Monday, April 26, 2010

Projects RUSH !

this week is verii havoc .
it is a BIG FAT CHAOS for miie .

have to get the scope done .
den also a case study need to be hand in on 30/4 9am .
on 30/4 i also have NAFA test .
how sick is that ,

hate this school life .
senior school life is worst den freshie yr .
ARGH !!!

hope to go for MP/SIP soon .
like now if possible .

anyway personal life updates .
still sweet with him .
but a few huge arguments .
but we are doing fine now .

and i am watching knight rider now .
season one .
not the Channel 5 version de .
due to wad my hubby say .
the Channel 5 version is a remake version ?
but i am watching the orignal one .
super nice .
going to finish season one le .
but no tracks of a season two .

hope there is .
den i can continue to watch .

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