Wednesday, February 10, 2010

project and exam period is here

dunno how many days le .
never blog .
maybe just feel like nothin to blog .

but at this timing i have .
almost 12 midnight le .

tmr 9am got interview .
but ....
i haven remember them .
cos i cant get anything in my mind .

so afraid .
den after that is submission of MSYD project .
but not so worried for that one .

BUT ....
jason wann miie to write a report for my part .
which i hate .
cos i dunno how to start
and that is not the first thing in my mind .

wadever la .
den it will be CNY le .
friday will meet zo and peng after their class .
den travelling down to boon lay .
going to do nails for CNY .

celebrate CNY but will be working on MON .
den relax on tue .
on WED will have final presentation and lab test for SWEN .
den after that will be thurs is SWEN quiz .
after all that .
the following week de friday will have my EBM de main paper .
den will be holiday for miie le .
ahahhaas .

anyway need go try to read den slp early le .
night .

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