Wednesday, December 30, 2009

spending week

this week i think i have spent about 100 dollars le ,

i bought 2 tank tops from cotton on .
one black and one dark gray for $20 .

i also bought a super long cardican from cotton on.
black one for $29.95 .

ate with zo at sakae .
spent $17 .

today i made payment for my mask which cost $38 .

so in total is $104.95

and exclude taxi fare and allowance .

tmr going to school for early class so slping early tonight .
tmr is new year eve le .

time passes fast .
in a blink of an eye .
another year has past .

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

first lesson of the week

today i am havin my first lesson of the week .
supposingly ytd shld have it le .

but sadly not .
so today MSYD is my first lesson of the week .
and having to spent the first term in misery .
i wasnt expecting anything much this term .

but surprisingly MSYD did not bored miie to hell .
this is the sub that is reali on and about the mobile .
hahaas .

not a bad sub i guess .
and guess wad i am so gd that i have already done the work for the next lab .

of cos, wad give miie headache are grouping .
today have to think of who to group with .
and 3 per group .

but MIJ requested with the teacher to have like 2 groups of 5
and 2 groups of 4 .
how we used to have the grouping like .
no need of separation etc etc .

i seriously dun mind .
cos this way i be group with the smart ass ones .
hahaas .

eventually will pass the sub .
cos this sub projects is going to stand 75% .
so even if i fail my class test .
hopefully i will still pass .

hahaas .
sound so mean leii .
like i taking advantages of them .
but i am not la !

i will participate one lorx.
but only maybe lesser than them ma .
cos they so pro i so noob .
where can compare right ?

hahaas .
so people that about all .

one happy thing that is going to happen .
which is about 1 and a half hour later .
wooohooo .

cant wait .

Monday, December 28, 2009


now i am back to school .
i have more time to slack around during weekdays .

meaning i will be watching lots of drama .
blog and tweet like crazy .

emo, play my ds .
etc, etc....

i have a life once .
but will never get it back .
offically be an otaku ba .


Sunday, December 27, 2009

sch reopening

tmr sch reopen again .
my torture to hell starts again .

and this time we going to chose our elective le .
i think i pass all my term subs .
haiz .
so super dupr sianz .

updates :
spent my christmas eve and christmas at work .
hahaas .
wad a life .

didnt update much because i do not have the time .
or too lazy .
or just plainly nothin much to blog about le .

cos my life is just filled with complain and etc .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

tears rolling

i haven reali shut eyes ever yesterday .
i keep thinkin and thinkin .

i dunno .
wad else can i do or not do ?!

but now i feel so tired .
i have work at like 4pm ltr .
wad can i do ?

nothin ?!
wad shit is this man .

how can i be so crappy in living .

am i reali better off dead ?!
i think if even i die no one will be there de .

no one going to visit my wake .
no one to send miie except my own parents .

so am i reali better off dead ?
please someone answer my doubts and prayers !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

working for the holidays .

i will be working my ass off .
so to take my mind off the awful presentation .
and report .

main point is to escape from school .
i am like giving up .

and now the one who alwaes gave miie hope .
he is feeling miserable .
and there is nothin i can do to comfort him .
how ?

i reali wish i can help him .
so trying to ask him out .

but this clever guy is not picking up my call .
wondering if he is weeping ?

haiz .
now even he got rejected .
den wad chances do i have left .

ciao people .
going to bombed his phone til he pick up .

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sick makes miie think

i just realise at this verii moment .

he alwaes treat miie like a frenz
a sister but never a lover .

so why am i still holding on ?

why cant i just let go .

Monday, December 14, 2009

presentation day = sick like crap

todae is SSSD de final presentation .
and i feel like crap now .
plainly because i am having fever, flu and sore throat now .

and this is reali crap feeling .
i feel like killing myself .

my head feel like it is being ripped open .
and my whole cody is aching like crazy .
all i wann to do now is crash in my bed .

super tired now .
i feel like i might faint any time now .

this is such a torture to miie .
kill miie please .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

double date success

ytd went to school for presentation .
den after that thanks to my kind classmates and teacher .
we presented first and i can leave early .

den i went home straight .
bathe and prepare .
but i did my make up like on the way their .
and went i did my eye make up .
the granny beside literally stare at miie .

i was like so stress and irritated .
but due to i am alreadiie late .
i had no choice .
so i just ignored and carry on .

den i reach .
met them .
and the minute i saw him .
os = "oh god ! sooooo freaking cute !!!"
hahaas .

den we went shop a little .
bought movie tickets before we went to eat .
so in the end we decided to watch case 39 .

at first by the look of its poster and slogan .
i thought it was a horror movie .
but no , this movie is SICK .
and when i say it is, it reali is .

this movie's moral is never trust kid that look innocent .
hahaas .
anyway i sat beside him .
and sometimes i can feel him looking at miie .
i just cant sit still .
at some suprise point of the movie .
i totally freaked .
and lean towards him .
one important thing !
he did not move away yet he move closer .

woooohooooo ~~~
how is that .
hahaaas .

before we watch movie we went to eat .
we ate at sushi tei .
and nothin special here .

