Thursday, October 28, 2010

blogskin changed!!!!

finally i change my blogskin le.
actually it was done ytd night .

but it was too late so i decide not to post about it .
and here is a post to update my blog too .

it is almost end of week 1 for my MP .
everything is still going great .
no stress felt yet .
but i got a group mate super anxious one .
and yes yr guess is correct !
it is Caixia .

she is damn stress out .
i can even feel how stress she is when she is just sitting beside miie .

so now i can only try to ignore her anxious-ness .
hahaas .
i know i am bad .
but whatever .

tonight going for dinner with baby's family .
his mummy invited miie over for dinner .
but not at their house .
we are going to indian wok !!!

ok at first i thought like the name it must be indian cuisine .
but it is actually

so i am relieved .
hahaas .

so will post tmr regarding the dinner de .
ciao peeps .
off to do my TOR le .

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