Sunday, May 23, 2010

7weeks of sch ending

7 weeks of my term A of Apr sem is ending .
so it meant lots of assignments deadline and presentation are coming up

which also means i will much much more busy .
therefore i got to say time is an elements tat i do not have in advantage .

once this 7 weeks is over,
MP/SIP will be starting .
and once again i am separated from HB .

they are all starting their attachment during the months of june .
and best if all they are all working in the same company .

but for miie i will be going during july .
which means it is either holiday for miie .
or it would mean i would start my MP first .
the most headache thing is tat i do not know my grouping .

ARGH !!!
my headache is always cause by school .
but i am also going to help hubby with business .
once the business has started i believe i would not even have any time for friends .
i will have to make myself free .
or at least gives my friends timeslots .
if not losing touch with them will be a undeinable truth .

hopefully in this experience i can get better at time management .
this case i would have better chances of living without full of complains .

so wish miie lucks ba .

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