after the movie we went to level 3 and rest at somewhr .
hahaaas ,
and we talk while looking at the view and night sky .
even though there isnt any stars .
but we talk like we never did .

we talk about him and miie .
not as in us .
as in about past of his and mine .
talk about his hometown .

his childhood .
some of his thoughts about marriage .
his plans of his marriage .
things he wanted to do .
wants to learn .
etcetc .

we reali talk a lot .
den after that ZD have to leave first .
so hoong sent her off to the mrt station .
den came back with 3 cups of fresh squeeze juice .

we rested a bit .
and they ate at the food republic (foodcourt) .

after finishing we went to the candy empire .
look at chocolates .
they bought JM's birthday present .
den we talked about how we celebrated christmas last yr .

went to take mrt home .
all i have to say ytd i had like 100 millions physical contact with him .
cant describe it here .
cos to difficult to describe in words .

anyway i will be going off to buy green apple, tomato and eggs .
den after that i am going down to ZD's hse .
cooking fried rice at her hse tonight .
hahaas .

will then go to work from her hse .
so got to go prepare le .
ciao peeps .

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new moon

i watch new moon and yet again .
second time .

still i find jacob is duper hot !
ah ~~~

now chatting with him .
on fb .
haiz .....

ltr got presentation .
den after presentation will take off home .

change and rush down to meet ZD .
after that will travel down to habour front .
meet the guys .

den shopping ?
eat ?
movie ?

dunno wad they will do .
but will wear nice nice de .
hahaas .

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

double date / left handed

ok so one again .
we give another shot at the double date again .

hahaas .
and it is going to happen tmr .
yes .
i am nervous .

and i am still troubled with wad to wear .
wann to wear smth nice but not revealing .
oh god that is like .....
a bit impossible for my style ?
hahaas .
thinkin thinkin .

but i shld be studying now .
cos ltr still got EBM de term test .
hahaas .
but i am still not getting anything in my head .

oh and i just found out ytd .
i was once a left handed .
and was awfully forced to become a right handed .
daddy cant seem to accept a left handed child ?

hahas .
anyway i found out from my mum ytd when dining at sakae sushi .

haiz .
so from now on .
practicing to write with my left hand .

so people i will be leaving home ard 430 ba .
den wish miie tons and tons of luck ba .

Saturday, December 5, 2009

term test & presentation

super tired now .
still thinkin shld i study for term test or not .

haiz .
anyway too tired to think .
and hopefully i will be able to go out with them next week .

is like a makeup for the double date that didnt happen .
so hope this time it will eventually turn out right .
haiz .

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

tmr's meeting

tmr my group is the last .
so sadly i will go home late and yet again .
haiz .

going to sch at 3 20 .
and hopefully end at 4 .
plus need do working minutes .
sianz ....

but tmr will be like the last day of misery .
wooohooo .
cos after tmr i will be free from sch for like 2 weeks .
or 3 weeks i shld say .

but i have to come back to sch for 2 days .
first is the EBM term test .
followed by the SSSD presentation .
which is totally sickening de .

but no choice la .
haiz .

but i hope things will be better .
den friday work sat work .
i think i will study on sun and mon for EBM .
hahaas .

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

presentation~ reminisce~ updates~

tmr is MSID de presentation .
this doesnt make miie feel nervous at all .

hahaas .
but reali have to brush up le la .
next term still like that jiu die le la !

wake up le la .
dun wann to regret .
so ........

counting every steps i am taking .
hope i will not step on a road that i cant turn back le .

anyway .....
holidays are coming !
that means !!!!
i can go for work le .
and i am happy becos this mean i can see him again .
almost everyday wor .

i think he is like the onli strength that is pulling miie through all this .
so all i can say is that my holidays will be great .

i wann celebrate christmas with him leii .

but i think need work that day .
how sad .
no late nights at orchard squeezing with tons and tons of ppl le .
hahaas .

it is actually rather funny to find myselft missing that .
when i alwaes celebrates with friends, family and whoever i am with then .
and we alwaes laugh through all this .

but slowly the older i am
i realise that the ppl ard miie are getting lesser .
or i shld say fewer .
ppl are passing away as time goes by .

wad can i do leii ?
i am not god i cant make them not die and live on .

and if i am i would .
of cos i would .
i love those who left miie .
but i am willing to believe that they do not wish to .

recently insomnia is not much a problem anymore .
as i will start to feel tired and sleepy ard 12+ 1 .
so that is a gd thing .
and i have been sms-ing him almost every night .

we are also starting to chat on the phone more le .
ytd we chat until 3am .
hahaas .
to miie he just seem like oversize 10 yr old boy .
as in he is physically looking 20 but mentally 10 .
ahahas .

he is just so super cute la .
and just as i thought i had took back my heart .
he poached it again !
wad am i suppose to do ?

cos i dun wann things to be awkard again .
i like the way we are now .
and sadly the status of us now are "just friend"
sometimes i just feel like he is starting to like miie .
but i might just have think too much ?
dun wann to give myself false hope anymore .

anyway just have to go through tmr's presentation and lesson .
den after that thursday's meeting .
then i will be able to see him again !
woohooooooooo ~~~~

how gd is that .
misses him tons and lots lots lots lots .
a hole is left behind whr my heart used to be .