Saturday, January 15, 2011

in need of money

haiz .
now i can say i need lot of money .

even though i am working one or two jobs now .
but the income that i am receiving is slow and little .
i need a fast and high paying job .
too high expectations to job .

so difficult .
everytime someone intro miie a job .
i either think too low pay otherwise i feel like it is too far .
so many excuses to not work .
but now i need to know wad else of option is there for miie .

haiz .
now so many things i wann need to spent money .
sadded like crazy .
hahaas ,

ok so i will be postin the kanebo's BB cream review tmr .
and so here i am blogging in school .
while piggy is doing his project with his group members .
so i should just post my 2011 new year resolution now .

so first of all i need to say
Lee Qian Hui's 2011 New Year Resolution
1. Earn loads and loads of $$$$
2. Get my Driving License
3. Get a good paying Job
4. Slim down to my desirable weight
5. Get all the gadgets that i wann
6. Go overseas with friends and piggy !

i think that is about all .
but the main one is to get rich .
lots and lots of money .
before the others can be fulfilled .
hahahas .

ok so i going end this post here .
need to go and read my loaned novel le .
ciao peeps .
miss miie .

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