Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New month still miss him lots

ok so a brand new months .
nothin changed much .
how sad that is .

i miss him for like everyday .
but no one cares if i do .

so i can do is think about him .
and guess wad my insomnia has been cured in one way or another .

because everytime i think about him .
i can fall asleep peacefully and calm .
dunno how to describe the kind of secure and safe feelings .

just feel warm and so.....
god i think i am reali in love .
but i keep asking myself ....
can i reali love him without wanting smth in return ?

i sometimes doubt myself .
i question but there was no answer .
it was just blank .
not a NO or YES not even I DONT KNOW .

so i guess time will tell .
been doing some reading .
and i am waiting for peng to lend miie her book .

ノルウェイの森 Noruwei no Mori
also known as Norwegian Wood .
it is a book by the japanese author named
or as we known Haruki Murakami

seem to have an interesting summary .
so wann to read it .
any recommendations of good novels .
leave miie a msg on the tagboard .

anyway it is late i guess .
going off to finish watching my show .
den crash on my bed thinkin of him to sleep ....

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