a shop where they clothes not bad de .
hahaas .
and guess wad is also sold at a fairly reasonable price .
so i wann go back buy .
but den i no $$
so wanted to go with mummy de .
but she like a bit dun wann .
cos she noe i wann her pay .
hahaas .
but is reali reasonable la .
and i like also ma .
is onli i nvr reali save .
recently i save a bit den spent all .
like no saving le lorx .
hahaas .
wadever la .
den this sat daddy mummy going to malaysia .
den i will be left alone again !
wonder if anyone can pei miie .
cos i will be alone from friday onwards .
haiz .
sianz .
wonder if zizi can come stay over ma ?
if not maybe ask j to come ?
also dunno leii .
dun feel like sleeping alone .
plus i not feeling well .
haiz .
so super freaking sianz .
haiz .
ok gonna make it a quick one before going to shcool .
ok so todae we are going to this stupiid youth forum thingy .
which i totally dun feel like going .
cos it must be some stupiid talk again .
and worst dun even noe wad time it end .
any way .
still got other things
like apa practice test to hand it .
cheque to be submitted etcetc .
den is like will be buying the big big bag i mention .
so freaking happy la .
but now i am sick .
verii sick .
having a verii serious flu and a slight fever .
going to drop and die le .
how ?
i also dunno leii .
but den i wann go buy the bag den go the talk .
dunno got any classes before tat not .
haiz .

Monday, January 5, 2009

haiz .
i so long nvr post le .
hahaas .
one reason :
nvr reali stayed at home for the past few days .
hahaas .
even though there is access to internet .
but also having too much fun to reali blog .
but i will be blogging about things soon .
like things tat happen to miie recently .
days tat i shld have post but nothin was being post on tat day(s).
hahaas .
aniwae i have to go and do my cmsk le .
nid to hand in tmr .
haiz .
at the talk of homework made miie bored moody and sleepy too .
hahaas .
but in the end still have to complete it .
so better to do now den ltr .
hahaas .
oh and our class c199 has change CP le .
from Mr. Seah Boon Kiat to Mr. Teo Kong Lip Martin .
oh and i will be not in singapore during end of march .
has i will be going to hainan with tp .
as in my course de ppl .
but to wad i noe onli freshiie and maybe other ppl .
i dunno .
but wad we do there are like volunteering work .
the sound of that turn ppl off .
but it is counted as one cds .
so in order to take one cds off my shoulder .
i have decided to go .
and in the company of zoelyn .
so we will be giving martin the cheque tmr .
and have to fill in forms and etc .
oh and todae i bought a handbag cum sling bag .
and also crystals and thinking to put it somewhere .
but not yet decided yet .
so ya .
haiz .
now i think tat all le ba .
but tmr i will be buying the big bag i saw todae .
hahaas .
cos verii nice .
can be like school bag .
hahaas .
also can be like those travel bags .
so my mummy can use also .
like when she travel to someother places .
or when i go other ppl hse stay .
i can use this bag to put my thing .
it is quite big and verii cheap at tat rating .
hahaas .
aniway i am still enquiring on the transparent tote .
and i think i will be buying it .
hahaas .
i noe i spent a lot of $$ .
but i just like it .
and it has being a reali long time since i spent so much .
and other den tat i am also planning to buy a few books from kino .
and i somehow lend from pengpeng her mem card .
cos i wann to buy it cheap .
ya i noe just a few dollars or cents .
but you noe i nid to spent less save more .
so no choice must be a little more like auntie when comes to buying my stuffs .
i think todae post until here ba .
i also tired le .
wann go pompom den go do my cmsk le .
so tata .