Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tired of life le la

i have seen worst .
but do people that hang out with miie get bad luck ?

whenever i feel like i am having some luck .
one or two of my friend goes reali bad luck .
so this time is cyn .

she woke miie up just now .
crying and choking back .
so i ask her to come over .

den she came over .
both eyes so swollen .
so heartbroken when i see her .
she is like so poor thing can .

her bf took off le .
dun wann her le .
change his number, change he home address .
just like that disappear le .

how can that sucker be such a jerk ass .
who do you think you are ?
you are such a fugly jerk .
who gave you the rights to hurt my friend ?

never ever wants these kind of things happen to my friends .
so i now at cyn hse .
going home soon .

hope she will feel better .

it is ok for being paranoid recently .
cos now i know how upset you were .
maybe you were paranoid towards miie cos you were afraid of losing miie .
as a friend i will always be here for you .
so dun be so suspicious about him .
i reali trust him .
dun think he is like that stupiid jerk .

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