Sunday, February 28, 2010

work day

it has been quite some time le,
i meant going back to work .

some other things happen .
now i am happy .
blissful actually .
so please be happy for miie .

even though there will be obstacle .
but i am sure i can get over with him de .
if he is willing to bring miie through .

but all comes to the end .
trust is reali verii important .

i wann him to have faith in miie .
so ....
hopefully time can show us .
recently i have started to grow super clingy .
smth like those guys i once dislike .

possessive, controlling .
paranoid and like to meet everyday .
cling on to each other like honey .

hahaas .
i once dislike these characteristic .
but now i possess all of them .
lol .
how ironic this is right ?

maybe because i love him more than i expected ba .
so i have this feelings .
the feeling is fear .
fear that he might leave miie .
fear that he might dun wann miie anymore .
fear that he think i am not good enough .
fear of losing him .

so much more .
but now i like this feeling .
even though it is a fear,
but i still feel blissful .

you drive miie crazy,
makes miie paranoid,
and i still love to cling on to you .
this is the proof of miie loving you .
the love is so great that i dun believe i am too .
love you hubby, always and in future

Friday, February 26, 2010

study & go crazy

hahaas .
now in school,

brain cells killed .
exam start at 230 .
den after that will go meet HB .

dunno wad they wann do .
so will see .
if not will find zp .
hope she will finish work early today .

den maybe can pei her go watch the movie .
lol .

bored day today ,
den later hubby going for his bb thing .

Thursday, February 25, 2010

EBM paper = 0 understanding

tmr got EBM paper
but now i got nothin in my brain .

tmr hubby coming over to fetch miie .
den will try to study in school .

love hubby like crazy .
but hubby going overseas soon .

haiz .

morning person != qianhui

hahaas .
still super sleepy as ever .
hungry also .
a bit grumpy i guess.

not the morning kind of ppl .
hate to be disturb when i am slping .
argh !!!

woke up when my phone went off .
mummy wann remind miie to warm the chicken .
argh !

need go sms her if i shld cook rice or fried rice .
cos one need wash frying pan .
the other one no need .

have to call her le .
anyway i know this is lame .

but i have to say the song mouth shut by The Veronicas is super nice .
hahaas .
i know it is random .
just go listen to it .
if you guys haven .

will we lose our freedom ?
when you and i are both attached .
will we still meet out like we do now ?
if we cant, i will miss you like crazy .
even though you are working and i am studying .
we always try to find time to meet out for a meal .
i wont neglect you when i am attached but will you ?
hahaas .
love and kisses to my dearest zp .

sweet sweet love

does all the girls in love feel so blissful like i do ?
and do they feel the misery throughout too ?

i feel all types of feelings in this relationship .
of cos misery is smth cant be kept away .

but at least i feel the bliss tat i have .

not trying to say anything .
but reali hope to last super long with him .

cos he give miie such secure feelings like no one did .
make miie trust him even with my worst fear .

so maybe he is my miracle ?
the one that change miie into someone else .
tmr will have to do final chionging for EBM le .

support is so important
but dun support on the wrong things .
she has her decision in things too .
so dun force her .
just let her rot in the shit hole .
cos no words can get to her .
if she keep herself out .
we've tried everything le .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tired of life le la

i have seen worst .
but do people that hang out with miie get bad luck ?

whenever i feel like i am having some luck .
one or two of my friend goes reali bad luck .
so this time is cyn .

she woke miie up just now .
crying and choking back .
so i ask her to come over .

den she came over .
both eyes so swollen .
so heartbroken when i see her .
she is like so poor thing can .

her bf took off le .
dun wann her le .
change his number, change he home address .
just like that disappear le .

how can that sucker be such a jerk ass .
who do you think you are ?
you are such a fugly jerk .
who gave you the rights to hurt my friend ?

never ever wants these kind of things happen to my friends .
so i now at cyn hse .
going home soon .

hope she will feel better .

it is ok for being paranoid recently .
cos now i know how upset you were .
maybe you were paranoid towards miie cos you were afraid of losing miie .
as a friend i will always be here for you .
so dun be so suspicious about him .
i reali trust him .
dun think he is like that stupiid jerk .

change of blogskin

just finish editing the blogskin .
too lazy to create so just do some customizing to my liking .
change a bit onli .

plus i copy rolrol .
i took away the tagboard .
not say take away .
but just dunno where put nicer .
plus also not much ppl tag .
so dun care too .

hahaas .
and today went to honey de hse .
bigger den mind lorx .
so nothin to say .

but is like saw his whole family la .
totally not use to seeing parents .
lol .
even if it is friend's de also dun like .

like super weird .
progress like jap's bullet train .
wahahhaha .

gd or bad ?
someone tell miie ?
anyway cyn told miie smth .
and she keep saying i will regret .
but i dun wann to lose a friend over a guy .
but neither do i wann to lose this guy .

found out that i happen to like him .
because even if he is a normal guy .
but he dun force .
lol .

so that kind of make miie like him more i guess .
hahaas .

daddy is giving miie the sighing action to hint miie to off my com le .
so nighty night night girls and boys .
hahaas .

Monday, February 22, 2010

changing & moving on

so like i have mention to some of you .
i have gave up and decided to move on .

not making myself so miserable .
so i have move on .

might because i have issues of my own .
that ytd i kind of suspected honey for a while .
cos he also have his own issue .

but now i am putting 100% trust in him .
hope i am not wrong .

den just found the skin i wann .
going to do editing when i am free .
den change it over to be my official blogskin .
so troublesome right ,

anyway i still have to go down to tampines national library to pay my fine .
haiz .
so lame lorx .
now accumulate to $11++ .
lol .

so daddy nag miie to go and pay it todae .
sadly i will be travelling down to make payment den .
hahaas .

den dunnno can pei honey study for his paper tmr not .
cos .....
mummy they all keep saying i recently verii late come back .
lol .

shall see first ba .
so now going to bathe and pay my fines le .

