Saturday, June 12, 2010


it has been almost a week since i've blog .
so now here i am .

i am having PMS i guess .
getting verii emotional recently .

but i just had a fight with hubby .
it lead us to the topic AGAIN .

i have alreadiie lost count on how many times he have brought it up .
so nw i am super moody .
hopefully P can come asap .
so before i start work P will finish .

dun like the feeling of bleeding .
so dun wish to bring it to work .

there is acutally tons of happy things i can blog about .
cos for the week a few things happen and a few outings .
but i totally have no mood to blog about them .

cos i dun feel a single bit of happy emotion nw .
sorriie people .

will update asap de .
i promise .

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