Friday, October 30, 2009

insonmia + sick

i dunno why .
cant slp .
and look at the time now .

got feedback abt my jap post .
saying it is verii troublesome .
hahas .
so i think english is still the preferred lang .
hahaas .

anyway if it is jap .
maybe onli zizi will understand ba .

now i just feel so sianz .

i miss him .
what can i do ?

tmr gonna spent like a tons of $$ .
haiz .
sianz .

hope this time i can get my pay .
if not chop off my head le la .

den tmr maybe will wait for the masks to come .
after that prepare go bugis .
take the shirts .
den go to work .

after that work .
will try to give him the shirt .
hope pray and wish he will accept it .

haiz .
please please accept the shirts .
please please dun reject miie .
please please listen to this .
please please answer to this .
please please please .

ok it sound less like praying .
but ....
i reali reali pray and hope and wish .
made my wishes come true please .

may i be blessed .
ok .
i am starting to yawn le .
good sign .
meaning i am getting tired le .

so will go to bed soon .
setting my alarm at i think 10 in the morning .

Thursday, October 29, 2009








Tuesday, October 27, 2009



分からない場合は、音が変 ?





freedom ~

todae is the first day of freedom .
later during break will go do nails .

den after that attend SSSD .
6pm will den go zizi hse .
order pizza and mummum .

but i feel so tired and shag leii .
cos you know why ?
cos ytd cried like shit .

cried my guts and heart out .
cried out loud .
now my eyes feel so swollen .

tired like mad .
haiz .
read so many things .
and given myself so much hope .
hoping he will accept miie .
but wad else can i do now .
other den wait for him to realise ?

but i can onli sae .
he thinks that if we are tgt .
and if things doesnt work out .
i will do smth stupiid .
hahaas .

maybe i might .
hahaas .
who knows .
but i think if i reali love him deep enough .
the things he worried abt might come true .

but if i dun love him that much as i think .
den i am afraid the one who will get hurt might not be miie .

so wad shld i do .
anyway this friday i will still insist in going to buy the shirt .

no matter he is taking it or not .
i will just get it

DUNCARE !!!!!!

cried and cried

i cried my guts out .
no one heard miie cried out loud .
no one can understand .

how i feel .
tortured .
confuse .

haiz .

Monday, October 26, 2009

home alone in action.

hahaas .
will be acting out home alone .
cos daddy mummy going oversea tonight .

9 days of freedom .
until next wed .

den now i still doing the stupiid user guide .
so damn irritating la .

wann the teacher to delay the hand in time date .
but he dun let .
how ??????

user guide due-d

today by 6 there is a lab work due-d .
and it is a sample of our assignment .

so wad i have to do is to write a user guide .
and i decide to write a user guide about blogger .

but one verii bad thing is i dunno how ,
no template etc etc .
so i dunno how to do .

den i got nothin i can say .
need start doing now .

i have to complete smth everyone else have 3 days to do .
but i onli have 4 hrs .

so jiayou jiayou !!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

first week of school

todae is the last day for my first week of school .
and we alreadiie have tons of assignments, reports .

so is like the first got 7 weeks .
and i reali reali have to stop skipping classes .
skipp-ed todae class halfway .
didnt get my mc in time ,

so dunno wad i will be doing .
soooo .

anyway have to say i reali verii tired .
and excited cos tmr workin .

dunno wad will happen .
and i will be changing my skin again .
cos realise my skins is like rol's .

so wann to change .
i need new base codes la .
give miie non original de basecode !
damn it .

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

third day of school

todae is the 3rd day of school .
bad to worse to worst .

cos ytd nvr go lesson .
den today come den i realise .
i will be seeing one teacher for like 14 hrs a week .

out of 23 hrs of lesson .
i will be seeing him for the 14 hrs .
plus out of the 23 hrs .
5 hrs is lec .
which mean i can dun go .
up to my mood .
so shld be counted as 18hrs of complusory studies .
so it will be 14/18 .

it is like verii bad la .
it is like in my first term .
i have to spent like more than 3/4 of my sch hrs with this teacher .
how good is this ?

so all i can say it was good that i nvr come ytd .
cos if not he will know i wann skip his class .

