Sunday, August 30, 2009

mad dead and tired .

ok so i had my chalet .
and one thing that reali piss miie off .

i didnt get to take any pics during chalet .
sooooo this is LAME !

haiz .
soooo reali nothin much to post .
but all i can say is that HB reali moved miie .

so thanks to you girls !
next sem i will reali miss you guys .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

birthday wishes and stupiid carol

ok all i can say is

ok ok i know i am evil .
i didnt denied it .

hahahas .
anyway just when it strike 12am ytd night .
i received a sms from HO CAROL
and it goes like this :
Aww, my beloved darling had turned 18, sweet 18.
^^ you know something?
I'm actually very touched with the fact that you always turn to me whenever you had problems,
be it family or relationship,
even though you know that i'm not good in giving people useful and mature advice.
But, trust me. i can be a good listener, anytime, anywhere.
Remember, im always a call away.
I'll alwaysbe there for you:)
Afterall, we've been friends for 1 year, 4 months,7days and 9 hours. :)
Although i always piss you off, but i don't mean it.
Really, i don't.
But it's amazing isn't it?
How friends for that period of time can develop such a strong friendship bond.
It's a special kind of friendship that i didn't experience before in my entire life.
Thank you for being my friend:)

ok so of these above is her message .
and she bloody make miie cry on my bdae .
see how stupiid she is .
but all i can say is
rol thanks .
that is verii sweet of you .
i am reali verii touched by it .
love you and HB forever .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

forever my little secret

i can onli say .
i have a secret .

and that this is smth i kept from everyone .

everyone knows that i love him .
everyone knows that i would wann to get back with him .

but ....
those arent things that will happen any more .

i wann to wish him .

happy birthday boy .

Monday, August 24, 2009


i am sooooooo fucking pissed off by my parents !
FIRST they wann to make a decision for the buffet dishes .

den after i make out the dishes .
they keep fucking complaining !

den is like wWAD THE FUCK LA !


damn fucking pissed .
those things i ordered are things that people eat one la


Sunday, August 23, 2009

DSAG main paper

ok i suppose to feel damn stress .
cos i cant fail this sub .
but ....
i dun feel any stress .
and i onli revised half .
and i must say half meaning the ones not in term test .
mainly BST, Stack and half Queue .
tat is wad i have study on .
i shld soooo panic now .
but .
i still feel quite relaxed .

anyway i will revised a bit more tmr.
and maybe reach school abit eariler or so ba .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

chiong chiong chiong !

now reali must chiong for my main papers le .
now den start to study !
i feel like crap now .

plus i just got back home .
went to katong village to eat the korean buffet .
will upload pics after my exams ba .

but i can recommend meat eaters to go .
cause the food percentage is like 80% meat .
chicken pork beef and even lamb .
so yes they are nice .

i enjoyed lunch today .
but once in a while should be alright de .
cause i can onli verii oily .

ok got to go chiong for WWNK le .
later must check seat no and location .

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

late nights, dark thoughts

recently i have been slping at a verii late hours .
simply the time that i dun slp normally .

and i realise the later i slp .
some weird and evil or shld i sae dark .
different kinds of thoughts will occur to miie .

i think i am turning rather weird .
or maybe i just think toooo much .

ok let miie make an example .
ytd after i wrote that song lyrics .
i feel so sad .
and when i look out my kitchen window .
i was thinkin if i could jump off the building .
it will be so fun .
like i could feel the sensation of falling .

and if i can understand the feeling .
i could write out something better .

but someone face appear in my mind .
and i forget about this thought .

not going to say who ..
but in my mind the person made miie so happy .
that i was standing there smiling .

after that it was like...
i had never slept for a thousands years .
cause my eyes felt soooooo heavy .
and the instance i lie on my bed .
i fell asleep .
no turning here and there .

and when i woke up today .
my mummy tells miie i was smiling in my sleep .

how creepy is that .
so i think i will be going off to bed le .
night people .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

feeling so numb

i wrote a somehow song lyrics .
but the tune .....
is rather anyhow de .
never record .
because i just wrote it .
and time check now is 2:09 am .
hahaas .

song title: feeling so numb

my heart is slowly not feeling anything .
i dunno wad is wrong with miie .
i am all speechless now .

all i could say was .
my feelings comes and goes .
i try to keep in control
but i always loses control .

i dun understand what is wrong .
something is so wrong about miie .
so wrong .

i am feeling so numb now .
numb and tired .
what have i done again .
why do i deserve this .

This behaviour cannort be stop .
it just feel so right to miie .
to love someone or not love them .

even people tell you i'm bad .
but they dun understand miie .
that is what you alwaes tell miie .

i cried in the night .
but do you know ?
did you try to understand why ?

i am feeling so numb now .
numb and tired .
what have i done again .
why do i deserve this .

feeling so so numb .
why am i crying again .
when will all this end ?

i am feeling so numb .
did you try to understand ?
i think not .


that is it .
i know it might suck a bit here and there .
but i dun care .
this is my work .
hahaas .

so this work is copyrighted by missyhuihui Vanessa Lee Qian Hui .

hahaas .

