Monday, November 30, 2009

revision week

this week shld be the official revision week .
and i have one subject for term test .
yes it is EBM .
the stupiid subject that i hate .

haiz .
oh and this wed got presentation .
den this thursday got assignment for CMSK .
which is meeting .
den that would be all for this term .
den i have to strive for next term le .

Friday, November 27, 2009

cookie baking .

baking the cookies for zozo now .
still baking .
yes, now this timing .
i now doing last round of baking le .
after that i can go sleep le .

super super tired now !
wann slp ......
but i scare i sleep le ltr cannort wake up .
so shitty !!!!

super duper tired .
maybe i can do finish cookie den go home ?
haiz .
dunno la .
see how first .
cos i think i shld slp here .
den wake up early tmr .
after that take bus home .

rest or shut eye for a bit ,
after that can bathe change and meet zozo .
shld be meeting her 1 at bedok inter .

den we meeting rol and peng 2 at clarke quay mrt station .
sadded .
tired like shit !

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


todae i meet with zo rol and peng after test .
we went to eat chicken rice .
den slack at the void deck .

at those moments i reali reali feel like we were still like old times .
i reali reali miss those times .
i hate to say it .
i reali miss them !
miss the time spent with them .

anyway i bake chocochip cookie today .
amazingly yummy .
but with much help from hann mummy .

but it is still yummy .
tmr going mummy hse to bake again .
this time onli myself with no help .
so hopefully it will taste the same .

oh and will be meeting korkor tmr after school .
cos we going to watch new moon tgt !
so ciao ppl .

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SSSD test = fail

cant seem to study for SSSD .
not because no time .
but because i cant seem to get anything in my head .

so i think tmr i wont know wad to do .
sooooo .
den wad worst is that stupiid miie shld take 2 days mc .

den tmr after test can go home .
but who call miie so stupiid .

and today see doc sooo damn freaking ex la !
damn it .
cost miie like $16+
den spent $50 on a meal .
and bought a pair of shoes for $30 .
almost spent $100 today .
how shitty is that .

argh !
irritated by lots of stuff now .
plus P visiting miie .
so more moodless .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

project & exams

this coming week .
i think is wednesday .
i also dunno
if it is on tuesday den i die le la .

anyway i was talking about SSSD written test day .
i just keep forgetting when it is .

den tuesday he actually ask miie out .
and i seriously dunno shld i go or not .

if i go .
then it reali states this as an offical friendship thing .
all dreams scattered ?
i seriously dun understand .

haiz .
now tons of things need to be done .
but i think not all have been done .
firstly SSSD haven even separate who do wad codes .
and MSID got no clue wad they wann miie to do about .
den there will be another meeting assignment for CMSK .
this is so crap la .
but hope i still can pull through .

lets cross our fingers people .
and soon half a sem will be gone .
and hopefully i can pull through one whole sem .

den life will be better next sem hopefully .
dun wish to be stranded anymore .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

school is making miie numb

recently i have attended more lesson than previous .
i think it is because i have face the fact ?

i cant leave this class .
so i have to learn how to survive .
even thought their voices bothered miie .

i just need to plug in to the music .
and they are so out of my world le .

so this is also why i love the new headphones .
they can totally isolate miie out .
i love it.

so i onli need to bear with the sight of this class .
i can survive and i will .

this deteremination declared from miie .

anyway i just reali need to get myself attached .
so that other than school i have smth else to think of .
to take my minds off from school .
or just another excuse in getting other topics to whine about here ?

hahaas .
i dunno i think i just notice smth .
ever since the start of this sem i have been complainin
whining, falling sick .
and all because of this stupiid classs .
which i just need to stay in for 1 more yr .
suppose to be 1 and a half .
but too bad .
cos last sem is attachment .
so hopefully i wont see anyone of them .

and all i can say i am now a changed person !
no longer the warm-hearted happily smiling girl .
now i cant even feel my heart anymore .
i think it is dead and cold somewhr out thr .

i need my shelter and wall to be build up against everyone .
nvr let anyone in .
this way no one or nothin can do harm to miie .
i will be protected .
i will protect myself from getting hurt again .
no matter is school, friendship, loneliness, love, work.
now nothin can hurt miie .

