Saturday, September 25, 2010

envious or regret ?

actually this few days I was quite irritated .
because I wasn't able to login the school's website .

but the problem is alreadiie solve this morning .
as I suddenly remembered the password . hahaas .

later I will be going to take hubby's sister de language .
den after go pass to her .

tonight saying dinner orbit should say supper with mummy .

I am so happy of the changes uou made for miie .
it has been so long since we were together .
our days together is always filled with sugar and spice .
never a dullness in it .
even when you can't be by my side .
we would still have all ways to stag in contact .

now we are stepping into the important part of this relationship le.
cooling off while not losing the fire and sparks .
trust is the key.
and it is in us .
I love you my darling .

Monday, September 20, 2010

boring work life !

I am officially bored to death !

I start work at 9 and an hour just passed .
and guess wad .
I have finish my job .

wad am I going to do for the rest of the stupiid day !

I think this internship is draining my lifespan !

Friday, September 17, 2010

forgetful !

haiz . it has been I got no idea how long since I last post .
but I just feel like I should so update .

can't let it go into a coma .
just decided I should restart my blogshop .
cos no is going to start .
and I bet it will bore miie even more den now .

so in order to kill time I will be selling masks again.
so do let miie know if you girls zee interested k .

anyway whoever interested to buy geo lens let miie know too .
fast arrival and also quite cheap .

I am also going to start to take order if any one is interested .
it will be 13.5 per pair .

email miie @
your name which type and uour degree .
den I will contact you again .

so peeps that is bt boring life now .
work is super duper boring .
peace out .

Saturday, September 11, 2010


this blog is rotting .
but wad to do leii .
too busy ma .
no choice de not out of will .

so today got a super irritating customer .
but no matter how irritating j still manage to resolve the problem .
hahaas .
I am the pro .

anyway I am on my way to meet my baby .
acc him to visit someone .
cos they invite him and his group mate to visit .

p.s hopefully I can get wad I wann .