Friday, December 31, 2010

is this "the end"????

i just had a very BIG argument with baby.
or shld i still address him in this name ?

i dunno .
it ended up with him not wanting to talk to miie le .

when you ask miie to make a choice .
i cant cos they are friends for life .
i always chose my friends .
cos they are ALWAYS there .
i cant neglect that .

when i get upset with you,
or everytime we argue
they are my only resort to run to .

if you wann miie to chose it would only make miie difficult .
because i dunno when you will be like today ?

you cant give miie a promise for life .
because deep down you also doubt if you wann to .

i dunno wad else to do .
now at this moment i have no one to turn to .

i just wann to say to you .
if you are even reading this or not .

just know that til now this moment i still love you .

Monday, December 27, 2010

Last week of MP

we are almost there people .
last week to chiong for our MP le .
and the rest will be fate le .

the brightness is just right ahead .
those darkness would not catch up with us .

after this ...
everything will be behind le .

saw rolrol post on fb .
"Can't wait to meet Qianhui Lee Zoelyn Loh Supeng Tan tomorrow cause it will be HB's last day together in school. :("
-- ho carol

my eyes became teary immediately .
for no reason....
ok i lied .
there is a reason .
i think deep down i know that we love each other so much .

we have been through and it feel sad ...
it is like saying goodbye .
like i know smth is coming to an end .
and that makes miie sad .

sisters for life though .
i hope HB is friends and sisters for life .

cant picture wad will happen in future .
but i hope it come with the formula for HB's craziness, fun and HTH talk .

feeling a bit down while doing my report .
tmr will be a draft presentation for our supervisor .
den on thursday morning will be the official one .

everything end on THURSDAY .
lets just pull through !!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Driving myself crazy

MP is ending ....
i want to pass .
but it is so difficult to do so .

because here i am waiting for my group member to sent miie her part of the report .
where she did not tell miie which part she will be doing .
and leaving miie lost after editing of the whole of 1.Introduction

i am going to do whichever part .
no matter wad .
i am just fucking pissed off now .
in a super foul mood .

the next time i be blogging should be after next thursday .
wish miie luck .
i will be needing all i can get .
oh and

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MP is ending soon!!!!

ok so my MP is going to end in exactly two weeks from now .
den now all i can do is my best .

btw i am dl-ing little big planet for PSP .
so waiting .....
den watching a HKG drama .

oh oh oh .
and i just participate in the
"Nuffnang – Kanebo Freshel’s Blogging Contest"
if you guys are interested to participate too .
Click here

love to try Kanebo's BB cream !!!

hahaas .
anyway just suddenly got the urge to blog but dunno wad to blog on .
hahaas .

lost of words i guess .
cos all brain juice need to be concentrated on the coding and report for MP .
sorry peeps .

i promise to blog more regularly after MP .
but i would need to say .
after MP i am going to look for a job .
first to pay off the school fees to my mum .

after that i am going buy pressiz for myself .
maybe will ask HB to go for shopping spree .
hahaas .

btw i missed the flea market at st.James this afternoon .
this is because i woke up at 1 plus by my mummy .
so pretty bad mood i should say .

so really dunno wad else i could blabber here le .
nights peeps .
love !!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

hang in there

hi everyone .
today i went to SGH .
dun be worry it is not miie who need to see doctor .
it was my baby .

but everything is fine .
so i am here doing my final report and going utter crazy .
haiz .
but hang in there everyone .
it is just two more weeks to go le .
chiong for the final rush le .

we can do it de .

Thursday, December 9, 2010

friends forever so does my baby

today is so fun for this stressful period of MP .
at this end of the weekend it marks the end of week 7 for our MP
meaning we are officially left with 3 weeks to complete all our project, reports, meeting minutes and journals .

so i'm going to mention as HB has not been laughing tgt like that .
we have jokes but not like wad we have today for quite some time .

i reali missed all of this crazy moments we might regret or joke about .
but one thing i would know is that i would regret more if i didnt have these moments with HB .
so i just want HB to know they are the best friends i can reali have ,
reliable as can be and be there for miie through laughters and tears ,

lets us just create more memories like these k ?
end this part with this

now another person i would want to last long is this guy who has been there for miie ever since we know each other .
cute as can be .
he recently turn darker .

so i have to say he is the sweetest one ever .
best of all he cares a lot and now we have trust that i hope will grow stronger and stronger ,
i will be verii blissful if it werent for the MP .
haiz .
i have 3 weeks to get all things done .
which seems like mission impossible !!!!
who can be there to help miie ?

but i still love my beloved HB and my dearest baby !!!
lets all last long k .
friends forever !!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


recently has been busy and stressful
as first of all MP .
den next would be my life .

MP is busy as can be .
den i had attend two wedding in two weeks .
each on saturday of the different weeks .

i have photos to post .
but dun feel like doing it .
too lazy !!!

anyway i dun understand wad is the trend for changing profile pics to cartoon pics .
soooo .....
people are crazy !!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

late night post, insonmia

ok so here I am .
still not asleep at this timing .
it is really upsetting as I am nervous for the presentation tmr .

darling supposed to be awake doing his reports .
but he hadn't caught a good night rest since last week .
so shall let him rest for awhile more before waking him up .

after tmr things shld be less stressful .
there so many picture to be uploaded .
anyway I have to say time is passing real fast .

its going to be Christmas again !
this year will be spending time with darling .
hopefully we would go some parties .

things have been rough for both of us .
cos we are having so much stress as seniors .
but I am referring onli to the workload and timeline given
but no worries people .
we are still coping .
hahaas .
one thing baby can't cope with is his out breaks .
luckily I do not have them .

that is for the good complexion given when born .
ate loads of good stuffs when my mum had miie .
so will be doing that for mine too .
in future that is .

ok just so it looks like I still blog .
this post ends here .
I gonna sleep and dream a nice happy dream :
good night/good morning peeps .

love you all !

Friday, November 26, 2010

laughter with friends

i cant forget how great it would be to laugh out loud with friends .
when we are so stress over no matter anything,
friends would always be able to make you laugh and forget .

even though they cant take away the workload .
but they could actually decrease the stress level .
by just hanging out with friends ....
i dun know should i phrase it this way .
i think i should say
"hanging out with HB is always delightful"

HB is so open to each other .
we can talk about anything to each other .
even things that we arent willing to talk about to parents .
so i reali enjoy hanging out with them .

they are like family but just non blood-related .
but i feel like we are connected emotionally .
ok this blog post is sounding more like wad carol would talk about .

so i would stop here .
anyway tmr will be AhXuan de BDAE .
wondering what i should get for her .

and i have a wedding dinner tmr night .
baby will be going with miie =]
and MP is still giving miie a headache .
so will not talk about it .
as it would just ruin this blog post .

that is about it le .
bye peeps .

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot weather

this few days the weather is so chaotic .
yesterday and the day before was having big rain .
den today sudden of scorching sun is burning through the earth cores .

i feel like i have become a vampire from TVD .
a newborn that is verii sensitive to sunlight .
and can feel it burning through my skin.

so that about it .
as for today it is still stressful .
but our teacher decide to let us hard code a database instead of connecting through internet .
and have to be done by this week .
which i think is verii IMPOSSIBLE !!!

aiya wadever la .
i just almost died today with HB .
so who cares so much .
i am not exaggerating .
we almost got hit by a car while crossing the road to school just now .

every single one of us lose all our sense after the incident .
the stupiid car honk us and we were like nothin .
so happeningly nothin happen so ....

everythings lie with fate to decide ba .
no matter life or death
pass or fail !!!

ok the stupiid supeng chasing miie to hurry .
so ciao peeps .

