Monday, February 22, 2010

changing & moving on

so like i have mention to some of you .
i have gave up and decided to move on .

not making myself so miserable .
so i have move on .

might because i have issues of my own .
that ytd i kind of suspected honey for a while .
cos he also have his own issue .

but now i am putting 100% trust in him .
hope i am not wrong .

den just found the skin i wann .
going to do editing when i am free .
den change it over to be my official blogskin .
so troublesome right ,

anyway i still have to go down to tampines national library to pay my fine .
haiz .
so lame lorx .
now accumulate to $11++ .
lol .

so daddy nag miie to go and pay it todae .
sadly i will be travelling down to make payment den .
hahaas .

den dunnno can pei honey study for his paper tmr not .
cos .....
mummy they all keep saying i recently verii late come back .
lol .

shall see first ba .
so now going to bathe and pay my fines le .

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