Monday, November 16, 2009

Missin the old times

I an now on my way home . blogging with inq . not verii good . but still acceptable i guess . anyway i feel so alone now . i just dunno why . but i feel like i have lost something to someone . this feelings suck a lot if i must say . i just dunno why . i miss hanging out wiv all my friends . even though i have the freedom now . but i feeli i am missin something . and tat thing is friend . i am missing my life . and guess wad . i am actually miss the bad girl life . every late night out . every crazy things i once do and love . not this boring life i have now . anyway i will edit this sort when i get home . cos i think quite a lot of typo . cos the screen super duper small for miie to see .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

luck on love?

firstly, the guy i like just wann to be friend .
secondly i have guys wanting to woo miie ?!
last but not least ytd my colleage confess to miie ?!


first the guy i like say he onli wann to be friend .
ok so i had no choice and had to go with it .

but now i realise that he seems to be peeping at miie ?
this is so freaking weird in all ways .
and i even heard theories like,
actually he is starting to like miie .
but wann to know miie more ?
or he liked miie but scare i wasnt real .
and even some say he is tryin to see how faithful i am wor !

these are all too crazy to take in
especially after i just got indirectly rejected .

ok den secondly now some guys i dunno wann woo miie .
esp from fb .
so i seriuosly just treat them like fling .
nvr takin them seriously .
so that wasnt so important compare to both first and last thing i've mention .

ok last .
ytd during work, a colleage sort of confess .
but i think his was like a crush or smth .
i told him it will pass .

so lets give it some time and see next week .

and as for school .
there is reali nothin to post abt.
until i have ans from the course manager .

Thursday, November 12, 2009

miss my granny

i dunno why but i am missing granny like mad .

cried when watching mj's this is it movie .


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sick of school ?

am falling sick like damn seriously .
i dunno wad is happening .

but just hate school .
talk to my parents abt it .
but still confused .

even though they support miie .
i just feel so not happy .
because i am wondering if i still wann to pursue studies .

i feel so helpless .
it feel like i no longer wann to study le .
and hope today can convince them to let miie change option .

pray and hope and pray again .

Sunday, November 8, 2009


now we are friend .
this make miie hate like shit .

which i mean i detest this word !
ARGH !!!

i am dying like shit .

given up on MSID

gave up on MSID de .
den now is like i reali dunno la .

cos i dunno how to do .
den after that tmr just tell teacher say i cannort .
den he will just flunk miie for this sub .

so in this case i can stop going for this subject .
anyway i dunno how much this assignment stands for .
maybe ltr go check .
ahahas .

heart broken and yet again .

haiz .
i now just done eating my supper .
and i got rejected by the beloved one .

i seriously cried like shit !
but he is tryin to make it up .
and he say he wann to be friends .

so let miie take this chance ba .

be friend first .
den see wad can come out from there .
or not .

so i am going to cry soon .

Friday, November 6, 2009

ZD cook !

going to ZD hse now .
having lunch cum dinner .

den after that will go down to work .
then can see him .
woohoo .

hahaas .
excitment decreasing ?

dun think so .
but less nervous le i think .

Thursday, November 5, 2009

out with him

so todae our final decision was bugis .
went over to meet him at bugis .
den after that we walk over to eat QQ noodles .

even though i hadnt ate anything .
but i dun have the appetite to eat .
he seem a bit concern .

so not to let him worry for miie .
i ordered the same thing as him .
and also a cup of water chestnut .

so in the end, reali cannort finish .
left tons of noodles .

and he said i look like one of his friend when i eat .
dunno is good or bad .
haiz .

den after that went to iluma to see wad show to watch .
bought the tickets for the show .
at first he wann watch the coraline .
but in the end watch imagine that .

this show is super ultra funny .
and not a bad show .

during the show is like some people message miie .
some called miie .
den he notice and he said i wasnt like paying attention to the show .
i think this cause deduction of impression points .

but before the show start we went to shop a little .
rather den saying of shopping .
we more of like walk the whole of bugis .

i know a bit lame .
but so long i am with him .
i feel happy .

he look so super cute todae .