Saturday, November 13, 2010

busy weekend

ok i have to say .
baby is off to malaysia this morning .
so two whole days not seeing him .

but will go and look for him when he rtn tmr .
missing him so much .

currently doing two main things .
1. Coding for my MP(network)
2. book review

so i got these two things sort of due on monday .
and they are causing my brain to fail every once in awhile .

anyway was resting and decided to watch show .
and i found this HKG drama which wasnt so bad .
but it still the begining of the show so cant tell much .
just awaiting for the latest episode for TVD and Nikita and a few other series .
they should be uploaded today or tmr .
hopefully tonight =]

cant wait .
will continue all my stuff tmr .
shall let my brain rest for the night .
i think that is about all for today .
just blog again soon .

might do a few book review for readers out there .
have been reading a few books recently .
ok then .
ciao peeps .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

sick gems all around

i am sick .
cos of the bad weather recently .
down with flu and also slight fever .
but i am feeling better .

worst part was i pass it to baby ,
and i think daddy is coming down with flu too .
as for mummy is the usual backaches .

so people are all falling sick .
not because of miie .
i am just helping out with the spreading part .
hahaas .

anyway baby just uploaded pictures we took from the car show .
so view it from my or his profile lo .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the sample store

this is not an advertisement for the website .
just a recommendation to you girls like miie .
vain and also troubled which brand should i get ?
would i regret getting the product .
sign up now at the sample store .
just simply click on the link above to sign up(it is free).
Once you sign up you get to try 3 different product sample of your choice .

i am currently going to try a few sample such as the Dr Jart Black Label Bb Spf25/pa+++ and also Jasmine Water Bb Cream Spf 30 Pa++ .
wonder wonder ....

going to have to anticipate the samples coming !!!!
remember to sign up .
this is something you cant miss !!!
intro your friends to sign up too !!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


ok so I have to say .
death is recently scaring the hell out of miie .
which is not pleasant at all .

shall not talk about it .

but I do still believe strongly in karma .
so whoever does wadever things will have karma reflected .

just my advice and also a note to self .
live a rightful life and not regrets .
this you will then be able to enjoy life even throughout schemes and plots .

wishiies everyone happy public holiday .
hahaas .

Monday, November 1, 2010

waiting is slack like crazy

now in school doing practically nothin !
just plain waiting for my supervisior .
haiz .
super slack now .
Fb-ing .....

den maybe will start to learn a bit on the nokia WRT widget .
if not i might not be able to cope with it .
scare scare .
hahaas .

zozo and peng went home le .
sadded .
met them for lunch just now .
den later will meet darling after his lesson .
which i have more waiting to do ......
his lesson end at 6 .
but my meeting with supervisor is at 430pm .
at most 30 mins .

so i will most probably end at 5 ....
den i have to wait until 6 .
more sadded .
hahaas .

ok la i got to go le .....
bored ttm !!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

blogskin changed!!!!

finally i change my blogskin le.
actually it was done ytd night .

but it was too late so i decide not to post about it .
and here is a post to update my blog too .

it is almost end of week 1 for my MP .
everything is still going great .
no stress felt yet .
but i got a group mate super anxious one .
and yes yr guess is correct !
it is Caixia .

she is damn stress out .
i can even feel how stress she is when she is just sitting beside miie .

so now i can only try to ignore her anxious-ness .
hahaas .
i know i am bad .
but whatever .

tonight going for dinner with baby's family .
his mummy invited miie over for dinner .
but not at their house .
we are going to indian wok !!!

ok at first i thought like the name it must be indian cuisine .
but it is actually

so i am relieved .
hahaas .

so will post tmr regarding the dinner de .
ciao peeps .
off to do my TOR le .

Monday, October 25, 2010

first day of MP

ok so finally first day of MP .
assigned to the same lab as EVERYONE !!!
hahaas .

and one group mate suffering from sore eyes .
just postpone the meeting with the teacher to tmr morning 0930am .
how happy is that.

so basically there is nothin for miie to do now .
except for dl-ing the necessary software needed for the project and FB .

will see if i can continue my work of my blogskin in school .
cos my com as some of you know kena stupiid freaking virus .
so i went to got it reformat .

and yes my labby is running smoothly and is super clean .
that is why i have not yet change my blogskin .
because the things i previous did is *poof*
-------- gone --------

so nothin more i am needed to say .
just got to look for the skin and do all over again .

so must see how lo .
hopefully i can find a cute and desirable one .

haiz .
going to go back home i guess .
den will meet hubby after his class .

thinking where to have dinner tonight .

ciao people !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

emo-ness strikes

ok so i am like super emo now .
a secret ...

that i cant say it out loud ,
but i mind so much .

hate it when people leaves miie behind .
just the thought of it makes my eyes teary .

i know everyone eventually leaves .
but why i am the one always left behind .
i cant keep up to them .

cos that would actually mean i am following their footsteps .
which i have been warned not to .

oh i need help .
pray hard for miie my sweethearts .

i love everyone .
i cherished too .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rest week

ok . here I am finally updating .
I am in the midst of changing a blogskin .

plus forgive miie for the serious typo in the previous posts .
hahaas . suck at posting with my phone then .
but I am better at it now .
I guess I got used to it le ba .

btw this week is slack except have to do SIP de report .
and today pig pig went for his BB's dinner .
be wanted miie to join him .
but I feel weird so I turn down the offer .
and I am posting on my way home .

so I made plans with zizi for dinner .
will meet her later .

another matter to update on .
send my account number to MISA de accountdepartment in charge le .
will check later for my pay .
hahaas .

I think that is all le .
await for my new blogskin ba .
love you peeps .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

envious or regret ?

actually this few days I was quite irritated .
because I wasn't able to login the school's website .

but the problem is alreadiie solve this morning .
as I suddenly remembered the password . hahaas .

later I will be going to take hubby's sister de language .
den after go pass to her .

tonight saying dinner orbit should say supper with mummy .

I am so happy of the changes uou made for miie .
it has been so long since we were together .
our days together is always filled with sugar and spice .
never a dullness in it .
even when you can't be by my side .
we would still have all ways to stag in contact .

now we are stepping into the important part of this relationship le.
cooling off while not losing the fire and sparks .
trust is the key.
and it is in us .
I love you my darling .

Monday, September 20, 2010

boring work life !

I am officially bored to death !

I start work at 9 and an hour just passed .
and guess wad .
I have finish my job .

wad am I going to do for the rest of the stupiid day !

I think this internship is draining my lifespan !

Friday, September 17, 2010

forgetful !

haiz . it has been I got no idea how long since I last post .
but I just feel like I should so update .

can't let it go into a coma .
just decided I should restart my blogshop .
cos no is going to start .
and I bet it will bore miie even more den now .

so in order to kill time I will be selling masks again.
so do let miie know if you girls zee interested k .

anyway whoever interested to buy geo lens let miie know too .
fast arrival and also quite cheap .

I am also going to start to take order if any one is interested .
it will be 13.5 per pair .

email miie @
your name which type and uour degree .
den I will contact you again .

so peeps that is bt boring life now .
work is super duper boring .
peace out .

Saturday, September 11, 2010


this blog is rotting .
but wad to do leii .
too busy ma .
no choice de not out of will .

so today got a super irritating customer .
but no matter how irritating j still manage to resolve the problem .
hahaas .
I am the pro .

anyway I am on my way to meet my baby .
acc him to visit someone .
cos they invite him and his group mate to visit .

p.s hopefully I can get wad I wann .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lunar ghost month

today is the first day of the lunar ghost month .
just finish praying and bathing .

nw gonna check mail .
play TM .
den going to orhorh le .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

posting this while listening to RolRol's blog de song .
it has seems tat i have not blog in decades .
everything isnt going the way i wann .

though i have my pay le .
but i wann to do some things like my nails .
but i cant .
this is a torture leii .
haiz .

how sad man .
but i think all this sadness is bound to pass de .

shld i dye my hair ?
wonder if baby will like miie with other hair color nt .
hahaas .

