Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sick germs everywhere

i think there is an increase of sick germs .
as lots and lots of ppl ard miie is sick .

first off i was sick last week .
and then daddy fell ill too .
almost identical sickness as miie .
so mummy say is my fault .

wadever la .
but then after tat hubby also sick .
poor hubby had a fever on sunday unitl 39 .
acc him to white sand to see doctor at 8plus .
den send him home .
ate at his hse .
den took a bus home .

reach home ard 10 .
lol .

so take notes everyone .
drink more plain water and eat healthy food .

anyway happen to be reading blogs .
and i came pass rolrol's blog .
LOVE her new blogskin .
verii nice .
but layout still a bit messy can be better .
still nice for overall !!!

lastly before i finish this post .
love you like no one else does .
so if you fall sick i am more worried than no one would even do .
cant kiss you for awhile .
so kisses to you here

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