hahaas .
so now no choice have to come everyday .
except for lec .
given if i am not tired and good in mood .

so abt there le .
need to post off le .
if not he will say i keep using the com .
on non studying material etc etc ....

ciao people ,
love you guys .
counting down 2 more days to work .
woooohoooo .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

second day of school

i skip-ed sch today .
actually planned to go for the 3pm lesson de .
but after that ....
started feeling moody or put it this way moodless .

so i skip-ed sch todae .
hahahas .

and den when i was watching my show .
i realise p visited .
so understood why so moody .

den trying to not feel so moody .
but was tryin to find the little thing to transfer game .
cant rmb where i put it .
so now cannort find it .

verii easily got irritated .
haiz .
now still lookin for it .

but a bit give up le .
hopefully it will be found some whr .

anyway change a new blogskin .
i still find the color combiie a bit weird .
so still lookin for a better background .

Monday, October 19, 2009

first day of school

today is the first day of school ,
is like i totally suffer from insomnia ,
it is such a torture .

i came to school early ,
and sat in the LT with rol .
talk a bit and etc etc .

den after that attended EBM de lec .
super ultra boring !
den thought got lab but in the end no lab .

soooooooo .
i went to buy food for mummy ,
den after that went home .
finish watching criminal minds season 5 episode 4 .

den after that i went to divine nail .
got an express medicure .
praying hard my manager wont realise this fri .

still thinking and missing him like mad .
hope he is ok .
hope he will be with miie .

love him like crazy .
and i wann him to love miie too ,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

tormented & depressed

i dunno why .
just cant help myself .
obessed with you .
but there is nothin i can do to make this feeling go away .

dont wish to trouble you .
but i still send you the sms .
i think i am just pure evil .

and now i am being tortured by my sins .
knowin you cant give miie any answer .
i told you that it was not needed to give miie an answer .
but i lied !

i reali wann the answer from you .
but like they say .
your reaction is slower den others .
plus i didnt ask an answer from you .
so somehow ....
it came by that i wont be gettin the answer i need to hear ,

need to protect myself from you .
from the hurtful answer that you will be giving miie .
maybe now like this is the best way ?

i wonder how it will be next fri ?
will i still face you with a different emotion ?
or will this feeling still linger ?

i dunno and cannort guarantee .
dont wann any regrets .
so i hope you can forgive miie .
cos i am so selfish .

i onli think of myself .
maybe i am just not good enough for you ba .
6 days .
you left miie alone for 6 days of agony .
now in return .
i gave you a confession .
and same thing .
i gave you 6 days too .
these 6 days i dunno wad will happen .

will you avoid miie next fri ?
i also dunno .
but i hope not .

maybe even if we cannort be tgt .
we can be friends right .

even thinkin of it makes my hearts aches .
it aches because it means to a ending of smth possible ?
i dunno .

feelin so tortured, confused and depress .
wad else can i say more to let you know abt how i feel .

will you ever feel the same way for miie as i have for you ?
this is a unknown answer .
also the answer that i dun reali have the courage to face .

so please let this 6 days pass soon .
and i hope the agony can stop .
hopefully i can move on fast if a rejection is cast .

but alwaes hope for the best right ?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

sick + love sick .

i think i am coming down with serious cold and slight fever .
but later on still got work at 4 .
haiz .

have to go .
cos tmr will be the last day i see him .
before sch reopen that is .

den after sch reopen .
i will be onli workin on weekends .
and hopefully can see him .

he cut his hair after he came back from malaysia .
and he is like cuter den before la .
plus start to show a little charm here and there .
making my world spin like crazy .

so maybe i am sick because of love .
love the way he talk to miie .
and the way he look at miie .
the way we both look at each other .

i am going crazy le la
anyway todae rol came to eat .
and she took a shot of miie and him tgt !!!!!
TGT !!!!

hahaas .
driving miie crazy .
he was a bit concern when he know i was sick .
but i dun wann him to be worried .
so i told him i wasnt .

haiz .
i am turning to be so shy .
haiz .

anyway i going to shower
after that going to look for flu medi .
den maybe will go straight to bed after eating medi .

so people good night .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


haven release the time table yet .
so irritating leii .
tmr totally no time to check la .
argh !

den is like i wann know next sem the schedule if it is packed or not .
hahaas .
i am going a bit bonkiie le .
die die die .

anyway todae start work at 5 .
but will be going down early to meet jin man .
cos she break at 3 .
and we are going to china town to eat !
hahaas .

i know i know
everytime eat eat eat .
but one things is that i wann try ma .
so later will go down and meet her .
but i no $$ le .
need go withdraw again !
haiz .

ok so i am going to read my book le .
will do a review on it once i am done reading .