26 mre days le .
hope time can pass faster .
i love you .
thinking of a way to change my blog to a less wordy one .
so i have been browsing through pictures .
here is two of which i think is nt bad de .

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To Luah Yi Cheng

i love you .
and this post is just for you .

this is how i feel wor .
this is for you k .
giving you some security sense .
love you baby .
awaiting for you to come back .
will start counting down the days k .

Saturday, July 17, 2010

i am such a idiot la .
i told myself to rmb to blog about things happening at work .
but i keep forgetting .
if not no mood .

haiz .
but i miss hubby .
i am going to spent my first weekend without him .
it just feel so weird .

like there is something missing .
but in this case obviously is someone .
and that someone is now in mymmar yangon .
i miss you my baby .

come back soon k .
awaiting you to come back and make my heart a whole again .
without you .
it seem to be pumping slower everyday .
breathing seems to be difficult too .

onli be able to fall asleep after listening to your voice every night .
and no i am NOT sick of it at all .
so come back and let miie hughug .

i love you my sweet little handsome baby .

Monday, July 12, 2010


never felt so lonely,
he flew off at ard 1430 .
and after that i got no news at all from him .

what can i do ?
what should i do ?

just cried after listening to the record from him .
how am i going survive ?
i wonder and question .

but i believe my will will pull miie through eventually .

i love you hubby !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

working life

ok so i have enter the official working lifestyle of fulltime .
meaning i have been working from 9-6 monday to friday .
and 9-1 a galh day for saturday .

previously i had support from friends and family and hubby .
but now that 12/7 is coming .
i am going to have to bid farewell to hubby for like 1 and a half months .
which i will miss him like crazy i promise .

this mean no one for miie to wake up .
no one offering to accompany to work .
no one waiting for miie to eat dinner together .

i have spent this 1 and a half months alone .
gladly that i do not have time to go out .
i most likely to be slping all my days off .
or slack at home .

and friends have been booking my slots .
so that i dun feel alone .
it is always good to know that they are there .

so lastly
i am going off to hubby's house nw .
to pei him .
and will be sending him off tmr ba .

Monday, June 28, 2010

first day of work

today is my first day of work .
so here it goes .
i woke up in the morning at ard 0630 .
bathe and prepare everything .
den i leave my house at ard 0720 .
took bus 222 to bedok mrt .
meet up with hubby .
took bus 2 to chinatown point .
bought breakfast .
ate with hubby .
he send miie over .
den he went to school .
after which i start work .

first told was telemarketing .
den i was assign to do marketing intel .
totally got nothin to do with wad i learn .
but wadever nw .
tired of complaining le .

working hours are
Monday to Friday

didnt thought i have to work on weekend .
so this saturday de plans are ruins .
den this week lucky i have hubby with miie .
next week .....
i have to find ways .
hopefully it get better .
and i get more jobs to do with .

anyway talk to hubby about planning my days .
so eventually he will think of something .

i love you so so much baby .
and a little shoutout here .

and to HB :
it was fun to meet out .
thanks for creating this kind of crazy laughter .
thanks for giving miie friendship's moments .

To supeng :
Happy birthday GIRL !
turning 19 le .
will get yr present for you soon .
wish miie tons and tons of luck ba .
i will soooo need it .
hahaas .

so that is all .
will try to be blog everyday .
i love you hubby !
thanks for being there for miie .
and people i am dead beat .
so will be crashing into my bed and sleep like a dead corpse .
ciao everyone !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

moody and moodless !

a picture speaks a thousand words .

my beloved hubby

This is a small dedication to you
my beloved hubby
Mr. Luah Yi Cheng
i love you :
and this is wad i wann to tell you
how i feel and think about you .

"Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon’s sparkling
So kiss me"

— Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

Saturday, June 19, 2010


today woke up early to go ECP .
and i got sunburn .

nothin much to blog .
super tired .
tired like crazy .

so nighty night night .

Saturday, June 12, 2010


it has been almost a week since i've blog .
so now here i am .

i am having PMS i guess .
getting verii emotional recently .

but i just had a fight with hubby .
it lead us to the topic AGAIN .

i have alreadiie lost count on how many times he have brought it up .
so nw i am super moody .
hopefully P can come asap .
so before i start work P will finish .

dun like the feeling of bleeding .
so dun wish to bring it to work .

there is acutally tons of happy things i can blog about .
cos for the week a few things happen and a few outings .
but i totally have no mood to blog about them .

cos i dun feel a single bit of happy emotion nw .
sorriie people .

will update asap de .
i promise .

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day without you

today hubby never came over neither did i go his hse .
so it was our first official day for so long we never meet .

i miss him .
but he thinks that i am not .

anyway while i was doing my report today .
i happen to read my school email .
and there it was !
the subject state as SIP company interview .
i was so anxious .

saw the content and double check with rol wad is shortlisted .
and woots .
i am going for an interview on Wednesday at the company .
but it is 10am .
so maybe rol will be acc-ing miie to go .

and nw i still got to wait for people to reply my email .
den i can contiune with my work .
and tmr will be the presentation alreadiie .
so hopes nothin goes wrong .

oh and on additional info .
my hubby's OSIP have been confirm .
he will be going on the 5/7 .
which i totally bu she de .
haiz .
but he will be coming back on my bdae itself .
so let fate decide ba .

i love you BABY !

Friday, June 4, 2010

End of studying

i am nw verii pissed .
as the stupiid teacher insulted miie for my work .

i put equal effort in it lorx .
if you cannort say something good than shutup .
first off i dun think my work is that bad .
is onli becuase i talk back to you .
so you not happy about it so you pick directly at miie .

too bad i am also blunt .
you are a freaking bias teacher .
you judge a student .

so when you do that you loses yr right as a teacher to judge on our work .
because you are no longer fair .
so all i can say is that i am not the only one who feel that way .


Monday, May 31, 2010

busy week

this week is the so called official final week of school .
therefore i am verii excited as holidays are coming .
but it also means i am starting on MP or SIP soon .
which i am not lookin forward .

though it is sad but i took sometime off .
went to orchard and bugis with hubby and friends to shop .
bought a new pair of jeans and shoes .

not much thing to blog about .
as i am studyin for the test later .
oh and hubby is on his way for breakfast .

sooooo busy busy busy .
do not expect miie to blog this week .
but if i can i will .
i'll try my verii busy lorx !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

things to do

ok so i have so much thing tat i shld do .
but have not started .

first of all i need to save up a tons of money .
esp for clothes and gadgets .

plus i need to submit my SIP form soon .
still got no idea wad company i shld go .
and nxt week will the last week of school .
whereby tons of test is coming and projects to submit .
and worst of all things the demo and presentation .

comm session next friday third group .
test 2 next monday on all topics .
compilation of all the progress reports .

my part of FILA chart not done .
Case study report not done .
final case of demo not done .
presentation next week .

no more test .
Tables not yet created .
forms not done .
presentation by next week .
tables and forms to be shown today .
so suck my life out .

so many things to do so little time .
after the school term has end .
i would either go and look for a part time job first .
while waiting if i am suppose to do MP or just plain holidays .

if best i need to earn some money to get better gadgets .
like the MACbook i am craving for .
the iphone/ipod touch .
a new handphone .
a new digital camera .
almost all the gadgets i wann to get .
but no money and no time to earn the money .
because of school and need time to spend with hubby .

as a girl i shld be as vain as crazy .
but after being with hubby i have indeed tone down a bit .
so i need to buy new clothes .
so tat i meet a certain expectation but i do not look like some auntie .

i need some trendy clothes tat is nt exposing parts of miie .
tight fitting is alright .
so if there is any good recommendation .
follow miie in twitter and tag miie there .

will keep more updates recently .
cos everyone is complaining .
saying i shld post more regularly .
but i think i post quite regular wad .
compare to sp tat is .

i post once every two to three days .
she post once every few months .
who is worst ?
lol .

so to please everyone .
i will try to post once every one to two days .
in case i am busy or too tired etc etc .

so gotta go prepare for class le .
ciao people .