Sunday, August 16, 2009

upcoming ! EXAMS .

ok so this coming friday will be the main paper for WWNK .
den followed by the next following monday OPSY .
den lastly wednesday DSAG .

so that is about it .
but i am not stressing out .... YET .
sooooooo ........
now i have to reali study .
cos not failing is reali a difficult thing .

i have to get myself to move on to 2.2
and of cos without staying back for any subs .
soooooo .

ohoh !
will be going for the next monday revision lec for DSAG .
hahaas .

suprise to hear miie
going for a revision lecture ?

hahaas .
yes, i am going to study .


Friday, August 14, 2009


today went to watch UP at THE CATHAY .
haiz .
quite disappointed .
even though the show is nice .
but i expect somthing 3D in the movie .
the 3D effect is nothin .
you will just feel like as if you were watching 2D .
so wad is the different leii .
haiz .
anyway went to bugis after that to shop .
actually is i wann shop for newbie shirts .
so yes we went to buy .
onli i bought of cos .
and so i bought 3 shirts .
and reserved two hoodiies .
hahaas .
the hoodiie is one for miie and one for supeng .
hahaas .

and i have to say .
the hoodiie is reali damn damn nice .
hahaas .
so we decided to get them .
i have paid for the deposit le .
so just need to wait for us to get enough money to buy them .
we told the shop esti. will get them around sept .
which gives miie about one month to save up .
and for rol's bdae too .
hahaas .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

study week

study is starting .
basically it start tmr .

and i will be watching UP 3D tmr .
will be watching it at THE CATHAY i think ?

i dun feel like going to school .
sooooo .
might be meeting them there ,
haiz .

tmr dress nice nice .
and aiming to take tons of pics .

and as for later ,
class is going end at 5 .
den will be meeting mummy to go mummum .
but still haven decide wad to mum yet .
hope it is something good .
hahaas .

exam coming !
JIAYOU to everyone .
and also to myself

Monday, August 10, 2009

tired and i have lost

things are going bad to worst .
first the feelings fell out .

second i hate my family .

third i changing classes .

fourth i am losing everything i have .

so i dunno wad i have left .
i am so tired .

Sunday, August 9, 2009


hereby i wish singapore a happy 44th birthday .
and so singapore grows a year older .
and so am i .
will be watching for the fireworks later .

and also there will pledge reciting at 8:22pm .
i am so gonna do it .
hahaas .

ok going to play games le .
bye people
enjoy your holiday .

crazy bitch

i just can onli say .
i admit that i am a bitch to some people .
but ...

i just cant help it .
wad else can i do?

i just dun have feeling for you anymore .

and i dunno how to let out the news .
what to do .
so i run away .
keep the distance .

Friday, August 7, 2009

i am lost so is my feeling

cant feel my heart now .
dunno why .

feel like i am such a failure leii
haiz .
no choice .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

presentation week coming to an end

ok so cmsk is down
and so is wwnk.

so was presentation i have onli psyco, jap and MDBS left.
and still tons of things to be done by next week .
or i shld say mostly to be done by this week .

i can onli say this week is reali havoc and it is coming to an end .
and i hope and pray that next week will be a better week .

next week everyday de study time in school is being extended .
next week there will be no early going home .
because it is revision week
and HB has decided to go to all revision lec i think .
but for all i care .
i am going for wwnk and oopg .
as for dsag .....
i still not sure yet
but i was thinkin wad about mdbs .
i wonder if they wann go for that .
but for miie i will be anything .
cause i wann pass this sem .
hahaas .

ok i shall end here .
have to faster finish wwnk report to hand in .
will try to post tmr abt my presentation and etc .
if i rmb that is .
woohoo .

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

presentation week

ok so i am going to have my cmsk presentation tmr .
den follow by wwnk on thursday .
but for wwnk is more of just setting up the things .
den on friday i will have two presentation .
one is the psyco .
the other will be the jap role play .
BUT !!!!
i haven been able to memorise all .
howhow ?

ok den after that next tuesday MDBS presentation .

so now the to-do list .
1. do wwnk phase two before thursday .
2. do MDBS before next tuesday .
3. memories the script for jap by friday .
4. do all psyco quizzes by this sunday .
5. check if all subject survey has been done .
6. go revision lecs
7. study for incoming main papers

ok that is about all .
so i will be verii busy .
cant expect miie to post .
but i will try .
and it is onli if i rmb and there is smth to post abt .
if not a title for the post is verii difficult to think of .

i think of you at night .
but you dont seem to know .
everytime i think about you .
a smile will appear on my face .
wad can i do to let you know how i feel .

the fear of rejections
comes over miie .
i fear of it as like i fear of the dark .

Saturday, August 1, 2009

laziness do kills .

ok i know i have been not reguarly blogging .
but i have just realise my laziness is reali killing miie .

what if i die of laziness ?
i know it is a dumb question .
but it is still a possibility .
so whatever .

anyway i have been lazy at almost everything .

and now my heart is lost .
it is all becos of miie .
stupiid miie .
i have a change of heart again and again .
when den can i change to be a more normal girl ?

like i have said .
settling down have no connections with miie .
so never ever thinks of going out with good boys .
cos all gd boys wann is forever .
they think you can change in future .
they even think they can make you change .

cos yr love for them is so great that there is no way you cant change for them .

so in conclusion i have to find someone bad .