Saturday, March 27, 2010

New blogskins editied and done .

just finish editing my blogskin .
whew .

feels like i am still studying .
doing assignments .
writing lines of codes .

hahaas .
but now i am at least happy .
firstly becos i change the blogskin le .
but most importantly !!!

HUBBY helped .
he help to pick out the skin .
and help to research some lyrics for miie .
sweet sweet darling of mine .

anyway today went to changi village with hubby .
i think from now on .
there will be my favorite beach .
hahaas .
super windy .
windy like crazy .
hahaas .
but big distraction for hubby .
cos he will notice planes flying off and coming back .
T.T jealous of planes .
childish of miie .
hahaas .

anyway will be sleeping soon .
cos tmr need wake up early .
love my hubby .
cuddles cuddles .
muacks muacks .

a little shoutout to HUBBY :
Mr. Luah Yi Cheng !
you know right ?

hahaas .
will keep all the promises made .

so you must keep yr promise too .

Saturday, March 20, 2010

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 7 }

hahaas .
ok so i am blogging .
though it is middle of the night .
but because it is pass 12 .

so i have decide to let it be day 7 .
so i didnt post on DAY 5 & 6 .
and hubby was actually not happy abt it .

so here i am posting .
with sleepy eyes i am posting .
but all i can think of ....
is too post up an updates .

this few days de work is like super busy la .
busy til my brain is crazy .
no idea singaporean can be such an A hole .
hahaas .

cos super demanding .
running up and down .
here and there sending food all over the place .
though the shop is not verii big .
but i can onli say i run till i super tired le .

hahaas .
den everyday is like crazy one .
and all i can say miss him like crazy too .

so this few day is crazy crazy crazy .

i love you hubby .
miss you crazy .
come back early .
be waiting for you .
loves loads loads for you .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 4 }

lol .
now talkin to darling on skype .
got super addicted to the SNSD new song .
dark soshi .
hahas .
super cool looks .
hot TTM .
wooooo ~

hahaas .
watch HD version here .

anyway rot at home today .
watched my season two true blood .
lol .
but incomplete .
meaning i have to go some network to search for the following .
cos i heard true blood got more than 2 season .
haiz .

so funshion dun have den have to go search .
lol .
anyway supernatural hasnt been updated yet .
so is the others series i am watchin .

need more shows to watch ....
spent time .

for the next following days i will be working .
and yes i'll be workin my ass off .
hahaas .

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 3 }

hahaas . today woke up late for work
so rush to bathe den went to take bus .

den on my way to work was a bit emo .
because it was raining .
and it was cold and quiet on the bus .
cam whore with bear bear .
or more of take bear bear .
hahaas .

den after reaching work late .
i got scolded .....
haiz .

den grumpy .
but still work in my best state .
cos got two auntie praise miie .
hahaas .
so happy .

den after that during my break .
bear bear cam whore with my cam .
hahaas .
ok actually is i pose bear bear de .
so i force her to pose de .

den just now on my way home,
while sms-ing darling .
i was in bus 2 .
super crowded and smelly .
so i took out bear bear and started sniffing .
den i think some people on bus think i am crazy .
hahaas .
but who cares wad they think .

and my poor darling is sick .

anyway darling bought miie a handphone strap .
and fyi it is a super cute one !!!
hahaas ,

darling i am missin you like crazy .
love you like crazy .
so like i say ....
will stick with you 4ever .
hahaas .
and love you 4ever .
so do that for miie too .
muackiies .
love love .

Monday, March 15, 2010

YC's shanghai trip{ DAY 2 }

ok so i woke up late todae .
ard 1pm i think .

weird tiredness overcome miie todae .
watching a new drama .
ok maybe not so new .
but to miie, i haven watch it .
so to miie it is .
it is "True Blood"
nice show .
cos it is abt vamps .
haahas .

but sadly while watching i keep dozing off .
den have to rewatch over and over again .

because my monthly came to visit .
haiz .
so the cramps started .
den too moody and tired .
dunno why .

so i keep lazing ard home .
or more specific my bed .

hardly get myself out of bed .
so poor bear bear got to stand miie being smelly .
and pei miie watch the drama plus seeing miie doze off .

so i just keep slpin my day off .
lol .
i reali reali miss him .
well i guess slpin is my only way .

cos all i can do is maybe dream of him .
hahaas .
ok i am kiddin .
cos i cannort control wad or who i dream of .

but i reali miss him a lot .
today is monday ....
not yet two days past .
yet i still have to survive the rest .
how ?

lookin at the pics we took tgt .
missing him sooo sooo much .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

YC's shanghai trip{ DAY 1 }

hhahaas .
day one of hubby de shanghai trip .
but i will blog about my day .

woke up ard 9 plus in the morning .
saw hubby's 6 sms .
miss all his messages and nvr reply .
cos i was stupiidly snoring in my sleep .
so i cried a little .
hugging bear bear smelling the smell of him .
i miss him soooo sooo much .
and this is just the first day .

