Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dinner with godmummy

todae mummy is cooking a home cook meal .
but to no suprise
as mummy is currently jobless .

so she is now a full time housewife .
but she is still planning to look for jobs .
cos she cant stand staying home everyday .
she say it is starting to bore her to death .
lol .

and today godmummy coming over for dinner .
main motive is to see my beloved hubby and miie of cos .
cos we haven meet up for quite some times .
so yes i miss her .

nw currently still having my lesson .
boring like crazy .
difficulty = 250%
yes my brain cells is almost use up .
i am nw stuck at MCSD de lab 4a activity 3 .
cos it include session management's coding .
and i got no idea of how to do it .

while waiting for the teacher to teach miie
or i shld say spoonfeed miie .
i am going to wait .

later will have TRIF .
and i have nt even started on the FILA charts .
so many things to be done so little time i have .

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