Tuesday, September 29, 2009

training ?

todae kelvin will train miie and other girl from work .
but ...
wad the training is about i am not so sure le .

anyway ytd for the first time i work til 1030 .
hahaas .
and it is like help to close the shop .
etc etc .

and also saw some things !
but i cant say .
soooo .
haiz .
anyway realise that actually .
they have a changing room there .
so i think next time no need go toilet change le .
can go there change .

got to go check iris .
den after that need go take bus to work le .

Sunday, September 27, 2009

workin week

next week will be workin non stop .
will be workin from monday to sunday .
but will off on wed .
workin just like a full time .
except i dun work full shift for almost everyday .

that is the onli different .
haiz .
dunno shld be happy or not ?
shld i hold expectation ?????
i dunno .
cos i dun reali know wad he is thinkin ,
i need to know .
haiz .

Saturday, September 26, 2009


this weekends will be spenting it over at my cousin hse .
attempted curling my hair todae at home .
but i think hair mousse is needed .

as .... my hair might be tooo 'fine' .
not shitty and dry enough to keep the curls to stay long enough .
sooooo ,
no comments .
anyway bought my hoodiie ,
posting pics of it soon .

not been taking pics recently because !!!!!!
i cut my fringe and the stupiid person layered it !!!!!
and one more secret it is like bangs type la !
how can layered !
stupiid girl !
argh .

ok so i am like not taking pics of myself .
and now i am like shit !
when is he going to even ask miie out ,
or even just tell miie he wann to be with miie .

i need a man with more guts den tat .
or i can just say the guts he's having now is not within my expectation .

ok gotta blog til here le .
maybe tmr reach home den post ?
will attempt to curl my hair again .

Friday, September 25, 2009

toto's jackpot

todae's toto is like dunno $1000 000 or $100 000 000
soooooo .
i am going to buy toto todae .
not revealing wad number .
hahaas .

ok anyway .
later will go down tampines buy the hair curler
and cheryl's wallet .
den after if possible i wann come back home .
as in put all the things ma .
den after that i will go down to bugis .
to buy my newbie hoodie .

but i dunno if i can get it not ?
haiz .
but i reali love it .
hahaas .
ok anyway will be going down .
den maybe straight go work from there .
cos todae work from 4-10 .

den after must check next week schedule
hopefully can know by tonight .
hahaas .
den is like i am so tired .
maybe will bring the DVD go uncle's hse to watch .
while i babysit them .
two days out .

will post if i have the mood .
cos babysitting is verii tiring .
plus one is verii naughty .
the other ....
ok ok la .
but is at a rebellious age .
so i have to chat with her a bit .
hahaas .

opps look at the time .
it is 10 45 le .
need go pompom le .

ciao people ,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$$ - outing time = workin

hahaas .
the above title is wad i think la .
you earn the money .
but you dun have enough outing time .
because you are working .
right ?

haven been blogging .
like amybe two days ?
u dunno la .
so i thought i shld just post smth before i go to work .
anyway tonight will be going to have a drink with zizi .
after work that is .

she will be coming down to find miie .
and den pass miie her hair curler .
wahahahahah .

den maybe thurs morning i will try it .
after that go to work with either good or bad curly hair .
hahahaha .

ok so that is abt it le .
still managing my INQ mini .
not good too use at all .
the application keep having connection problems .

so i gtg le .
ciao people .

PS .

Monday, September 21, 2009

spenting tons of $$ this week

going to buy the newbie hoodie this thurs or fri .
meeting peng dunno which day yet .
waiting for her reply .
but sadly she didnt reply miie and yet again .
soooo .....

haiz .
all i can do is wait .
and maybe curse and swear a little bit .
hahaas . no la .

anyway will be starting to use INQ tmr .
hahaas .
so i will be tweeting more frequently .
and maybe blog a little here and there .
hahaas .

den will be online but not definitely reply .
cos i might be workin .
hahaas .

so chat with miie whenever you wann .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

singtel INQ .

i just got my INQ todae .
it is the first social phone in singapore .
meaning it is like black berry and such phones .

but .....
i am paying less than those users .
i just pay my usual bill but i get the service .
i get to browse webs and IM .
tweets, dl music from AMPed and FB !

hahaas .
so kinda playing around with it .
suppose to use finish the battery den charge it for like 8 hours .
but now my probs is that the battery is not running out at all .
and it isnt even close to running out .
argh !
so i have been playing its music player .
and taking tons of pics with the cam ,

btw the cam is onli 2megapixel .
so not as good .
but is alright .
cos i alreadiie got a digi cam .
hahaas .

anyway so now INQ is in my gadgets family le .
hahaas .
welcome .
presenting INQ .

and welcome to the big family .

ok .
maybe not so big .
hahaas .
ciao people !

