Friday, January 28, 2011

Mascara to intro !!!

ok so i went shopping with Zozo ytd .
and bought a pair of New Future de 3/4 pants .

and we proceeded to pasir ris to eat .
we went to Basil Inn to eat .
this is wad we order ...
the food was great and at reasonable pricing .
and also we bought lots of salmon sushi from ehub NTUC .

there is reason why i prefer to buy at ehub .
cos the salmon sushi there is more fresh compare to other outlet .
and best of all it is worthwhile lo .

so enough about the update .
now i would like to introduce smth .
A mascara !!!!
this i would love for all time .
the New Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara .

so this give a super long lashes effect .
to see how amazing it can be .
go check out this video .
so best makeup of the month ba !!!

will update more !!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Second blog at tumblr

So peeps piggy is fine .
Thanks for asking !

So almost everyone know I just got my itouch.
I am spending quite sometime in learning how to function it .

So with help from everyone .
I some how get the hang of it le .

I also created
Because I am too bored .
So in the meantime I will try to keep both blogs updated .
Wish miie luck ba !

So ciao peeps !
Love you all !!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, January 23, 2011

money slave

have any one watch before these shows ?

i always thought they were only TV shows .
but at this moment, i know wad is family dispute .
seeing a heartbroken grandpa .

i am at no point in judging .
but to be honest, i dun understand .
why some people just so money-faced .

think back for god sake !
ah gong was the one who actually brought up all of you .
yet now the ones who break his heart the most are you people .

seeing ah gong cry and feel heartbroken is so upset .
haiz .

also dunno wad wrong with them .
i trust that when people say
"when comes to money, there is no family"

money can cause so much problem .
human beings are so fragile .

i keep wondering .
if ah ma were to be here den how good it would be .
but too bad .
she is not .

3shu must never have seen this coming .
if he knew, he would not have left .
now we see true colors of them .

everyone is as ugly once they have become slave of money .
everyone is as ugly once they mask is shred down .

this world is so sick !
corrupted .

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W BB Cream SPF 23 PA++

I have participated in the Nuffnang – Kanebo Freshel’s Blogging Contest.
so i went down to Nuffnang to claim the BB cream .
we were given a choice of the two types of the BB cream they have .
which are the Moist Lift W BB Cream SPF 23 PA++ and White C W Cream UV BB Cream SPF32, PA++ .
and i chose the Moist Lift even though others might think i would prefer the Whitening one .
but ya i think the moisturizing one attracts miie more .
so here is how it look like in the packaging .
This is how the back of the packaging looks like .
it show the information of the BB cream .
and also ingredients tat the BB cream contains .Ok so overall this is how it looks like .
and before i explain further on of the BB cream .
take a look at the bottom picture .
this is which the color of the cream looks like .
It seems to be a little white in the picture .
but its color is actually a little more closer to our skin color .
slightly yellowish skin color so its design to suit our asian's skin tone .
and it also acts like a skin color corrector .

so this BB cream has 4 main ingredient tat gives as this amazing moisturizing effect .

1. Adhesive Collagen
Collagen was known to enhance elasticity,
but i found out that collagen gives us proteins .
so it is good for our skin .
** thumbs up for that . **

2. Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid is what was used to hydrate our skin .
verii obviously this BB cream moisture our skin .
so Hydrating our skin = Moisturizing .
Best of all it also helps in anti-aging and has repairing effects .

3. Silk Essence
Silk Essence's functions are to protect and nourish the skin .
in addition to that .
it helps to reduce in-depth wrinkles and activates the skin .
* what more could we ask for ?*

4. Yeast Extract
After all of the above,
we still have one more main ingredient .
and that would be the Yeast Extract .
so the word to we all know 'Yeast'
this was something we know that helps to fluff up the flour we bake .
but when extracted the effect is enhancing on the hydration of our skin .
so works about the same as the Hyaluronic acid
but adds on top of it !

the main purpose of elaborating on the ingredient is to let everyone know that what are the effects .
so now you know clearer .
we move on to application .

i have collected my BB cream like on the 28 of December .
you must be thinking den why take so long to post ?
because to review a product you have to use it .
and it does not take one day to reali know if it takes effect .
so i have use it ever since tat day .
i can say it does moisture the skin and i love IT .

everyday routine starts with cleansing of the skin .
next you will need to tone your skin .
instead of applying your moisturizer and make up base .
This BB cream does it all .
you would just need to cleanse and tone your face .
Pop off the cap of the BB cream,
squeeze an amount like the picture below

I have to say the coverage is great .
but if you have ultra dark eyes circle .
it is advisable for you to apply your concealer before you set your face with mineral powder .
after this you could proceed with your other makeup steps .

for application wise .
you could use a triangle sponge, foundation or concealer brush or even your fingers .
i would recommend this for all skin types but mostly for dry skin .
as this BB cream does not feel that much oily after applied .
and allows skin to breath .
girls who prefer light makeup would love this BB cream .

if you are troubling on getting makeup base, sunscreen or even foundation .
stop troubling !
reason being ...
Kanebo has a new BB cream that would gives you all that you are searching for .
as for personal experiences, i did not need to apply any foundation after using this BB cream .
all i need was to set them with my mineral powder and that was it .
perfect and flawless looking skin .

