Monday, March 15, 2010

YC's shanghai trip{ DAY 2 }

ok so i woke up late todae .
ard 1pm i think .

weird tiredness overcome miie todae .
watching a new drama .
ok maybe not so new .
but to miie, i haven watch it .
so to miie it is .
it is "True Blood"
nice show .
cos it is abt vamps .
haahas .

but sadly while watching i keep dozing off .
den have to rewatch over and over again .

because my monthly came to visit .
haiz .
so the cramps started .
den too moody and tired .
dunno why .

so i keep lazing ard home .
or more specific my bed .

hardly get myself out of bed .
so poor bear bear got to stand miie being smelly .
and pei miie watch the drama plus seeing miie doze off .

so i just keep slpin my day off .
lol .
i reali reali miss him .
well i guess slpin is my only way .

cos all i can do is maybe dream of him .
hahaas .
ok i am kiddin .
cos i cannort control wad or who i dream of .

but i reali miss him a lot .
today is monday ....
not yet two days past .
yet i still have to survive the rest .
how ?

lookin at the pics we took tgt .
missing him sooo sooo much .

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