Saturday, September 19, 2009

single life

i am fine being single .

but i also fine with being attached .
is onli i think for both they will have different probs .

like now .
i am single .
but there are a few guys that wants to be with miie .
or have fallen for miie .
but the probs is .
i do not wann to be tgt with them .
yes i do love them .
as a friend of cos .
but i think they have misunderstands it .

and i hate the part for explaining .
so .......

anyway .
den if i am attached .
i just tends to lose feelings for the other one .
den eventually i like someone else .
and etcetc .

so now i need a fake bf .
who isnt bad looking .
and is able to help miie to get rid of the suitors de .
this way i wont have any of the probs above .

but now i have a HUGE prob .
which is who can i find to be this candidate ?
i cant find close relatives .
because they will let my family know .
and that is just toooo complicating and irritatin .

i cant find godbrother .
because i scare they think tooo much ,
and etc probs will come along .

i cant find ex-s .
too many misunderstanding .
and need to give reasons .......

so actually i was wondering .
if i can get my friends friend to help .
so i am asking mx de friend .
but the prob now is i do not have the phone number .
so i ask from her .
and just so nice, she lost his number .

lol .
so i ask his number from another guy .
den wad bad is that he didnt reply miie .
so how great can this be .
and if he can help miie .
den i shall be relieved from all this misery .
woooohooooo .

so keep my fingers crossed that he can help miie ~!
hopefully la !
reali hope he can .
if not i have to just pick a guy on the street to help .
how sad is that .
haiz .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

tired but still have to work

i am still verii tired .
luckily pipi change shift with miie .
as in replace miie .
and took my morning shift .
if not i will be reali late for work todae .
anyway i have to go and bathe le .
if not i will also be late the the night shift .

ciao people

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

off days .

am at home .
trying my best to be as otaku as possible .

so i am watching show from morning to night .
went out in the evening to 511 .
meet zizi at YY .
borrowed a few comics .

ate minced meat noodles at 511 .
den walk back and forth between home and YY .
cos kept forgetting this and that .

hahaas .
den laugh our way to 85 .
just sharing some of our happenings recently .
bought red tea .
walk her to the bus stop .
within minutes her bus came .
and i went home .

continue to watch criminal minds .
LOVED the show !

might be going to shop with zizi tmr .
depending ...
but is shop for her stuff .

i am verii poor now .
tons of things that needs tons of money .
mostly things that i reali wann .
but waiting for people to save up .
or haven had the time to travel down to buy them .
or maybe just cant find people to acc miie to buy .

also toooo busy at work .
gonna work on wed to sat for full days .
so maybe the next few posts will be all complaining abt work .
like how tired it is .
or which part of my body is aching like mad .
or wadever customer sucks and etc etc .
wadever i can complain abt .
or !
i will not even post .
reason being ...
i might be dead beat to even touch my com .

so i will try to remind myself .
to drag my lazy ass to post .

Friday, September 11, 2009

work work work work work

have been working for the past few days except tuesday .

and i am sooooo freaking tired .
plus my leg ache like mad shit .
and there is nothin else anyone can do abt it .
argh !

this is soooo irritating .
anyway i have to leave house at 1030 .
so i got to bathe now and maybe post tmr .

shall keep this blog as most up-to-date as possible .
but it will be pretty boring .
as i will be working and such .

so not much of excitement .
if you guys love jap cuisine .
den come down to liang court .
it is at level one just directly at the entrance .

you can take 32 from bedok interchange and drop infront of liang court .
but you will den have to walk in and walk til the end and turn left .
the shop name is tampopo .

the food is great and all .
but i recommend you bring yr parents and such with you .
cause the price is actually a bit expensive for the sides dishes .
as for the sets it is much worth it .

try their ramen it is nice .
also try their fried rice .

ok reali got to go le
so ciao people !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

packed schedule !

todae i got a medi pedi session appt at 12 .
den after that i will be coming home here .
to get my fringe cut .

den i will be going home .
bathe and change .
and get ready to go work .
but before going work .
i will be going to parkway .

i need to get the shirt !
den after that i will straight go work from parkway .

which i want to mention .
i totally agree with TAN SU PENG !

iris journey planner totally rocks !
hahaas .
now i understand why she loves sbs iris soooo much .
hahaas .

oh btw todae the main exam result will be out .
hopefully .
dunno why .
not nervous at all .
haiz .
maybe i alreadiie face the facts ?
but i think i will get verii excited if i passed all subs .
hahaas .

ciao people ~!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

second day of work

ok so i will be going for work le .
haiz .
first need to remove the nail .

den after that need go eat my dinner cum lunch .
take bus to work .

den work til 10pm .
after that maybe will go drink with zizi and her colleages .
not confirm yet .

waiting for zizi to confirm with miie ,
damn it .

so tired !
dun feel like working
argh !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first day of work

todae is the first day of my work .
and i just reach home .

super tired now .
my leg is aching like mad .
and so is my back .

why must working be so tough .
haiz .

have tried the dodo club de concealer le .
i think it isnt gd enough for those who have verii dark circles .

cos for mine they cover up just fine .
but due to wad my friend say .
my dark circle arent that serious .

anyway i went down on sunday to buy the summer BB cream .
but the people scam my $$
cos when i go down they alreadiie close le .
as in they kept their stand le .
lame right !

den i went to sing k with zi zi after that .
sing until 2 plus den cab home .
reach home at 3 .
den collapse on the bed .

it is what i am going to do after i post finish this .

