Monday, October 25, 2010

first day of MP

ok so finally first day of MP .
assigned to the same lab as EVERYONE !!!
hahaas .

and one group mate suffering from sore eyes .
just postpone the meeting with the teacher to tmr morning 0930am .
how happy is that.

so basically there is nothin for miie to do now .
except for dl-ing the necessary software needed for the project and FB .

will see if i can continue my work of my blogskin in school .
cos my com as some of you know kena stupiid freaking virus .
so i went to got it reformat .

and yes my labby is running smoothly and is super clean .
that is why i have not yet change my blogskin .
because the things i previous did is *poof*
-------- gone --------

so nothin more i am needed to say .
just got to look for the skin and do all over again .

so must see how lo .
hopefully i can find a cute and desirable one .

haiz .
going to go back home i guess .
den will meet hubby after his class .

thinking where to have dinner tonight .

ciao people !

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