Saturday, March 20, 2010

YC's shanghai trip { DAY 7 }

hahaas .
ok so i am blogging .
though it is middle of the night .
but because it is pass 12 .

so i have decide to let it be day 7 .
so i didnt post on DAY 5 & 6 .
and hubby was actually not happy abt it .

so here i am posting .
with sleepy eyes i am posting .
but all i can think of ....
is too post up an updates .

this few days de work is like super busy la .
busy til my brain is crazy .
no idea singaporean can be such an A hole .
hahaas .

cos super demanding .
running up and down .
here and there sending food all over the place .
though the shop is not verii big .
but i can onli say i run till i super tired le .

hahaas .
den everyday is like crazy one .
and all i can say miss him like crazy too .

so this few day is crazy crazy crazy .

i love you hubby .
miss you crazy .
come back early .
be waiting for you .
loves loads loads for you .

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