Saturday, November 13, 2010

busy weekend

ok i have to say .
baby is off to malaysia this morning .
so two whole days not seeing him .

but will go and look for him when he rtn tmr .
missing him so much .

currently doing two main things .
1. Coding for my MP(network)
2. book review

so i got these two things sort of due on monday .
and they are causing my brain to fail every once in awhile .

anyway was resting and decided to watch show .
and i found this HKG drama which wasnt so bad .
but it still the begining of the show so cant tell much .
just awaiting for the latest episode for TVD and Nikita and a few other series .
they should be uploaded today or tmr .
hopefully tonight =]

cant wait .
will continue all my stuff tmr .
shall let my brain rest for the night .
i think that is about all for today .
just blog again soon .

might do a few book review for readers out there .
have been reading a few books recently .
ok then .
ciao peeps .

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