Sunday, May 23, 2010

7weeks of sch ending

7 weeks of my term A of Apr sem is ending .
so it meant lots of assignments deadline and presentation are coming up

which also means i will much much more busy .
therefore i got to say time is an elements tat i do not have in advantage .

once this 7 weeks is over,
MP/SIP will be starting .
and once again i am separated from HB .

they are all starting their attachment during the months of june .
and best if all they are all working in the same company .

but for miie i will be going during july .
which means it is either holiday for miie .
or it would mean i would start my MP first .
the most headache thing is tat i do not know my grouping .

ARGH !!!
my headache is always cause by school .
but i am also going to help hubby with business .
once the business has started i believe i would not even have any time for friends .
i will have to make myself free .
or at least gives my friends timeslots .
if not losing touch with them will be a undeinable truth .

hopefully in this experience i can get better at time management .
this case i would have better chances of living without full of complains .

so wish miie lucks ba .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


ok this is the first slpless night i have for so long .
my mind keep spining round .

feel like calling hubby .
but i dun wann disturb him .
cos he must be slping nw .

my eyes is still hurting
this is why i cant slp .
the pain is in the eyeball .

but it was even worst before tat .
luckily hubby taught miie a way .
and i am feeling better .

listening to songs and forcing myself to slp .
den lots of things flow through my mind .

because i suddenly had the feeling of fear .
i dunno wad fear is tat .
but it is like as if i am afraid i am going to die any mins .
and all i can think of is to call hubby .

this fear cos my heart to race .
my hands to sweat .
i dunno why .

i love u,
i hope u knw,
til the end no matter wad .
even if i die .
i wann u to knw tat .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

rotting blog

my blog is seems to be rotting .
cant let tat happen .
so here i am typing nonsense .

cos i dunno how to maintain this blog le .
everyday of my life seems the same .
no excitements that i can talk about .

cos everyday is the same .
go to school .
meet hubby .
lovey dovey .
go home with hubby .
talk on the phone with hubby .

and the whole rountine repeats itself .
but even though it is like tat .
i still can say my life is rather busy with school too .
nw i am busy with school work, hubby and of cos my friends .
so can be meaningful .
just no particulars things to post about .

or i shld say tat i am too lazy to reali type in details .
cos some parts of the day i must be happy, sad, angry, surprise .
or some other feelings that i have .
but just too lazy to type in details .

u can just say i am being so pampered til the limit tat i am too lazy .
so anyway before i go

i have to wish MeiXin here .
a year older makes u more ready for future challenges .
to let u know .
everyone who cares about u will be there for u,
no matter when or where .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dinner with godmummy

todae mummy is cooking a home cook meal .
but to no suprise
as mummy is currently jobless .

so she is now a full time housewife .
but she is still planning to look for jobs .
cos she cant stand staying home everyday .
she say it is starting to bore her to death .
lol .

and today godmummy coming over for dinner .
main motive is to see my beloved hubby and miie of cos .
cos we haven meet up for quite some times .
so yes i miss her .

nw currently still having my lesson .
boring like crazy .
difficulty = 250%
yes my brain cells is almost use up .
i am nw stuck at MCSD de lab 4a activity 3 .
cos it include session management's coding .
and i got no idea of how to do it .

while waiting for the teacher to teach miie
or i shld say spoonfeed miie .
i am going to wait .

later will have TRIF .
and i have nt even started on the FILA charts .
so many things to be done so little time i have .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sick germs everywhere

i think there is an increase of sick germs .
as lots and lots of ppl ard miie is sick .

first off i was sick last week .
and then daddy fell ill too .
almost identical sickness as miie .
so mummy say is my fault .

wadever la .
but then after tat hubby also sick .
poor hubby had a fever on sunday unitl 39 .
acc him to white sand to see doctor at 8plus .
den send him home .
ate at his hse .
den took a bus home .

reach home ard 10 .
lol .

so take notes everyone .
drink more plain water and eat healthy food .

anyway happen to be reading blogs .
and i came pass rolrol's blog .
LOVE her new blogskin .
verii nice .
but layout still a bit messy can be better .
still nice for overall !!!

lastly before i finish this post .
love you like no one else does .
so if you fall sick i am more worried than no one would even do .
cant kiss you for awhile .
so kisses to you here

Sunday, May 2, 2010

2nd mth ANNI

1st of may labor day
is the day which marks my 2nd month anni .
hubby and i went to T3 in the morning .

den ate at ya kun toast .
walk walk .
talk talk .

den took bus back to hubby's .
change and went over to fly kite .

attempts like a gazillions times .
but the kite just couldnt fly up .
cos of my wuya zui .

so we planning another kite flying session soon .
tmr is hse warming at my uncle hse .
but will not be going .
as hubby's brother is celebrating his b'dae .

so as wad i say and hope to be the future sister-in-law .
it is best if i am there .
anyway hse warming party is kinda lame la .

plus tmr will have movie marathon with hubby also .
lots of movies to be watch .

enjoyed my day !

Monday, April 26, 2010

Projects RUSH !

this week is verii havoc .
it is a BIG FAT CHAOS for miie .

have to get the scope done .
den also a case study need to be hand in on 30/4 9am .
on 30/4 i also have NAFA test .
how sick is that ,

hate this school life .
senior school life is worst den freshie yr .
ARGH !!!

hope to go for MP/SIP soon .
like now if possible .

anyway personal life updates .
still sweet with him .
but a few huge arguments .
but we are doing fine now .

and i am watching knight rider now .
season one .
not the Channel 5 version de .
due to wad my hubby say .
the Channel 5 version is a remake version ?
but i am watching the orignal one .
super nice .
going to finish season one le .
but no tracks of a season two .

hope there is .
den i can continue to watch .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

puffy eyes

today i went to meet hubby after i ate lunch .

den acc hubby and saw a debate happen .
it is cool i feel .
and learnt how to play bridge today .
oh and play monopoly in cards .
quite cool lorx .

den had a argument with hubby .
and yupx ...
i cried .
and tat wasnt the worst .
worst of all is after all tat crying my eyes are puffy now .

going to apply eye mask to bed .
must get rid of the puffiness .
but we are alright now .
the storm have past and the sea is calm now .

he must have fallen asleep again .
so here i wann to say to my sleepin hubby .

i love you and i hope you know tat .
i say it becos i mean it .
so i hope you say it like you mean it too .

Monday, April 19, 2010

First day of 3.1

hahaas .
first day of being a senior SUCK !!!
first off is lecture .
lecture suck as usual .

NOW is lab .
and welcome to my class .
where lots of diff dip is combine in my lab .
hahaas .

so congrats miie .
and hopefully i get into a group well .
haiz .
sch is always a misery to miie .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my life

ok so i cant a proper topic or heading for this post .
so anyhow put hahaas .

basically for those who dunno .
i am happily attached to Mr. Luah Yi Cheng .
yes the same age as miie .
study in the same poly diff sch same year .
we are both seniors when sch start .
sounds old but wadever .

this mean hell for miie .
and all the hope when sch start is the breaks .
where i can meet my hubby or HB .
best i can meet them all tgt .
hahaas .

and verii happening to some of you .
the shocking news .
he has already met my parents .
or to say part of my family le .
saw a quarter of my cousins .
ah gong and my aunties and uncles .
most importantly my mum and dad .

