Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY week

tmr onwards will turn on holiday mood .
cos i will get to get tons and tons of ang bao .
and that simply means i will have tons of $$ .
hahaas .

so dun care .
wahahaha .
then i just know that during CNY week .
which i mean next week .
i will have a hell of a week .
start off i will be working night shift on MON .
one day of rest at home on tues .
BUT !!!!
will be visiting daddy's friends hse from evening onwards .
den after that the following day i have one final presentation and lab test .
which will start at 2 and end around 3 i guess .
lol .

then will go home and prepare for another class test .
but is MSYD de .
open book class test ,
need gather all lab adn best i wann to print out .
den can have a better references .
but when can i find the time to do that .
oh god !!!

den after that i think i will be working on the weekend i guess .
no idea .
den sunday will eventually work or rest at home .
either or .

hahaas .
that will then declare the end of the hell of just one week .
sound packed ?
quite la .
but at least submission and interview is down today .
two less thing to worry about .
wooohooo .

ohoh and then the following got no more school .
but on the friday have to come back to school for the EBM main paper .
so before that have to study for it .
hahahas .

and on the 27 of FEB .
we are offically self declared holiday le .
just need to wait for result just to know who need take supp .
hahahas .

but obviously no one wann to come back for any supp .
and that includes miie .
i will be like the first to object any supp for miie .
will practically kill myself if i have to come back for supp .

hahahaaha ,
so i need to go and concentrate on my lab le .
so ciao peopel .

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