Sunday, March 14, 2010

YC's shanghai trip{ DAY 1 }

hhahaas .
day one of hubby de shanghai trip .
but i will blog about my day .

woke up ard 9 plus in the morning .
saw hubby's 6 sms .
miss all his messages and nvr reply .
cos i was stupiidly snoring in my sleep .
so i cried a little .
hugging bear bear smelling the smell of him .
i miss him soooo sooo much .
and this is just the first day .

how i wish i was there to send him off .
regrets ....

den so i drag my lazy ass up .
bathe and make breakfast for myself .
after so ...
i went to take bus to work .

i bought bear bear to work .
on the bus i camwhore with bear bear .
after that i kinda went emo .
cos i just miss him sooo sooo much .
cos he once pei miie the same trip down to work .
though a different bus .
but was the same route .
same seats of the bus .

miss that shoulder that i lean on .
so i hug bear bear and whisper in its ear .
saying " bear~ i miss him~ "
and yes, my eyes went teary again .
but i didnt cry .

so after which is work .
work is always tiring .
but this starting of the year is super tiring .
wondered why .
even my assistant manager wonders too .

cos everyone is complaining to busy .
maybe is not because of the crowd .
maybe the crowd was the same .
the different is the number of staffs .
now is lesser .
so we are like working our ass off .

hahaas .
and so just now ard 10 pm .
hubby sms miie !
i was so happy ~~~
so now while waiting for my hubby to reply miie .
cos we going to chat on skype .
ahahas .
i am blogging .

will blog on every single day de .
just in case hubby is reading .
he can know wad my day was like too .

hahaas even though we are going to chat .
but just in case he forgets .
he can read from here .

i love you .
hurry and come back k .
dun find a shanghai girl come back k !!!
missssss you like crazzzzyy .

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