Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lunar ghost month

today is the first day of the lunar ghost month .
just finish praying and bathing .

nw gonna check mail .
play TM .
den going to orhorh le .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

posting this while listening to RolRol's blog de song .
it has seems tat i have not blog in decades .
everything isnt going the way i wann .

though i have my pay le .
but i wann to do some things like my nails .
but i cant .
this is a torture leii .
haiz .

how sad man .
but i think all this sadness is bound to pass de .

shld i dye my hair ?
wonder if baby will like miie with other hair color nt .
hahaas .

26 mre days le .
hope time can pass faster .
i love you .
thinking of a way to change my blog to a less wordy one .
so i have been browsing through pictures .
here is two of which i think is nt bad de .