so my judgement was right .
he indeed like red color .
cos he wore red todae too .
hahaas .

brought him over to the newbie store .
hahaas .
oh and todae pass by askene right .
the sales lady who regonise miie .
and she was like out shopping with yr bf ar ?
den i scare he dun like so i deny imediately .

but didnt see his expression .
so dunno wad he think abt that .
and when he walk besides miie he seem so tall .

even when on escalator he damn gentleman .
in order to see each other at eye level .
he still step down one step .
isnt that sweet and gentleman .

anyway before the movie we sat down at coffee bean .
den is like chat for awhile .
keep talking abt other people .
when he smile or laugh i just cant help it .
i feel so attracted to those reactions .

and todae i learn new things abt him .
e.g like
he has two older brother .
he is not afraid of tickle .
he doesnt think that i am crazy .
he like to do things or buy things by feeling .
and he is not sure when is the correct feeling .

hahaas .
ok anyway it is late .
it is alreadiie 2:22am .
need to go and slp and rest le .

love you, miss you !
hope you are having a sweet dream now .

dream of miie and miss miie .
best of all !
love miie like i love you too .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


todae might be my happiest day in this entire year .

cos ytd night i ask him out .
and guess wad .
he totally like agree no .

i was like so freaking happy .
and dunno wann bring him go whr .
also dunno bring him go do wad .
haiz .

headache but happy plus excited .

wondering wad will he wear leii .
wondering wad he wann to eat leii .
etc etc .

but one thing is that todae daddy mummy come back le .
den i dunno wad time they reach singapore .

but i think mummy will call miie de .
another problem is that i sms him this morning .
but he nvr reply miie .
sooo ....

maybe he regret le .
hahaas .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

miss my darlings

now i feel so lonely ....

i miss so many people .
let miie name them one by one .

i miss zizi my dearest .
i miss rolrol, pengpeng & zozo my beloved HB .
i miss xinxin, vonnz, yanyan my ex-classmates .
i miss cece, lingling my favourite clubbing mates .
i miss daddy, mummy my one and only family members .
i miss dandan, manman, hoong my darling colleages .
Lastly i miss liangliang ! my deepest love .
miss him the most .

at this timing, he must be verii busy .
lunch hours is also the worst .
busy busy .
dunno today he wad time break leii ?
haiz .
this friday going to work again ,
hope our relationship can improve la .

pray hope and desire for improvement between us .
he seem sooooo much more closer when we talk when no other people is there .
haiz .

i reali wonder if he is so innocent as people think .
i feel like he is playing my feeling in his palm .
i feel like i have been played .
haiz .

but why i still feel happy ?!
i am so freaking sick leii .

haiz .
anyway i just miss everyone !

Monday, November 2, 2009

school suck ! i wann to change option .

wann to change option .
i feel soooo torture studying in this option now .

firstly even if you are sick .
no one .
NO ONE will even tell you wad happen todae .

how good is this class of classmates .
not saying that c199 was better .

but it was indeed better den now .
haiz .

pissed at everything .
nothin can be done .

this is soooo freaking pissing miie off .

i just wann to get out of here .
plus i seriously dunno wad the fuck the teacher is teachin .

is like he teach SSSD .
go through also never give answer de leii .

that is also why no one actually care wad he is going to teach .

i even wonder who the hell listen .
i did try to listen .
but den i reali dun understand .

plus i dun think his teachin method work for miie .

sometimes strict on some verii small things .
den sometimes i reali dunno .

i shld be happy now .
because he is saying there is totally no test no exam .
but SSSD have a written test .
term test .

so now is like i dunno wad to say .
super sickening .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

stay over

stayed over at ZD hse ytd .
hahas .
super cool ?

den later going to work AGAIN !
and what worst !
my pay i think got delayed yet AGAIN !
is like this time i got more .
but still less than my one hour pay .

this time round i got $4.50 .
hahaas .
i think they are like cheating on my pay ,
so lame right .
is like i calculated yet .

my pay my accumulated over a thousand over dollars .
after deduction of CPF is i should still have 800+ de .

but now ....
i reali dunno le la .
if daddy know abt it .
he is going to be angry and ask miie to quit le la !