Tuesday, February 23, 2010

change of blogskin

just finish editing the blogskin .
too lazy to create so just do some customizing to my liking .
change a bit onli .

plus i copy rolrol .
i took away the tagboard .
not say take away .
but just dunno where put nicer .
plus also not much ppl tag .
so dun care too .

hahaas .
and today went to honey de hse .
bigger den mind lorx .
so nothin to say .

but is like saw his whole family la .
totally not use to seeing parents .
lol .
even if it is friend's de also dun like .

like super weird .
progress like jap's bullet train .
wahahhaha .

gd or bad ?
someone tell miie ?
anyway cyn told miie smth .
and she keep saying i will regret .
but i dun wann to lose a friend over a guy .
but neither do i wann to lose this guy .

found out that i happen to like him .
because even if he is a normal guy .
but he dun force .
lol .

so that kind of make miie like him more i guess .
hahaas .

daddy is giving miie the sighing action to hint miie to off my com le .
so nighty night night girls and boys .
hahaas .

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