Friday, February 19, 2010

blissful and happy

now this instance i feel blissful and happy .
it is like i have get my life back .

all this credits to ?
hahaas .
but i am still verii happy .

anyway he is cute .
in one way and another .
rather sweet too .
hahaas .

lets see .
i need to find a proper name to call .
darling ?
dear ?
honey ?
baby ?
dar dar ?
sweetheart ?
亲爱的 ?
あなた ?

suggestion ?
i wann special de .
hahaas .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

one mre week to go

one more week to go .
to be more exact is 1 mre day to go .

haiz .
now i feel so bad .
cos i seriously dunno what is wrong with miie .

it is like my old self is slowly surfacing again .
i dun wann to hurt anyone .
and i dun wann anyone to hurt miie .

so to be exact .
once again i do not know what i am doing .
or what i shld do .

who can tell miie .
or even direct miie ?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

super tired now,
while troubling on how to do up mt ppt for tmr .
i am looking at blogskins .
and watching movie and drama .

i am such a failure at focusing on smth .
hahaas .
so tmr's lab test is so not going to be easy .
haiz .

anyway need to go take notes from supeng
cos that day forget take from her .

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i hereby at the strike of MIDNIGHT .
wishes everyone

hope everyone in this tiger year .
can earn tons and tons of $$ .
stay healthy and blissful .

going off to have another bathe to cool myself off .
and need to put on a mask and go to bed le .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY eve

haiz . so sad man .
on the eve of CNY .
i can onli say i super sway .
cos i broke my OPI nail polish .
den got to clean it up .

but just now i alreadiie went down to buy the nail polish remover .
and now i clean it up .
but the door is quite destroy le .
haiz .

but my nails also a bit ruined .
now asking ChuXuan whether she can help miie do touch up .
hahahahaha .

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY week

tmr onwards will turn on holiday mood .
cos i will get to get tons and tons of ang bao .
and that simply means i will have tons of $$ .
hahaas .

so dun care .
wahahaha .
then i just know that during CNY week .
which i mean next week .
i will have a hell of a week .
start off i will be working night shift on MON .
one day of rest at home on tues .
BUT !!!!
will be visiting daddy's friends hse from evening onwards .
den after that the following day i have one final presentation and lab test .
which will start at 2 and end around 3 i guess .
lol .

then will go home and prepare for another class test .
but is MSYD de .
open book class test ,
need gather all lab adn best i wann to print out .
den can have a better references .
but when can i find the time to do that .
oh god !!!

den after that i think i will be working on the weekend i guess .
no idea .
den sunday will eventually work or rest at home .
either or .

hahaas .
that will then declare the end of the hell of just one week .
sound packed ?
quite la .
but at least submission and interview is down today .
two less thing to worry about .
wooohooo .

ohoh and then the following got no more school .
but on the friday have to come back to school for the EBM main paper .
so before that have to study for it .
hahahas .

and on the 27 of FEB .
we are offically self declared holiday le .
just need to wait for result just to know who need take supp .
hahahas .

but obviously no one wann to come back for any supp .
and that includes miie .
i will be like the first to object any supp for miie .
will practically kill myself if i have to come back for supp .

hahahaaha ,
so i need to go and concentrate on my lab le .
so ciao peopel .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

project and exam period is here

dunno how many days le .
never blog .
maybe just feel like nothin to blog .

but at this timing i have .
almost 12 midnight le .

tmr 9am got interview .
but ....
i haven remember them .
cos i cant get anything in my mind .

so afraid .
den after that is submission of MSYD project .
but not so worried for that one .

BUT ....
jason wann miie to write a report for my part .
which i hate .
cos i dunno how to start
and that is not the first thing in my mind .

wadever la .
den it will be CNY le .
friday will meet zo and peng after their class .
den travelling down to boon lay .
going to do nails for CNY .

celebrate CNY but will be working on MON .
den relax on tue .
on WED will have final presentation and lab test for SWEN .
den after that will be thurs is SWEN quiz .
after all that .
the following week de friday will have my EBM de main paper .
den will be holiday for miie le .
ahahhaas .

anyway need go try to read den slp early le .
night .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New month still miss him lots

ok so a brand new months .
nothin changed much .
how sad that is .

i miss him for like everyday .
but no one cares if i do .

so i can do is think about him .
and guess wad my insomnia has been cured in one way or another .

because everytime i think about him .
i can fall asleep peacefully and calm .
dunno how to describe the kind of secure and safe feelings .

just feel warm and so.....
god i think i am reali in love .
but i keep asking myself ....
can i reali love him without wanting smth in return ?

i sometimes doubt myself .
i question but there was no answer .
it was just blank .
not a NO or YES not even I DONT KNOW .

so i guess time will tell .
been doing some reading .
and i am waiting for peng to lend miie her book .

ノルウェイの森 Noruwei no Mori
also known as Norwegian Wood .
it is a book by the japanese author named
or as we known Haruki Murakami

seem to have an interesting summary .
so wann to read it .
any recommendations of good novels .
leave miie a msg on the tagboard .

anyway it is late i guess .
going off to finish watching my show .
den crash on my bed thinkin of him to sleep ....