Thursday, January 6, 2011

just an update =]

ok i do not know how to put this in short .
i just need to keep my blog alive .
have been doing some cleaning up .
haiz .
so many things to clear and dump .
packing my closet next week .
but i was more of aiming to clean my room by next week .

anw best news was my dad finally wann to give miie back my room .
which i am more den happy to take .
but den i have to clear lots of things .
starting from each shelves and table and closet .

my room is messy as hell .
you cannort picture .
and yes i am troubled .
if only some one can just snap the fingers and clean my room .
but its just daydream .
so wadever .

will see if i am able to clear out "unwanted" stuff .
i am going to post up the review on the kanebo's BB cream le .
excited ?
have been using it .
will have all the detail in the next few post .

just a little update on wad i will be blogging on .

1. my 2011 new year resolution
2. the kanebo's BB cream review
3. updates on my clean up
4. any jobs update i have
(if i manage to get a job)

i think that shld be it le .
so anticipate ba .
its late .
so i shld go to bed too .
good night everyone !!!

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