Monday, November 29, 2010

late night post, insonmia

ok so here I am .
still not asleep at this timing .
it is really upsetting as I am nervous for the presentation tmr .

darling supposed to be awake doing his reports .
but he hadn't caught a good night rest since last week .
so shall let him rest for awhile more before waking him up .

after tmr things shld be less stressful .
there so many picture to be uploaded .
anyway I have to say time is passing real fast .

its going to be Christmas again !
this year will be spending time with darling .
hopefully we would go some parties .

things have been rough for both of us .
cos we are having so much stress as seniors .
but I am referring onli to the workload and timeline given
but no worries people .
we are still coping .
hahaas .
one thing baby can't cope with is his out breaks .
luckily I do not have them .

that is for the good complexion given when born .
ate loads of good stuffs when my mum had miie .
so will be doing that for mine too .
in future that is .

ok just so it looks like I still blog .
this post ends here .
I gonna sleep and dream a nice happy dream :
good night/good morning peeps .

love you all !

Friday, November 26, 2010

laughter with friends

i cant forget how great it would be to laugh out loud with friends .
when we are so stress over no matter anything,
friends would always be able to make you laugh and forget .

even though they cant take away the workload .
but they could actually decrease the stress level .
by just hanging out with friends ....
i dun know should i phrase it this way .
i think i should say
"hanging out with HB is always delightful"

HB is so open to each other .
we can talk about anything to each other .
even things that we arent willing to talk about to parents .
so i reali enjoy hanging out with them .

they are like family but just non blood-related .
but i feel like we are connected emotionally .
ok this blog post is sounding more like wad carol would talk about .

so i would stop here .
anyway tmr will be AhXuan de BDAE .
wondering what i should get for her .

and i have a wedding dinner tmr night .
baby will be going with miie =]
and MP is still giving miie a headache .
so will not talk about it .
as it would just ruin this blog post .

that is about it le .
bye peeps .

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot weather

this few days the weather is so chaotic .
yesterday and the day before was having big rain .
den today sudden of scorching sun is burning through the earth cores .

i feel like i have become a vampire from TVD .
a newborn that is verii sensitive to sunlight .
and can feel it burning through my skin.

so that about it .
as for today it is still stressful .
but our teacher decide to let us hard code a database instead of connecting through internet .
and have to be done by this week .
which i think is verii IMPOSSIBLE !!!

aiya wadever la .
i just almost died today with HB .
so who cares so much .
i am not exaggerating .
we almost got hit by a car while crossing the road to school just now .

every single one of us lose all our sense after the incident .
the stupiid car honk us and we were like nothin .
so happeningly nothin happen so ....

everythings lie with fate to decide ba .
no matter life or death
pass or fail !!!

ok the stupiid supeng chasing miie to hurry .
so ciao peeps .

Saturday, November 13, 2010

busy weekend

ok i have to say .
baby is off to malaysia this morning .
so two whole days not seeing him .

but will go and look for him when he rtn tmr .
missing him so much .

currently doing two main things .
1. Coding for my MP(network)
2. book review

so i got these two things sort of due on monday .
and they are causing my brain to fail every once in awhile .

anyway was resting and decided to watch show .
and i found this HKG drama which wasnt so bad .
but it still the begining of the show so cant tell much .
just awaiting for the latest episode for TVD and Nikita and a few other series .
they should be uploaded today or tmr .
hopefully tonight =]

cant wait .
will continue all my stuff tmr .
shall let my brain rest for the night .
i think that is about all for today .
just blog again soon .

might do a few book review for readers out there .
have been reading a few books recently .
ok then .
ciao peeps .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

sick gems all around

i am sick .
cos of the bad weather recently .
down with flu and also slight fever .
but i am feeling better .

worst part was i pass it to baby ,
and i think daddy is coming down with flu too .
as for mummy is the usual backaches .

so people are all falling sick .
not because of miie .
i am just helping out with the spreading part .
hahaas .

anyway baby just uploaded pictures we took from the car show .
so view it from my or his profile lo .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the sample store

this is not an advertisement for the website .
just a recommendation to you girls like miie .
vain and also troubled which brand should i get ?
would i regret getting the product .
sign up now at the sample store .
just simply click on the link above to sign up(it is free).
Once you sign up you get to try 3 different product sample of your choice .

i am currently going to try a few sample such as the Dr Jart Black Label Bb Spf25/pa+++ and also Jasmine Water Bb Cream Spf 30 Pa++ .
wonder wonder ....

going to have to anticipate the samples coming !!!!
remember to sign up .
this is something you cant miss !!!
intro your friends to sign up too !!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


ok so I have to say .
death is recently scaring the hell out of miie .
which is not pleasant at all .

shall not talk about it .

but I do still believe strongly in karma .
so whoever does wadever things will have karma reflected .

just my advice and also a note to self .
live a rightful life and not regrets .
this you will then be able to enjoy life even throughout schemes and plots .

wishiies everyone happy public holiday .
hahaas .

Monday, November 1, 2010

waiting is slack like crazy

now in school doing practically nothin !
just plain waiting for my supervisior .
haiz .
super slack now .
Fb-ing .....

den maybe will start to learn a bit on the nokia WRT widget .
if not i might not be able to cope with it .
scare scare .
hahaas .

zozo and peng went home le .
sadded .
met them for lunch just now .
den later will meet darling after his lesson .
which i have more waiting to do ......
his lesson end at 6 .
but my meeting with supervisor is at 430pm .
at most 30 mins .

so i will most probably end at 5 ....
den i have to wait until 6 .
more sadded .
hahaas .

ok la i got to go le .....
bored ttm !!