Thursday, February 25, 2010

sweet sweet love

does all the girls in love feel so blissful like i do ?
and do they feel the misery throughout too ?

i feel all types of feelings in this relationship .
of cos misery is smth cant be kept away .

but at least i feel the bliss tat i have .

not trying to say anything .
but reali hope to last super long with him .

cos he give miie such secure feelings like no one did .
make miie trust him even with my worst fear .

so maybe he is my miracle ?
the one that change miie into someone else .
tmr will have to do final chionging for EBM le .

support is so important
but dun support on the wrong things .
she has her decision in things too .
so dun force her .
just let her rot in the shit hole .
cos no words can get to her .
if she keep herself out .
we've tried everything le .

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