Wednesday, April 29, 2009

am i pathetic or wad?

ok so i totally starting to regret le .
i cant dun talk to him .
i feel like i am dying in miie .
there is like this desire or smth .
there is like a kind of attraction .
attracting my hearts and my eyes towards him .
i feel uneasy when he is ard ..
i feel miserable when he is not ard .
i keep missing him .
and he like appearing in my mind a million times .
but wad else can i do ?
i noe i am pathetic .
so dun bother wad i sae .

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

secret BUSTED ?

jaer sae she noe who i like .
but hahaas .
i dun think so .
she thinks is ppl from "tat" group de .
hahaas .


yupx so she is finding the one i like .
i think she think i like the birthday boy .
but ....
dunno leii .
maybe i like him ?
hahaas .
who cares and who knows .

shld i or shld i not forget about him ?
haiz .
i keep asking my peeps ard miie .
but i just realise smth .
actually it isnt about shld i or not .
the reali problem is can i or not ?
i dun think i can .
but ......
hahaas .

all i can sae is JIAYOU ba .

Monday, April 27, 2009

one more cds ! pyscho .

lol .
todae damn HOT
was sweating like mad .
had a breakdown during WWNK lec .
i cried .
but secretly .
den is like i damn sianz .
but i got one more cds le .
introductory of pyschology .
i went before to its lec .
and ya pretty lame .
lol .

den this pic was taken before .
from far it is nice .
but look carefully i am damn ugly .
lol .

i reali like you .
but ....
i think you have others in mind .
so shld i give up not .

Sunday, April 26, 2009

confuse-d night .

just got back and might be going out again .
i have been like being verii moody recently .
so i shld post about smth happy .


ok maybe not .

ok this is depending to different ppl .
so i went out with weiqi and tim just now .
and she half way ps miie .
becos of her bf .
so left miie and tim .
and so we went over to pizza hut to mum mum .
den after tat we chat a bit and he walk miie home .
soooooo .
on the way home .
he ask miie if i noe he once like-d miie .
ok i noe awkard topic .
i was like errr .... er.....
i dunno .
den he sae he once like-d miie .
blah blah blah .
and he sae if i have ever like-d him .
and my ans was no .
den he sae if he ask miie now to be his stead would it be possible .
i was kinda stunned .
i didnt noe he would sae tat .
so i think he saw my expression and kinda sae he was jokin .
so we talked about other things .
den before i go up .
he kinda .......
like .....
kiss miie .
and after tat he left .
and funny thing is .
i lost his number .
and he didnt noe i change my number .
so now how ?
wad was the meaning of the kiss ?

i alreadiie have someone i like .
but yet he did this .
and why did he do it ?
i dun understand .

Saturday, April 25, 2009

trying to hang in there

todae is someone's birthday .
but this someone isnt happy .

but i still wann to use the last 3 mins left to sae

anyway finally gc is over .
the presentation is over .
and i did manicure todae .
super fun .
do with zo that is .

den we also ate lunch with calvin, jason and shuen bin .
miie and zo eat snackers .
damn cute and cheap and filling .
hahaas .
actually not verii filling .
sooo .

hate myself

i dunno why .
i cant stop hating myself .
hate the way i behave
hate the way i am
hate everything i am
hate the bitchy-ness in miie .
hate tat no one like miie
hate tat everyone hate miie
hate tat i am a jinx
hate tat i am alone
hate myself being emotional
hate myself tat i cant stop thinking about him
hate myself tat i am such a failure
hate myself for wanting to die
hate myself to cause trouble to others
hate myself for bothering other with my probs
hate myself for cryin for nothin
hate myself for cryin at everythin
hate myself tat i have to go through this
hate myself to death
hate myself for trusting other
hate myself for letting other hurt miie
hate myself for hurting myself
hate myself for ill-treating my friends
hate myself for taking everyhtin for granted
i just hate myself
there are more to list .
i hate myself
i hate myself


Thursday, April 23, 2009

bipolar disorder

todae i accompany peng and rol to their lec .
and guess wad .
i realise i have bipolar disorder .
hahaas .

and it is like when you have mood swing and such .
and recently i have been having mood swings .
cos i tend to be normal in sch ?
and become super emo at home .
and the next moment i am happy .
den followed by saddness .
so i think i am suffering from bipolar disorder .

this is the definition from wikipedia .
Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood clinically referred to as mania or, if milder, hypomania. Individuals who experience manic episodes also commonly experience depressive episodes or symptoms, or mixed episodes in which features of both mania and depression are present at the same time. These episodes are usually separated by periods of "normal" mood, but in some individuals, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling. Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. The disorder has been subdivided into bipolar I, bipolar II, cyclothymia, and other types, based on the nature and severity of mood episodes experienced; the range is often described as the bipolar spectrum.

so there you go .
hahaas .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mood swing is now my regular

i had a quite happy day todae .
got a little ps and happy that is .
but i have to tell carol sorriie .
i suddenly no mood to post pics and lazy to upload pics .
so maybe i will load tmr .

and i am going to finish my post with this .
todae is the first time he talk to miie on msn .
as in he came and talk to miie .
this is the FIRST after i told him i like him .
hahaas .
but ....
i was watching akai ito and i missed his message .
and he went offline le .
soooo disappointed .
dun wann him to misunderstand .
but ....
haiz .
so now mood changes .
i am now sad and gloomy .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

mood swing is coming back to visit ~

todae was a not bad day .
but am feeling a bit down now .
cos i realise everything comes with a price .
and wadever you do you will have a price to pay .
no matter in future or now .
sudden change of mood .

mood swing on the way .

bored !

