Monday, May 31, 2010

busy week

this week is the so called official final week of school .
therefore i am verii excited as holidays are coming .
but it also means i am starting on MP or SIP soon .
which i am not lookin forward .

though it is sad but i took sometime off .
went to orchard and bugis with hubby and friends to shop .
bought a new pair of jeans and shoes .

not much thing to blog about .
as i am studyin for the test later .
oh and hubby is on his way for breakfast .

sooooo busy busy busy .
do not expect miie to blog this week .
but if i can i will .
i'll try my verii busy lorx !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

things to do

ok so i have so much thing tat i shld do .
but have not started .

first of all i need to save up a tons of money .
esp for clothes and gadgets .

plus i need to submit my SIP form soon .
still got no idea wad company i shld go .
and nxt week will the last week of school .
whereby tons of test is coming and projects to submit .
and worst of all things the demo and presentation .

comm session next friday third group .
test 2 next monday on all topics .
compilation of all the progress reports .

my part of FILA chart not done .
Case study report not done .
final case of demo not done .
presentation next week .

no more test .
Tables not yet created .
forms not done .
presentation by next week .
tables and forms to be shown today .
so suck my life out .

so many things to do so little time .
after the school term has end .
i would either go and look for a part time job first .
while waiting if i am suppose to do MP or just plain holidays .

if best i need to earn some money to get better gadgets .
like the MACbook i am craving for .
the iphone/ipod touch .
a new handphone .
a new digital camera .
almost all the gadgets i wann to get .
but no money and no time to earn the money .
because of school and need time to spend with hubby .

as a girl i shld be as vain as crazy .
but after being with hubby i have indeed tone down a bit .
so i need to buy new clothes .
so tat i meet a certain expectation but i do not look like some auntie .

i need some trendy clothes tat is nt exposing parts of miie .
tight fitting is alright .
so if there is any good recommendation .
follow miie in twitter and tag miie there .

will keep more updates recently .
cos everyone is complaining .
saying i shld post more regularly .
but i think i post quite regular wad .
compare to sp tat is .

i post once every two to three days .
she post once every few months .
who is worst ?
lol .

so to please everyone .
i will try to post once every one to two days .
in case i am busy or too tired etc etc .

so gotta go prepare for class le .
ciao people .

Sunday, May 23, 2010

7weeks of sch ending

7 weeks of my term A of Apr sem is ending .
so it meant lots of assignments deadline and presentation are coming up

which also means i will much much more busy .
therefore i got to say time is an elements tat i do not have in advantage .

once this 7 weeks is over,
MP/SIP will be starting .
and once again i am separated from HB .

they are all starting their attachment during the months of june .
and best if all they are all working in the same company .

but for miie i will be going during july .
which means it is either holiday for miie .
or it would mean i would start my MP first .
the most headache thing is tat i do not know my grouping .

ARGH !!!
my headache is always cause by school .
but i am also going to help hubby with business .
once the business has started i believe i would not even have any time for friends .
i will have to make myself free .
or at least gives my friends timeslots .
if not losing touch with them will be a undeinable truth .

hopefully in this experience i can get better at time management .
this case i would have better chances of living without full of complains .

so wish miie lucks ba .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


ok this is the first slpless night i have for so long .
my mind keep spining round .

feel like calling hubby .
but i dun wann disturb him .
cos he must be slping nw .

my eyes is still hurting
this is why i cant slp .
the pain is in the eyeball .

but it was even worst before tat .
luckily hubby taught miie a way .
and i am feeling better .

listening to songs and forcing myself to slp .
den lots of things flow through my mind .

because i suddenly had the feeling of fear .
i dunno wad fear is tat .
but it is like as if i am afraid i am going to die any mins .
and all i can think of is to call hubby .

this fear cos my heart to race .
my hands to sweat .
i dunno why .

i love u,
i hope u knw,
til the end no matter wad .
even if i die .
i wann u to knw tat .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

rotting blog

my blog is seems to be rotting .
cant let tat happen .
so here i am typing nonsense .

cos i dunno how to maintain this blog le .
everyday of my life seems the same .
no excitements that i can talk about .

cos everyday is the same .
go to school .
meet hubby .
lovey dovey .
go home with hubby .
talk on the phone with hubby .

and the whole rountine repeats itself .
but even though it is like tat .
i still can say my life is rather busy with school too .
nw i am busy with school work, hubby and of cos my friends .
so can be meaningful .
just no particulars things to post about .

or i shld say tat i am too lazy to reali type in details .
cos some parts of the day i must be happy, sad, angry, surprise .
or some other feelings that i have .
but just too lazy to type in details .

u can just say i am being so pampered til the limit tat i am too lazy .
so anyway before i go

i have to wish MeiXin here .
a year older makes u more ready for future challenges .
to let u know .
everyone who cares about u will be there for u,
no matter when or where .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dinner with godmummy

todae mummy is cooking a home cook meal .
but to no suprise
as mummy is currently jobless .

so she is now a full time housewife .
but she is still planning to look for jobs .
cos she cant stand staying home everyday .
she say it is starting to bore her to death .
lol .

and today godmummy coming over for dinner .
main motive is to see my beloved hubby and miie of cos .
cos we haven meet up for quite some times .
so yes i miss her .

nw currently still having my lesson .
boring like crazy .
difficulty = 250%
yes my brain cells is almost use up .
i am nw stuck at MCSD de lab 4a activity 3 .
cos it include session management's coding .
and i got no idea of how to do it .

while waiting for the teacher to teach miie
or i shld say spoonfeed miie .
i am going to wait .

later will have TRIF .
and i have nt even started on the FILA charts .
so many things to be done so little time i have .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sick germs everywhere

i think there is an increase of sick germs .
as lots and lots of ppl ard miie is sick .

first off i was sick last week .
and then daddy fell ill too .
almost identical sickness as miie .
so mummy say is my fault .

wadever la .
but then after tat hubby also sick .
poor hubby had a fever on sunday unitl 39 .
acc him to white sand to see doctor at 8plus .
den send him home .
ate at his hse .
den took a bus home .

reach home ard 10 .
lol .

so take notes everyone .
drink more plain water and eat healthy food .

anyway happen to be reading blogs .
and i came pass rolrol's blog .
LOVE her new blogskin .
verii nice .
but layout still a bit messy can be better .
still nice for overall !!!

lastly before i finish this post .
love you like no one else does .
so if you fall sick i am more worried than no one would even do .
cant kiss you for awhile .
so kisses to you here

Sunday, May 2, 2010

2nd mth ANNI

1st of may labor day
is the day which marks my 2nd month anni .
hubby and i went to T3 in the morning .

den ate at ya kun toast .
walk walk .
talk talk .

den took bus back to hubby's .
change and went over to fly kite .

attempts like a gazillions times .
but the kite just couldnt fly up .
cos of my wuya zui .

so we planning another kite flying session soon .
tmr is hse warming at my uncle hse .
but will not be going .
as hubby's brother is celebrating his b'dae .

so as wad i say and hope to be the future sister-in-law .
it is best if i am there .
anyway hse warming party is kinda lame la .

plus tmr will have movie marathon with hubby also .
lots of movies to be watch .

enjoyed my day !