Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dunno how many days it has been ever since i last post .
but i dun understand why i always blog during MSYD class .

hahaas .
maybe too boring i guess .
or i just dun feel like doing .
lazy miie .

never ever going to change away this bad habit i guess .
not impossible but too lazy to bother .

later got interview for SWEN .
and up til now this timing i have no idea wad to asked .

so how ?
die ?
just have to take it step by step .
and see how it goes .

just read through a few blogs and realise smth .
everyone change ever since everyone are departed from each other .

life moves on so no point looking bad .
what happened had happen .
all we can do is to look forward and pray for the best in future .

anyway going to remove my nails soon i think .
next week then remove ba .
need to spent another big amt on nails .

haiz .
remove le den do normal thing for cny ba .

planning to restock my makeup once i get my pay this month .
and to wad i have known HO CAROL is going to acc miie .

den need to buy cny de clothes .
no ideas in buying wad type .
shld i buy smth girly?
lady ?
manly ?

dunno .
go elegant, mature ?
wild, crazy ?
childish, girly ?

no ideas yet .
dun care le la .

dunno wad else to blog abt le .
going to update my wishlists .
den will try and attempt to do MSYD lab de .

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