Monday, April 20, 2009

otaku = to have lots of $$ ?

haiz .
i reali reali need save tons and tons of $$ le .
so many things need to use $$ .
and that is what i dun have now .
so many thing i wann .
yet nothin i can do .
in need of $$
have to start acting like zizi .
be an otaku .
and start saving like shit .

First day of school

todae is the first day of sch .
meaning sch had reopened !
haiz .
now having MDBS lesson .
this is reali killing miie .
i shld die on the spot .
plus i was late becos of the stupiid bus .
in the end i still took a cab .
haiz .
wasted $$ again .
how am i going to save $$ this way leii ?
so sianz sianz sianz sianz .

oh MDBS is mobile database system .
i think is like FNDB ba ?
dun think this is programming lesson .
cos it is more base on words and paragraphs of words .
not codes like in OOPG .

ok gtg before the teacher catches miie .
hehees .

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my name is Matsuo Aki

ok so i was verii boring i admit .
so i was watching vids and listening to music .
den i cameby this webby is about generating yr jap name .
and my result is ....
my name is 松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 秋 Aki (autumn)
this is wad it is .
and mean .
soooo .....
i also dunno it is just verii random .
give it a try ?

click here ba

the link above is the webby .
give it a try ba .

sleepless nights

cant slp .
dunno why .
so i decided to blog AGAIN .
hahaas .
cos i kinda blog the fourth time .
if the clock is still before 12 that is .
but so now is todae ,
den ytd i posted THREE times .
hahaas .
and plenty of pics were beign uploaded .
oh and i am showing you all this pic .
it is done by a friend? in soompi .
i love the eye colour .

comments ?
just tag miie or anything .

Friday, April 17, 2009

trip to tampines 1(food review) manpuku

ok so todae we went to tampines 1 .
we included miie, zizi, jieyu and danny .
hahaas .
i think i spell it right ba .
so we went to this jap restuarant in tampines 1 .
this is the inside of manpuku
the Ambience there is super nice .
it is just like you were there .
and you just dun feel like you are in tampines that is .
i ordered this strawberry soda .
and to my suprise they use 7-up as their soda .
sooooo .......
counted ?
anything will do ba ?
so i have no comment on that .
the tamago sushi danny ordered for zizi .
didnt eat it but zizi seem to enjoy .
so it shld be nice ba .
this is my favourtie .
thanks to danny he ordered this for miie and jieyu .
they are totally fresh and super Q .
when you chew you can feel the meat like bounce off .
maybe too over .
but they are just sooooo delicious .
if you are a salmon lover like miie .
you can have a try .
danny ordered this udon .
the noodles looks sooooo Q .
but one bad point at manpuku is that they do not have soba .
cha soba is sooooo nice but they dun have it .
pity .
fried squid is not bad .
cos it is not difficult to chew on .
and is not too salty .
the outer layer is crunchy and tasty too .
this is the futo maki and tamago sushi .
the futo maki looks a bit plain by sight .
but i think it taste quite well ba .
as wad danny sae .
they might be pre-made .
the seaweed itself has soften and has lost the crunchy-ness .
so reconsider before ordering this .
grilled squid .
taste best went serve hot .
so if you order it .
eat it before it turns cold .
spinach & bacon omu curry .
this is wad jieyu ordered .
this omu curry is damn nice and is at a verii reasonable price .
it is delicious and filling too .
this plate cost SGD9.80.
it is yummy and the curry itself is not spicy yet verii fragrance .
zizi had prawn omu curry .
not verii good i think .
cos she found egg shell and prawn shell in it .
so might not be the best ?
anyway i dun take prawn so cant give much opinion on this .
might be biased in some way .
hahaaas .
oh just for people who wanns to know .
this cost SGD10.80
lastly i ordered kani stick omu curry .
yes it taste super nice .
i clear the whole plate clean as can be .
hahaas .
like i said earlier the curry is verii fragrance and delicious .
so this is wad i recommend for today .
will visit them soon and review on more of its food .
follow by i will go and try the quality of the sushi tei at tampines 1 .
compared it with the one at vivo and raffles city .
so keep a lookout for updates ba .

things i bought (inedible)

these are roughly wad i bought .
inedible that is .
edible de still got lots more .
so maybe will go take them tmr or so .
now i need to pack the things back into my closet and etc .
haiz .

my childhood

oh my G .
this is miie and there is no doubt .
at first i thought it was cute though .
or maybe not .
hahaas .
things has happen quite a bit ard miie .
still tryin to get everything right into place .
and i have just uploaded all the pics into my com .
and tried to get from all the others from them .
will be uploading them bit by bit .
not all at one shot .
if all at one i shot i will die .
hahaas .
anyway i shall post about the day we went back to school and all .

i kinda play with the bear for a while .
and is peng peng de .
super duper cute .
hahaas .
den is like we also gave them their present .
as in the t-shirt we bought for them .
hahaas .
will post the pics tgt with the things i bought .
most probably later or tmr .
cos i just took them .
and is like i think 30 pics or so ,
so time is needed .