If you are looking for whitening product,
there is an alternative as Kanebo also has one BB cream that gives you the effect .
It would be the Kanebo Freshel White C W Cream UV BB Cream SPF32, PA++ .

for miie i would rate the BB cream with a
4 stars out of 5 =]

This about concludes my review for the Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W BB Cream SPF 23 PA++ .
ciao everyone !

Saturday, January 15, 2011

in need of money

haiz .
now i can say i need lot of money .

even though i am working one or two jobs now .
but the income that i am receiving is slow and little .
i need a fast and high paying job .
too high expectations to job .

so difficult .
everytime someone intro miie a job .
i either think too low pay otherwise i feel like it is too far .
so many excuses to not work .
but now i need to know wad else of option is there for miie .

haiz .
now so many things i wann need to spent money .
sadded like crazy .
hahaas ,

ok so i will be postin the kanebo's BB cream review tmr .
and so here i am blogging in school .
while piggy is doing his project with his group members .
so i should just post my 2011 new year resolution now .

so first of all i need to say
Lee Qian Hui's 2011 New Year Resolution
1. Earn loads and loads of $$$$
2. Get my Driving License
3. Get a good paying Job
4. Slim down to my desirable weight
5. Get all the gadgets that i wann
6. Go overseas with friends and piggy !

i think that is about all .
but the main one is to get rich .
lots and lots of money .
before the others can be fulfilled .
hahahas .

ok so i going end this post here .
need to go and read my loaned novel le .
ciao peeps .
miss miie .

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring cleaning

ok so i was slacking at home .
and then i decided to clear my wardrobe .
and yes it is now neat but still packed .

i cant decide wad i dun wann .
but i have alreadiie clear one bag out .
meaning if i were to book a booth of the flea market .
those will be the clothing that i am selling off .

some of the clothes i clear out are clothes that i regretted after i bought them .
haiz .
wad to do .
girls just have urges to buy clothes .

then tmr i will be going to support rolrol .
9am need to reach school .

oh and i have started this habit whereby i will sleep early .
meaning from ytd onwards .
i will be sleeping ard 10pm every night .
this is to save my eyes .
as they are becoming more darker each day i stay up .

in another case i would be blogging about the review this weekend .
so watch out for that .
btw anyone with part time jobs to offer please email miie .
or follow miie in twitter and send miie an message .
or leave miie a message on my fb account .
thanks peeps .
nights to all .

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a reblogged post from supeng's tumblr



damon salvatore & elena gilbert (the vampire diaries)

i have to say it once. you need to hear it. i love you, elena. and it’s because i love you that i can’t be selfish with you, why you can’t know this. i don’t deserve you, but my brother does. god i wish you didn’t have to forget this, but you do.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

just an update =]

ok i do not know how to put this in short .
i just need to keep my blog alive .
have been doing some cleaning up .
haiz .
so many things to clear and dump .
packing my closet next week .
but i was more of aiming to clean my room by next week .

anw best news was my dad finally wann to give miie back my room .
which i am more den happy to take .
but den i have to clear lots of things .
starting from each shelves and table and closet .

my room is messy as hell .
you cannort picture .
and yes i am troubled .
if only some one can just snap the fingers and clean my room .
but its just daydream .
so wadever .

will see if i am able to clear out "unwanted" stuff .
i am going to post up the review on the kanebo's BB cream le .
excited ?
have been using it .
will have all the detail in the next few post .

just a little update on wad i will be blogging on .

1. my 2011 new year resolution
2. the kanebo's BB cream review
3. updates on my clean up
4. any jobs update i have
(if i manage to get a job)

i think that shld be it le .
so anticipate ba .
its late .
so i shld go to bed too .
good night everyone !!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

recent beings

i dunno wad to post .
but i feel like i should post .

so people say a picture speaks a thousand words .

i will be going to hougang inter tmr .
after that will then meet piggy .

friends do not worry ...
we are in the midst of recovering ..
if we pull through ...
our bond will become stronger .

i miss him...
as he say he love miie and only miie .
i trust that .
cos no matter how much i tried to push him away .
he acts like an snake .
the more you try to struggle the more tighter they hold on .

he is holding on to miie so tight that i feel relieved and blissed .
i am being so stubborn for so many small reason .

i am going to propose a resolution to him tmr .
lets see how .

anyway a little update on how my new year celebration was spent .
in short HB-SP was there .
peng got soap in her eyes .
and had some cornea abrasion or smth like that .
wish her well in recovery .

and HB went crazy .
there were drinking, talking and lots of giggling and laughing out loud in public .
we laugh so hard that we were all a bit high .
even though no drugs were taken .
but it feels no different .
hahahas .

and like i say
so long friends are there .
you can talk your hearts out for all the reason .
we went to Daiso to get some stuff .
i got new lashes .
gonna wear them out tmr .
hahahas .

ok so its actually quite late le .
going to go and sleep le .
bye peeps .
love you girls and guys .