NO objections but lots of curiousity .
cos he is the first and hopefully nothin happen the last .
that i am bringing to show them .

haiz .
sch sucks anyway .
oh and i have join Boy Bridgate(BB) for CCA .
hahaas .
cos hubby is in it .
more time spent tgt .

sch schedule is giving miie lots of headache so who cares la .
struggle through and try to score better !!!
aiming for a higher GPA !!!

lastly a shoutout to end my post .

Love to those who cares and love miie .
esp to Hubby and HB and Parents .
hubby because he love miie so and i love him more .
HB because they always seems there for miie through any probs .
Parents because they tolerates miie for wad i am .

LOVE you people !!!
Always be there for miie k .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Movie outing

todae went to hubby's .
we clean debbie and hubby de blanket .

hahaas .
and i just saw debbie's original color .
love her color .
hahaas .

den after tat rest at his hse .
we den went off to take the tickets for the movie .
ask feiyan to tag along .

so after which we just proceed to the cinema .
Show Start .
during~~~ show .
hubby eat 1 and a half packet of popcorn .
drank almost 3 can of coke .
hahaas .

but the show not good .
cos ending sucks .

today is sooo sweet for miie .
because i feel like hubby and i is so much closer .
dunno why .
but i reali have to say .
the love i have for him is no longer words can describe le .


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sch reopening

next monday sch reopen le .
but the timetable isnt out yet .
argh !

wann to know if i can be in same class as HB .
miss having them in class .
miss our girls time .

the fact is i just dun wann to be alone in class anymore .
so please hear miie .
and grant my wishes .

anyway met mummy for lunch cum dinner .
den after tat met hubby .
from there we came over to my house .

spent our time at my hse .
after so i send hubby go take bus .
i went home to watch tv ....

nothin else to do .
will take more sweet loving pics with him as requested .
so await k .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad weather

recently the weather is super duper bad .
and i dunno why .
i am having flu .

anyway going down to hubby's now .
shall think of things to blog again .
just so everyone knows .

miie and hubby is still sweet and lovey dovey .
sorriie for not updating .
too lazy .
too many things wann to blog .
dunno where to start .

so here is a picture of miie and hubby .
taken a few days ago .

anyway HB if possible once read this blog post .
send miie a sms .
things to ask you girls .

love love to HB and Hubby !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

moody week

this week lots of people getting moody .
miie, my hubby, my parents .

haiz ,
but all because of bad mood .

love hubby .
cos he always so caring for miie .

even willing to paint a sky of stars for miie .

a non romantic guy trying to be romantic .
is touching and duper adorable .

planning for our breakfast tmr .
sweet morning breakfast for the uber duper lovey dovey couple .

will take pics and post it on the blog de .

romantic starry night

i am talking to darling on the phone .
and he just hang up on miie .

after saying such romantic things .
he hanged up on miie .

he has been moody this few days .
hope he is better .

love him lots

Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 month and counting on

it is mark 1 month .
since he ask and i agreed .
but hubby say to be exact is 4pm .

so i will say it to him again at 4pm later .
hahaas .

will den blog abt it later .

so i am anticipating the coming of the day to come .
tat night would slip away .
hahaas .

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New blogskins editied and done .

just finish editing my blogskin .
whew .

feels like i am still studying .
doing assignments .
writing lines of codes .

hahaas .
but now i am at least happy .
firstly becos i change the blogskin le .
but most importantly !!!

HUBBY helped .
he help to pick out the skin .
and help to research some lyrics for miie .
sweet sweet darling of mine .

anyway today went to changi village with hubby .
i think from now on .
there will be my favorite beach .
hahaas .
super windy .
windy like crazy .
hahaas .
but big distraction for hubby .
cos he will notice planes flying off and coming back .
T.T jealous of planes .
childish of miie .
hahaas .

anyway will be sleeping soon .
cos tmr need wake up early .
love my hubby .
cuddles cuddles .
muacks muacks .

a little shoutout to HUBBY :
Mr. Luah Yi Cheng !
you know right ?

hahaas .
will keep all the promises made .

so you must keep yr promise too .

Saturday, March 20, 2010

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 7 }

hahaas .
ok so i am blogging .
though it is middle of the night .
but because it is pass 12 .

so i have decide to let it be day 7 .
so i didnt post on DAY 5 & 6 .
and hubby was actually not happy abt it .

so here i am posting .
with sleepy eyes i am posting .
but all i can think of ....
is too post up an updates .

this few days de work is like super busy la .
busy til my brain is crazy .
no idea singaporean can be such an A hole .
hahaas .

cos super demanding .
running up and down .
here and there sending food all over the place .
though the shop is not verii big .
but i can onli say i run till i super tired le .

hahaas .
den everyday is like crazy one .
and all i can say miss him like crazy too .

so this few day is crazy crazy crazy .

i love you hubby .
miss you crazy .
come back early .
be waiting for you .
loves loads loads for you .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 4 }

lol .
now talkin to darling on skype .
got super addicted to the SNSD new song .
dark soshi .
hahas .
super cool looks .
hot TTM .
wooooo ~

hahaas .
watch HD version here .

anyway rot at home today .
watched my season two true blood .
lol .
but incomplete .
meaning i have to go some network to search for the following .
cos i heard true blood got more than 2 season .
haiz .

so funshion dun have den have to go search .
lol .
anyway supernatural hasnt been updated yet .
so is the others series i am watchin .

need more shows to watch ....
spent time .

for the next following days i will be working .
and yes i'll be workin my ass off .
hahaas .

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 3 }

hahaas . today woke up late for work
so rush to bathe den went to take bus .

den on my way to work was a bit emo .
because it was raining .
and it was cold and quiet on the bus .
cam whore with bear bear .
or more of take bear bear .
hahaas .

den after reaching work late .
i got scolded .....
haiz .

den grumpy .
but still work in my best state .
cos got two auntie praise miie .
hahaas .
so happy .

den after that during my break .
bear bear cam whore with my cam .
hahaas .
ok actually is i pose bear bear de .
so i force her to pose de .

den just now on my way home,
while sms-ing darling .
i was in bus 2 .
super crowded and smelly .
so i took out bear bear and started sniffing .
den i think some people on bus think i am crazy .
hahaas .
but who cares wad they think .

and my poor darling is sick .

anyway darling bought miie a handphone strap .
and fyi it is a super cute one !!!
hahaas ,

darling i am missin you like crazy .
love you like crazy .
so like i say ....
will stick with you 4ever .
hahaas .
and love you 4ever .
so do that for miie too .
muackiies .
love love .