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

blog neglected

sorriie people .
been reali busy with work .
and super tired .
plus nothin much to blog about .

anyway i bought the gel liner .
and it is quite good actually .
i also bought a anna sui lip gloss todae .
it cost miie 33 dollars .
and i am still spenting money like no body business .
but i am in debt le .
die die die !

because right i haven got my pay yet .
which is like damn shitty .
and i am going to work my ass off this week .
my onli off day is sunday .

which i hereby declare :

and here i am still wondering can i do it or not .
i know last time i can .
but now ?!
i dunno .
haiz .
life is so shitty .
and it will eventually get worst when sch reopen .
haiz .

and i dun even know my time table yet .
and it is supposed to be out any day this week .
so people if you know .
do sms miie or give miie a ring k .
and darlings !
come and find miie at my work place .
den can go enjoy night life .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

dinner with zizi/ shopping

todae i will be going shopping .
den after that will meet zizi for dinner .
at ....
hahaas .

but anyway i hope i got enough $$.
have to buy new clothes for work .
den after that need go buy my eye liner .

will den travel down to liang court de kinokuniya .
wann buy books to read .
haven been reading .
lack of some verii profound vocab to use in life .
wahahaas .

just purely nothin much to do other den work .
so to not slow myself down .
wann to read on the way to work and after that .
so wann to find a gd book to read .

ok got to put on some make up
den cam whore .
after that i will go shop for my things le .

maybe at parkway ba .
so anyone who is going there and wann meet miie ?
hahaas .
just give miie a ring k .

Monday, October 5, 2009

pay delayed

still dunno when i can get my pay .
but i think i going to go buy my stuff le .
hahaas .

gel liner .....
any other brands i can chose from ?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

gel or pencil ?

recently been busy workin .
so reali nvr go out .
hopefully next week can go watch movie etcetc .

anyway i wann to change eye liner .
and i am caught between two choice .
one is majolica's pencil eye liner .
and the other is maybelline's gel eye liner .

i heard that actually gel liner is better .
but i swtill do not know how to use it .
and they say gel liner do not smudge so easily like pencil liner .

but i also wann majolica's pencil eye liner .
haiz .
and the new shiseido eye liner i also like .

but will have to buy and then know which is better .
and if gel liner is good .
den i might change for good .
sooooo .
i think i will buy all 3 ?
hahaas .
broke like mad .

plus a mistake from the office maybe ?!
my pay is onli $2.35 .
wad a joke right .
is like lesser den half an hour of my pay .
hahaas .

so i told my supervisor and he say he will look into it .
so now i have to wait .
haiz .

wann to get my pay asap .
so many thing to buy .
so many thing i wann to eat .

Friday, October 2, 2009

i miss HB like crazy

haven been taking pics of myself .
so i cant post any recent pics .

as all you know i cut my fringe .
and it is veri hideous .
so ....
i am not taking pics .
plus no event or outing .
keep working and resting at home .
so no pics .
but i do have belated pics .
some old pics i took .

ok so shld i post unglam pics or nice pic leii ?
hahaas .

ok so i have decided .
i shld put my bdae outing de pic .
one that everyone love verii much .
including myself .
it can be one of the best pics of HB .

love the smiles in this pic .
like everyone is truely happy !

have been workin recently .
and never chat or even meet out with HB .
sianz .
miss them like mad .
miss all the moments we have tgt when we hang out .

seriously cant think wad will happen next sem .
wad will become of us leii ?
will there still be HB ?
wad will HB end up in .
still as gd as last time ?
or we will just slowly fade apart ?

i dunno .
maybe i reali have to leave it to fate le .
haiz .