Sunday, January 23, 2011

money slave

have any one watch before these shows ?

i always thought they were only TV shows .
but at this moment, i know wad is family dispute .
seeing a heartbroken grandpa .

i am at no point in judging .
but to be honest, i dun understand .
why some people just so money-faced .

think back for god sake !
ah gong was the one who actually brought up all of you .
yet now the ones who break his heart the most are you people .

seeing ah gong cry and feel heartbroken is so upset .
haiz .

also dunno wad wrong with them .
i trust that when people say
"when comes to money, there is no family"

money can cause so much problem .
human beings are so fragile .

i keep wondering .
if ah ma were to be here den how good it would be .
but too bad .
she is not .

3shu must never have seen this coming .
if he knew, he would not have left .
now we see true colors of them .

everyone is as ugly once they have become slave of money .
everyone is as ugly once they mask is shred down .

this world is so sick !
corrupted .

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