how i wish i was there to send him off .
regrets ....

den so i drag my lazy ass up .
bathe and make breakfast for myself .
after so ...
i went to take bus to work .

i bought bear bear to work .
on the bus i camwhore with bear bear .
after that i kinda went emo .
cos i just miss him sooo sooo much .
cos he once pei miie the same trip down to work .
though a different bus .
but was the same route .
same seats of the bus .

miss that shoulder that i lean on .
so i hug bear bear and whisper in its ear .
saying " bear~ i miss him~ "
and yes, my eyes went teary again .
but i didnt cry .

so after which is work .
work is always tiring .
but this starting of the year is super tiring .
wondered why .
even my assistant manager wonders too .

cos everyone is complaining to busy .
maybe is not because of the crowd .
maybe the crowd was the same .
the different is the number of staffs .
now is lesser .
so we are like working our ass off .

hahaas .
and so just now ard 10 pm .
hubby sms miie !
i was so happy ~~~
so now while waiting for my hubby to reply miie .
cos we going to chat on skype .
ahahas .
i am blogging .

will blog on every single day de .
just in case hubby is reading .
he can know wad my day was like too .

hahaas even though we are going to chat .
but just in case he forgets .
he can read from here .

i love you .
hurry and come back k .
dun find a shanghai girl come back k !!!
missssss you like crazzzzyy .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

release of exam results

hahaas .
ytd i was so anxious about the result .

because i am worried that i might need to take supp .

but luckily NO SUPP for miie .
wahahas .

so went out with zizi to go mummum .
hahaas .

den is like ytd nvr meet honey .
hahaas .

later will go meet hubby den help him pack his bag .
den after that will eat dinner at his home .

last night we spent together before he go shanghai.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HB's lunch meetin

ytd HB met up for lunch .
had tons and tons of fun .

shared somethings here and there .
tmr result will be out .
super nervous now .
how ?

flu is hitting miie down .
my mind is so blank now .
so i will update more .

anyway tmr going to pei laogong .
so must go and slp early .

Monday, March 8, 2010

dedication to Ho Carol

carol, sad to say .
as a friend i just saw yr blog post .

so here i am wanting to tell you .


i will be there for you .
and timing late is the least of the worries you shld have .

have you forgotten .
i stay up late de .

will be glad to just be there for you .
cos you have acc miie through so many things .

just share yr troubles with miie .
love you always .

Sunday, March 7, 2010

outing with hubby's family

hahaas .
i am now at hubby's hse .
waiting for hubby to finish bathing .
den after tat will go out .

but ....
i am going out with not only hubby .
but with hubby's family .
cos they going shopping .

hubby ask miie to tag along .
just to acc him .
so it is actually a bit awkard to start off .

cos i still think it is quite weird .
hanging out with them, makes miie nervous .
dun ask miie why .
i dunno the answer either .

just not good at mingling with parents i guess .
hahaas .

anyway now we are waiting for hubby to finish bathing .
which my dearest hubby is taking his own sweet time .
hahaas .

oh and just to update everyone .
we are official le .
and i meant that even my parents know about his existence .

but surprisingly daddy didnt scold miie .
just reminded miie a little here and there .
telling miie not to affect sch etc etc .

so no need to tell anymore lies .
just simple sweet and blissful life for miie now .

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Daddy

today is 05/03/2010 .
i hereby wishes daddy a

daddy is 47 this yr le .
this show how time pass so fast .
but one thing tat change .
daddy has been better .
he treated miie like i am a responsible adult .

he still show his concern for miie .
but never too much or too little .
just nice .
and lesser scolding from him .

hope daddy live long and healthy .

sooner or later will pop the surprise sentence to you .
shld i do it today ?

lets consider .....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hair cut

still thinknin about the hair cut ltr .
hubby wann go cut hair .
so i following ,

but i wondering if i shld cut too .
cos the fringe is cutting long .

and i told daddy tat i will cut today .
haiz .

so reconsider ba .
super tired now .

hubby slping away beside miie .
hahaas .
so cute and sweet .
he must be tired too .

love you hubby .
now and forver .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

k session

maybe i am getting a bit too over le .
cos now i feel like i have everything .

no matter is family, friends, sisters, love .
i feel i have everything .
so contented .
but still greedy .

scare will get too greedy .
but i am still happy .

den next wed going sing k with HB .
wooohoo .

Monday, March 1, 2010

drama to me = exciting life/colorful oil painting

i can say .
my life was once worst than a black & white photo .
bored like crazy .

but now i have gone crazy over him .
and this changes everything .
trust given and taken .

all i can say is i actually had fun ytd night .
hahaaas .

had a laugh throughout the thing .
childish as can be .
but need to be there for him .
so i willing to childish for him too .
hahaas .

rolrol if you read this rmb .
call miie when you are free .
we need to carried on with the phone call ytd .