Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 3 }

hahaas . today woke up late for work
so rush to bathe den went to take bus .

den on my way to work was a bit emo .
because it was raining .
and it was cold and quiet on the bus .
cam whore with bear bear .
or more of take bear bear .
hahaas .

den after reaching work late .
i got scolded .....
haiz .

den grumpy .
but still work in my best state .
cos got two auntie praise miie .
hahaas .
so happy .

den after that during my break .
bear bear cam whore with my cam .
hahaas .
ok actually is i pose bear bear de .
so i force her to pose de .

den just now on my way home,
while sms-ing darling .
i was in bus 2 .
super crowded and smelly .
so i took out bear bear and started sniffing .
den i think some people on bus think i am crazy .
hahaas .
but who cares wad they think .

and my poor darling is sick .

anyway darling bought miie a handphone strap .
and fyi it is a super cute one !!!
hahaas ,

darling i am missin you like crazy .
love you like crazy .
so like i say ....
will stick with you 4ever .
hahaas .
and love you 4ever .
so do that for miie too .
muackiies .
love love .

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