Monday, March 15, 2010

YC's shanghai trip{ DAY 2 }

ok so i woke up late todae .
ard 1pm i think .

weird tiredness overcome miie todae .
watching a new drama .
ok maybe not so new .
but to miie, i haven watch it .
so to miie it is .
it is "True Blood"
nice show .
cos it is abt vamps .
haahas .

but sadly while watching i keep dozing off .
den have to rewatch over and over again .

because my monthly came to visit .
haiz .
so the cramps started .
den too moody and tired .
dunno why .

so i keep lazing ard home .
or more specific my bed .

hardly get myself out of bed .
so poor bear bear got to stand miie being smelly .
and pei miie watch the drama plus seeing miie doze off .

so i just keep slpin my day off .
lol .
i reali reali miss him .
well i guess slpin is my only way .

cos all i can do is maybe dream of him .
hahaas .
ok i am kiddin .
cos i cannort control wad or who i dream of .

but i reali miss him a lot .
today is monday ....
not yet two days past .
yet i still have to survive the rest .
how ?

lookin at the pics we took tgt .
missing him sooo sooo much .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

YC's shanghai trip{ DAY 1 }

hhahaas .
day one of hubby de shanghai trip .
but i will blog about my day .

woke up ard 9 plus in the morning .
saw hubby's 6 sms .
miss all his messages and nvr reply .
cos i was stupiidly snoring in my sleep .
so i cried a little .
hugging bear bear smelling the smell of him .
i miss him soooo sooo much .
and this is just the first day .

how i wish i was there to send him off .
regrets ....

den so i drag my lazy ass up .
bathe and make breakfast for myself .
after so ...
i went to take bus to work .

i bought bear bear to work .
on the bus i camwhore with bear bear .
after that i kinda went emo .
cos i just miss him sooo sooo much .
cos he once pei miie the same trip down to work .
though a different bus .
but was the same route .
same seats of the bus .

miss that shoulder that i lean on .
so i hug bear bear and whisper in its ear .
saying " bear~ i miss him~ "
and yes, my eyes went teary again .
but i didnt cry .

so after which is work .
work is always tiring .
but this starting of the year is super tiring .
wondered why .
even my assistant manager wonders too .

cos everyone is complaining to busy .
maybe is not because of the crowd .
maybe the crowd was the same .
the different is the number of staffs .
now is lesser .
so we are like working our ass off .

hahaas .
and so just now ard 10 pm .
hubby sms miie !
i was so happy ~~~
so now while waiting for my hubby to reply miie .
cos we going to chat on skype .
ahahas .
i am blogging .

will blog on every single day de .
just in case hubby is reading .
he can know wad my day was like too .

hahaas even though we are going to chat .
but just in case he forgets .
he can read from here .

i love you .
hurry and come back k .
dun find a shanghai girl come back k !!!
missssss you like crazzzzyy .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

release of exam results

hahaas .
ytd i was so anxious about the result .

because i am worried that i might need to take supp .

but luckily NO SUPP for miie .
wahahas .

so went out with zizi to go mummum .
hahaas .

den is like ytd nvr meet honey .
hahaas .

later will go meet hubby den help him pack his bag .
den after that will eat dinner at his home .

last night we spent together before he go shanghai.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HB's lunch meetin

ytd HB met up for lunch .
had tons and tons of fun .

shared somethings here and there .
tmr result will be out .
super nervous now .
how ?

flu is hitting miie down .
my mind is so blank now .
so i will update more .

anyway tmr going to pei laogong .
so must go and slp early .

Monday, March 8, 2010

dedication to Ho Carol

carol, sad to say .
as a friend i just saw yr blog post .

so here i am wanting to tell you .


i will be there for you .
and timing late is the least of the worries you shld have .

have you forgotten .
i stay up late de .

will be glad to just be there for you .
cos you have acc miie through so many things .

just share yr troubles with miie .
love you always .

Sunday, March 7, 2010

outing with hubby's family

hahaas .
i am now at hubby's hse .
waiting for hubby to finish bathing .
den after tat will go out .

but ....
i am going out with not only hubby .
but with hubby's family .
cos they going shopping .

hubby ask miie to tag along .
just to acc him .
so it is actually a bit awkard to start off .

cos i still think it is quite weird .
hanging out with them, makes miie nervous .
dun ask miie why .
i dunno the answer either .

just not good at mingling with parents i guess .
hahaas .

anyway now we are waiting for hubby to finish bathing .
which my dearest hubby is taking his own sweet time .
hahaas .

oh and just to update everyone .
we are official le .
and i meant that even my parents know about his existence .

but surprisingly daddy didnt scold miie .
just reminded miie a little here and there .
telling miie not to affect sch etc etc .

so no need to tell anymore lies .
just simple sweet and blissful life for miie now .

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Daddy

today is 05/03/2010 .
i hereby wishes daddy a

daddy is 47 this yr le .
this show how time pass so fast .
but one thing tat change .
daddy has been better .
he treated miie like i am a responsible adult .

he still show his concern for miie .
but never too much or too little .
just nice .
and lesser scolding from him .

hope daddy live long and healthy .

sooner or later will pop the surprise sentence to you .
shld i do it today ?

lets consider .....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hair cut

still thinknin about the hair cut ltr .
hubby wann go cut hair .
so i following ,

but i wondering if i shld cut too .
cos the fringe is cutting long .

and i told daddy tat i will cut today .
haiz .

so reconsider ba .
super tired now .

hubby slping away beside miie .
hahaas .
so cute and sweet .
he must be tired too .

love you hubby .
now and forver .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

k session

maybe i am getting a bit too over le .
cos now i feel like i have everything .

no matter is family, friends, sisters, love .
i feel i have everything .
so contented .
but still greedy .

scare will get too greedy .
but i am still happy .

den next wed going sing k with HB .
wooohoo .

Monday, March 1, 2010

drama to me = exciting life/colorful oil painting

i can say .
my life was once worst than a black & white photo .
bored like crazy .

but now i have gone crazy over him .
and this changes everything .
trust given and taken .

all i can say is i actually had fun ytd night .
hahaaas .

had a laugh throughout the thing .
childish as can be .
but need to be there for him .
so i willing to childish for him too .
hahaas .

rolrol if you read this rmb .
call miie when you are free .
we need to carried on with the phone call ytd .

Sunday, February 28, 2010

work day

it has been quite some time le,
i meant going back to work .

some other things happen .
now i am happy .
blissful actually .
so please be happy for miie .

even though there will be obstacle .
but i am sure i can get over with him de .
if he is willing to bring miie through .

but all comes to the end .
trust is reali verii important .

i wann him to have faith in miie .
so ....
hopefully time can show us .
recently i have started to grow super clingy .
smth like those guys i once dislike .

possessive, controlling .
paranoid and like to meet everyday .
cling on to each other like honey .

hahaas .
i once dislike these characteristic .
but now i possess all of them .
lol .
how ironic this is right ?

maybe because i love him more than i expected ba .
so i have this feelings .
the feeling is fear .
fear that he might leave miie .
fear that he might dun wann miie anymore .
fear that he think i am not good enough .
fear of losing him .

so much more .
but now i like this feeling .
even though it is a fear,
but i still feel blissful .

you drive miie crazy,
makes miie paranoid,
and i still love to cling on to you .
this is the proof of miie loving you .
the love is so great that i dun believe i am too .
love you hubby, always and in future

Friday, February 26, 2010

study & go crazy

hahaas .
now in school,

brain cells killed .
exam start at 230 .
den after that will go meet HB .

dunno wad they wann do .
so will see .
if not will find zp .
hope she will finish work early today .

den maybe can pei her go watch the movie .
lol .

bored day today ,
den later hubby going for his bb thing .

