Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring cleaning

ok so i was slacking at home .
and then i decided to clear my wardrobe .
and yes it is now neat but still packed .

i cant decide wad i dun wann .
but i have alreadiie clear one bag out .
meaning if i were to book a booth of the flea market .
those will be the clothing that i am selling off .

some of the clothes i clear out are clothes that i regretted after i bought them .
haiz .
wad to do .
girls just have urges to buy clothes .

then tmr i will be going to support rolrol .
9am need to reach school .

oh and i have started this habit whereby i will sleep early .
meaning from ytd onwards .
i will be sleeping ard 10pm every night .
this is to save my eyes .
as they are becoming more darker each day i stay up .

in another case i would be blogging about the review this weekend .
so watch out for that .
btw anyone with part time jobs to offer please email miie .
or follow miie in twitter and send miie an message .
or leave miie a message on my fb account .
thanks peeps .
nights to all .

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