Saturday, September 5, 2009


ok so i went to bugis with zizi recently .
and there was this cosmetic roadshow there .
and i bought the mag there and a concealer .

the concealer i bought was from dodo japan .
or also known as dodo club .
and yes there is a 'stand' in the roadshow for dodo japan .
there are also other brands there .

the concealer i bought was for dark circle .
they onli has one tone .
that means no tone of selection for different skin tone is available .
but for miie it work just ok .
not tooo light .

the mag is called my TLB .

it is a fashion mag ,
it includes all kind of new accessories .
they also have information on makeups and different brands and products of cosmetics .
also hair products like sexy girl which you can purchase them from sasa .
in this sept issue there is a few section that teaches you DIY lymphatic massage .
how to deal with zits and etc .
to know more you can go down to the roadshow to purchase the book now at $6 .
the roadshow will be until tmr .
and if you still would like to purchase it after the roadshow .
it will be 2 mth 1 issue .
and you can purchase them at all bookstore like kinokuniya and etc .
but if you purchase at the roadshow freebiie will be given .

on that day i bought the mag and got a free demo of nails .
but just in case you all misunderstood .
the nail demo is an acrylic overlay with 3D flower .
oh and is onli 1 nail .

hahaas .
and if you are interested in learning
you can go ahead and ask .
as THE PINKROOM is a school where you get get a diploma cert to be a manicurist .

so do go down and take a look .
you might spot one or two things you are interested in .
anyway there is this stand where they sell summer BBcream ,
is specially for tropical country like singapore de .
i can say it is pretty good .
so i place a reservation .
so i will be going down tmr night to make my purchase .
hahas .
now they have an offer which is 2 for $80 .
whereas 1 for $45 .
so why not buy two .
they have 3 types .
summer luminiser
summer teen BB
summer trio BB
so you can mix and match to make yr purchase of two .

ok so some people might not know wad a summer BB cream is .
so i am going to explain .

a summer BB cream is a blemish balm which acts like a make-up base foundation,
concealer, sun screen(which give protection from the sun rays) and ....
something that i forgot .
hahaas .
but all of this is no harm but to protect our skin .

so i am going to say again .
just go down and learn more abt the product
and if you like them .
just make a purchase .

Friday, September 4, 2009

job interview

i am going over to tampopo to interview .
i need a job .
spending too much recently

argh !
need more money to spend .
hahaas .
anyway still cant upload pics .
so not able to update .
will update asap .

anyway the myTLB .
booth is until this sunday .
so people who wann to buy know mjore about various brand of cosmetics .
can go take and take a look .

i can say you will wann to buy almost everything there .
hahaas .
i am serious though .

ok off to meet zozo le .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

to be contiuned !

ok so i will be blogging later .
becos blogger is not letting miie to upload pics like ...

anyway i will be blogging with pics about my day .
and some other things that come to my mind .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

salmon day

hahaas .
today is carol de birthday .

so we went to celebrate with her .
and we watch The Proposal .

this is is a 4.5/5 movie .
super funny !
almost laugh through the whole movie .

den before that we went to phil's steak house to eat .
but .....
not say verii nice .
but still edible .
hahaas .

den after that peng went to mac buy shaker fries .
but zo and i went over to buy sushi .
i bought lots of salmon sushi .
hahaas .

but they onli cost miie $10.8 .
i think is about 5 packets of salmon nigiri sushi .
1 salmon handroll .
and the other 2 paacket i dunno their name .
hahaas .
but also salmon .

so actually quite cheap .
compared to ytd tampopo de .
tampopo is nicer .
those are high class salmon belly leii .
hahaas .

den went over to sunplaza park to eat and talk .
hahaas .
in conclusion HB know each other quite well .
i think next sem i will reali miss their laughter .
lol .

anyway i bought 3 hairbands todae .
and two of them look almost identical .
hahaas .
but they onli cost $1.9 so i find it ok .
hahaas .
anyway i bought them from century montip .
hahaas .

tmr will be going to bugis with zizi .
cos i need to shop for bags and clothings .
hahaas .
den after tat maybe will go 511 eat dinner .
find comic books to rent .
hahaas .

going to watch movie now .
sooooooo .
good night people .

busy busy week

didnt had much chance to post for the past few days .
but now i am free .
i dunno where to start posting about .

but this week will be a busy week .
today there is rol's bdae celebration .
den followed by tmr .
i going shopping with zizi .

den after that thursday will be going over to 511.
den friday must stay at home and wait for package .
saturday shld be no activity .
sunday need go out to pray my great grandma .

i shall post next week schedule when i know it .
shld not be as busy as this week .
hahaas .