Thursday, February 25, 2010

EBM paper = 0 understanding

tmr got EBM paper
but now i got nothin in my brain .

tmr hubby coming over to fetch miie .
den will try to study in school .

love hubby like crazy .
but hubby going overseas soon .

haiz .

morning person != qianhui

hahaas .
still super sleepy as ever .
hungry also .
a bit grumpy i guess.

not the morning kind of ppl .
hate to be disturb when i am slping .
argh !!!

woke up when my phone went off .
mummy wann remind miie to warm the chicken .
argh !

need go sms her if i shld cook rice or fried rice .
cos one need wash frying pan .
the other one no need .

have to call her le .
anyway i know this is lame .

but i have to say the song mouth shut by The Veronicas is super nice .
hahaas .
i know it is random .
just go listen to it .
if you guys haven .

will we lose our freedom ?
when you and i are both attached .
will we still meet out like we do now ?
if we cant, i will miss you like crazy .
even though you are working and i am studying .
we always try to find time to meet out for a meal .
i wont neglect you when i am attached but will you ?
hahaas .
love and kisses to my dearest zp .

sweet sweet love

does all the girls in love feel so blissful like i do ?
and do they feel the misery throughout too ?

i feel all types of feelings in this relationship .
of cos misery is smth cant be kept away .

but at least i feel the bliss tat i have .

not trying to say anything .
but reali hope to last super long with him .

cos he give miie such secure feelings like no one did .
make miie trust him even with my worst fear .

so maybe he is my miracle ?
the one that change miie into someone else .
tmr will have to do final chionging for EBM le .

support is so important
but dun support on the wrong things .
she has her decision in things too .
so dun force her .
just let her rot in the shit hole .
cos no words can get to her .
if she keep herself out .
we've tried everything le .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tired of life le la

i have seen worst .
but do people that hang out with miie get bad luck ?

whenever i feel like i am having some luck .
one or two of my friend goes reali bad luck .
so this time is cyn .

she woke miie up just now .
crying and choking back .
so i ask her to come over .

den she came over .
both eyes so swollen .
so heartbroken when i see her .
she is like so poor thing can .

her bf took off le .
dun wann her le .
change his number, change he home address .
just like that disappear le .

how can that sucker be such a jerk ass .
who do you think you are ?
you are such a fugly jerk .
who gave you the rights to hurt my friend ?

never ever wants these kind of things happen to my friends .
so i now at cyn hse .
going home soon .

hope she will feel better .

it is ok for being paranoid recently .
cos now i know how upset you were .
maybe you were paranoid towards miie cos you were afraid of losing miie .
as a friend i will always be here for you .
so dun be so suspicious about him .
i reali trust him .
dun think he is like that stupiid jerk .

change of blogskin

just finish editing the blogskin .
too lazy to create so just do some customizing to my liking .
change a bit onli .

plus i copy rolrol .
i took away the tagboard .
not say take away .
but just dunno where put nicer .
plus also not much ppl tag .
so dun care too .

hahaas .
and today went to honey de hse .
bigger den mind lorx .
so nothin to say .

but is like saw his whole family la .
totally not use to seeing parents .
lol .
even if it is friend's de also dun like .

like super weird .
progress like jap's bullet train .
wahahhaha .

gd or bad ?
someone tell miie ?
anyway cyn told miie smth .
and she keep saying i will regret .
but i dun wann to lose a friend over a guy .
but neither do i wann to lose this guy .

found out that i happen to like him .
because even if he is a normal guy .
but he dun force .
lol .

so that kind of make miie like him more i guess .
hahaas .

daddy is giving miie the sighing action to hint miie to off my com le .
so nighty night night girls and boys .
hahaas .

Monday, February 22, 2010

changing & moving on

so like i have mention to some of you .
i have gave up and decided to move on .

not making myself so miserable .
so i have move on .

might because i have issues of my own .
that ytd i kind of suspected honey for a while .
cos he also have his own issue .

but now i am putting 100% trust in him .
hope i am not wrong .

den just found the skin i wann .
going to do editing when i am free .
den change it over to be my official blogskin .
so troublesome right ,

anyway i still have to go down to tampines national library to pay my fine .
haiz .
so lame lorx .
now accumulate to $11++ .
lol .

so daddy nag miie to go and pay it todae .
sadly i will be travelling down to make payment den .
hahaas .

den dunnno can pei honey study for his paper tmr not .
cos .....
mummy they all keep saying i recently verii late come back .
lol .

shall see first ba .
so now going to bathe and pay my fines le .

Friday, February 19, 2010

blissful and happy

now this instance i feel blissful and happy .
it is like i have get my life back .

all this credits to ?
hahaas .
but i am still verii happy .

anyway he is cute .
in one way and another .
rather sweet too .
hahaas .

lets see .
i need to find a proper name to call .
darling ?
dear ?
honey ?
baby ?
dar dar ?
sweetheart ?
亲爱的 ?
あなた ?

suggestion ?
i wann special de .
hahaas .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

one mre week to go

one more week to go .
to be more exact is 1 mre day to go .

haiz .
now i feel so bad .
cos i seriously dunno what is wrong with miie .

it is like my old self is slowly surfacing again .
i dun wann to hurt anyone .
and i dun wann anyone to hurt miie .

so to be exact .
once again i do not know what i am doing .
or what i shld do .

who can tell miie .
or even direct miie ?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

super tired now,
while troubling on how to do up mt ppt for tmr .
i am looking at blogskins .
and watching movie and drama .

i am such a failure at focusing on smth .
hahaas .
so tmr's lab test is so not going to be easy .
haiz .

anyway need to go take notes from supeng
cos that day forget take from her .

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i hereby at the strike of MIDNIGHT .
wishes everyone

hope everyone in this tiger year .
can earn tons and tons of $$ .
stay healthy and blissful .

going off to have another bathe to cool myself off .
and need to put on a mask and go to bed le .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY eve

haiz . so sad man .
on the eve of CNY .
i can onli say i super sway .
cos i broke my OPI nail polish .
den got to clean it up .

but just now i alreadiie went down to buy the nail polish remover .
and now i clean it up .
but the door is quite destroy le .
haiz .

but my nails also a bit ruined .
now asking ChuXuan whether she can help miie do touch up .
hahahahaha .

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY week

tmr onwards will turn on holiday mood .
cos i will get to get tons and tons of ang bao .
and that simply means i will have tons of $$ .
hahaas .

so dun care .
wahahaha .
then i just know that during CNY week .
which i mean next week .
i will have a hell of a week .
start off i will be working night shift on MON .
one day of rest at home on tues .
BUT !!!!
will be visiting daddy's friends hse from evening onwards .
den after that the following day i have one final presentation and lab test .
which will start at 2 and end around 3 i guess .
lol .

then will go home and prepare for another class test .
but is MSYD de .
open book class test ,
need gather all lab adn best i wann to print out .
den can have a better references .
but when can i find the time to do that .
oh god !!!

den after that i think i will be working on the weekend i guess .
no idea .
den sunday will eventually work or rest at home .
either or .

hahaas .
that will then declare the end of the hell of just one week .
sound packed ?
quite la .
but at least submission and interview is down today .
two less thing to worry about .
wooohooo .

ohoh and then the following got no more school .
but on the friday have to come back to school for the EBM main paper .
so before that have to study for it .
hahahas .

and on the 27 of FEB .
we are offically self declared holiday le .
just need to wait for result just to know who need take supp .
hahahas .

but obviously no one wann to come back for any supp .
and that includes miie .
i will be like the first to object any supp for miie .
will practically kill myself if i have to come back for supp .

hahahaaha ,
so i need to go and concentrate on my lab le .
so ciao peopel .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

project and exam period is here

dunno how many days le .
never blog .
maybe just feel like nothin to blog .

but at this timing i have .
almost 12 midnight le .

tmr 9am got interview .
but ....
i haven remember them .
cos i cant get anything in my mind .

so afraid .
den after that is submission of MSYD project .
but not so worried for that one .

BUT ....
jason wann miie to write a report for my part .
which i hate .
cos i dunno how to start
and that is not the first thing in my mind .

wadever la .
den it will be CNY le .
friday will meet zo and peng after their class .
den travelling down to boon lay .
going to do nails for CNY .

celebrate CNY but will be working on MON .
den relax on tue .
on WED will have final presentation and lab test for SWEN .
den after that will be thurs is SWEN quiz .
after all that .
the following week de friday will have my EBM de main paper .
den will be holiday for miie le .
ahahhaas .

anyway need go try to read den slp early le .
night .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New month still miss him lots

ok so a brand new months .
nothin changed much .
how sad that is .

i miss him for like everyday .
but no one cares if i do .

so i can do is think about him .
and guess wad my insomnia has been cured in one way or another .

because everytime i think about him .
i can fall asleep peacefully and calm .
dunno how to describe the kind of secure and safe feelings .

just feel warm and so.....
god i think i am reali in love .
but i keep asking myself ....
can i reali love him without wanting smth in return ?

i sometimes doubt myself .
i question but there was no answer .
it was just blank .
not a NO or YES not even I DONT KNOW .

so i guess time will tell .
been doing some reading .
and i am waiting for peng to lend miie her book .

ノルウェイの森 Noruwei no Mori
also known as Norwegian Wood .
it is a book by the japanese author named
or as we known Haruki Murakami

seem to have an interesting summary .
so wann to read it .
any recommendations of good novels .
leave miie a msg on the tagboard .

anyway it is late i guess .
going off to finish watching my show .
den crash on my bed thinkin of him to sleep ....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dunno how many days it has been ever since i last post .
but i dun understand why i always blog during MSYD class .

hahaas .
maybe too boring i guess .
or i just dun feel like doing .
lazy miie .

never ever going to change away this bad habit i guess .
not impossible but too lazy to bother .

later got interview for SWEN .
and up til now this timing i have no idea wad to asked .

so how ?
die ?
just have to take it step by step .
and see how it goes .

just read through a few blogs and realise smth .
everyone change ever since everyone are departed from each other .

life moves on so no point looking bad .
what happened had happen .
all we can do is to look forward and pray for the best in future .

anyway going to remove my nails soon i think .
next week then remove ba .
need to spent another big amt on nails .

haiz .
remove le den do normal thing for cny ba .

planning to restock my makeup once i get my pay this month .
and to wad i have known HO CAROL is going to acc miie .

den need to buy cny de clothes .
no ideas in buying wad type .
shld i buy smth girly?
lady ?
manly ?

dunno .
go elegant, mature ?
wild, crazy ?
childish, girly ?

no ideas yet .
dun care le la .

dunno wad else to blog abt le .
going to update my wishlists .
den will try and attempt to do MSYD lab de .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

boring school day

once again i am here again
i need to complain how boring is school .
ESP MSYD class .

but one thing gd abt that is the teacher .
he quite ok la .
but today totally no mood to entertain him .

just feel rather moody .
haiz .
what to do leii .
haiz .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

complaining again

It has been like dunno how long ever since i last blog .
shld be not a week long ba .
hahaas .

now in SWEN class,
not boring but super headache .
one main reason is because i seriously dunno how to do SRS .

but second reason is the members .
first off is the "a"
he is seriously pissing miie off .
one way or another he is so irritating .
even when he come to school is still like he is MIA .
cos he is just too freaking SELF-CENTERED .
when he is not there for the group i help
the un-decisive group with making the final decision .

next is "b"
THE LEADER of the group !
but he cant make any decision .
lack of self confidence .
but is smart so makes him better den "a" .
gives crap ideas things that are totally irrelevant .

as for "c"
cant make decision too .
but hardworking, willing to volunteer and give in gd ideas .

and last but not least "d" .
she is like "THE BEST" as if.....
i hate talking to her .
practically ignore her every possible second .
whenever she attempt to talk to miie i will just ignore her .

anyway done complaining le .
here is my schedule for the next few days .

Thursday 21/1/10:
1-4 MSYD (presentation for report)

Friday 22/1/10:
1-3 nail appt at boonlay/jurong west
4-10 work

Saturday 23/1/10:
4-10 work

Sunday 24/1/10:
2-5 study for SWEN written test .
6-8 dinner w/ family

Monday 25/1/10:
10-1: EBM lab
1-2: lunch w/ HB
2-4: Written Test for SWEN
4-6: SWEN lab

Tuesday 26/1/10:
1-4: MSYD lab
4-6: SWEN lab

Wednesday 27/1/10:
3-5: SWEN lab

that is about it i guess
so busy busy .
will be blogging if i have smth to blog abt .
complain abt .
hahaas .

if not my life is just plain old school & work .
nothing much .
but will update more frequent on twitter ,
less on blog .
cos not much to blog abt .
unless i feel like .

ciao people left with 40 mins before school end .
and i haven start on my SRS .
haiz .
off to do SRS le .

Thursday, January 14, 2010

irregular blogging

haven been blogging regularly .
such a failure .
haiz .

supa boring in school .
but wad to do .
have to come .
supa broke to go see doctor le .
therefore have to tolerate all this .

just tolerate one yr and a few more mths .
den i will be graduating .
hopefully i dun fail any subjects .

dun wish to stay for one more sem .
JIAYOU to miie .

anyway brief updates :
bought like 4 more OPI nail color
namely .
H19 passion
B24 Blue my mind
B30 Purple with a purpose
C89 chocolate moose

supposing getting the B27 dominant jeans de .
but out of stock .
so hopefully i can get them real soon .
hahaas .

need them urgently .
going to get more color .
hahahahahaha .

so people interested in getting OPI nail color at less than $11 let miie know .
the more i order the more it is cheaper .
just let miie the code number of the nail polish and the nail of it .

den i will go and search if they have the color or not .
and then reply to you asap .

so those who are interested in purchasing email miie at
please put yr subject as OPI nail polish . thanks .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

emotional day/helpful day

today woke up late .
the OPI nail polish like arrived alreadiie .
like less than one day man .
so super duper fast la .

den was like damn freaking happy .
after i went out i realise i forget to bring my wallet .
so went home to get my wallet
and realise mummy broke one of my newly bought OPI nail polish .
was damn pissed la !!!!
den ok wadever .

so i walk to the usual bus stop to take bus .
but on my way there, i saw a old uncle in a not so gd position .
he fell and there is onli one maid trying to get him up .
but no one else was there to help .

so the kindness in miie reacted .
i went over to help .
and so did another aunty who has her child there .
we tried to get him up .
but he held on to the railing beside him so tightly .
that we would hardly get him up .

the way he tremble make miie feel like crying .
for god gracious, why would no one help .
and it just seem so wrong for an old man to tremble in a manner like that .

so we hold his crutches up and try to get him up .
we keep telling him to keep himself relax .
so that we can shift him to a position that we can get him up .

after like a few minutes,
he relax and we shifted him to a sitting position .
for god gracious i put his slippers on for him !!!!
can you believed it ?

hahaas .
so after we got him up .
his whole body was red and still shivering .
but he was like in a rush .
so he then walk off .
and everyone else went off too .

now i am sitting in class blogging this out .
this is also what i think i learn about .

therefore i do not believe in the video that happened at the countdown party .

and i feel so stress now .
i need zoelyn now !!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

change change change

recently he has changed .
i can onli say i cant help it anymore

i cant stop liking him
wad to do ?

who can help miie .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i wann to be in love

been rewatching some old drama .
and now i am rewatchin a korean drama .
super sweet .
make miie cry, laugh and wann to fall in love .

i will like go "Awww~~~~ so sweet~~"
or *sniff sniff*
or "ahahahahaha"

maybe becos i am still young .
so my heart cant settle down .
i am trying to make myself settle down with someone .
but i cant .
cos none of them i reali like .

and those i reali like cant settle down with miie .
2 reason .
first, they are not interested , so we never get to start .
second, they break up with miie not long after .

so how can i settle ?
haiz .

i wann to fall in love with someone .
and tat someone to love miie like crazy .
be crazy for miie like i do for him .

when will this person appear .
or when will this person be known in my eyes ?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

best night of 2009

31/12 is the best night i ever had .

that night i talk to him .
we talk .
the way we talk sound like a couple .

the words he reply miie .
the tone he speaks in makes miie tremble .
i feel so blessed .

the way he dun wann miie to be worry .
the looks on him being stubborn .
the things he say out .

makes miie weak .

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year ! 2010 !

today is the first day of the new year .
2010 .
the year of OX ,

hope in the new year we can have a new start .