Monday, February 21, 2011

Losing weight

Ok so I know I have not been blogging .
The reason being I have stated in my previous post .
So read that...

And as of today onwards .
I am going to start jogging .
For a few reason regarding this gesture .
I am naming them now and here .
So dun ask miie again . Thanks !
First reason:
I wann to lose weight and reach my ideal weight
Second reason:
I dun wann to hear people say I am slacking off once I am attached !
Third reason:
I like to torture myself by starving and jogging and wadever !
Fourth reason:
My baby think that it is a good idea for miie to lose weight but it have to be in a healthy way .
( sweet right ! Dun be jealous ^.^ )

Ok so for all the above reason one verii important and also the last one !
I wann to be able to wear nice clothes !
Ok so enough of rants !

Anyway halfway blogging my mummy is back .
I am off to eat !
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

jobless = getting mre & mre lazy

so now most people know i am jobless .
as without my Dip i cant apply a job for better pay .
it suck big time .

and then now i am always rotting at home .
doing household chores and such ....
wasting lots of time .
playing games, watching shows/movies etc etc .

now i have even come to a point that i got nothin to blog about .
so this is how bad .
as i was staring to this blank page .
and i realise i haven change my blogskin for some times .
so i decide to change it .

now i am at the phase where i am editing the original skin .
await ba peeps .
might take awhile or not ....

so on friday i would be going to vonne's hse for mj .
den saturday got to go for my gp's 80th birthday .
so hopefully a peaceful one .
otherwise big show ....
better or worst lo .
and i have ask baby to not come cos mx will be going to m'sia .
and i ask him to go with them and enjoy the day .
cos it would be rather bored stayin here .

might as well enjoy his holidays while he could .
and so while i end here .
i need to give my dad a ring to buy miie dinner .
so ciao peeps .

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

movie review (Its a great great world & Mr & Mrs Incredible)

This morning i woke up from a 2 calls and 2 sms .
so both calls from god mummy's home .
den 1 sms from my mummy and 1 from my god mummy .
mummy forwarded a sms from Lois jie regarding a job offer .
den god mummy sms miie regarding watching movie in the after noon .
so i den call baby and ask him to join us .
but sadly he need to do his project .
therefore unable to join us .

so i make my way down to east point to join god mummy and korkor and syndi jie for lunch .
and we cab down to century square to watch movie .
Movie Title : Its a great great world .

This show has put in a verii strong cast .
actors and actress are from HKG, S'pore, Malaysia.
so basically its a verii touching and slightly funny show .
talks about this place that existed at the time of japanese occupation and even after S'pore's independence .
This place was then shut down when technology is introduced .

so this movie is actually a 3/5 movie .
though the cast is strong but the storyline is not that good organised .

as for the movie i watched last night was better .
Movie title : Mr & Mrs Incredible
throughout the whole movie,
you can hear non-stop laughter .
This is how funny the movie is .
but overall at the end of the show .
some might find it rather lame for its storyline .
but during the show, you can laugh your guts out .
it is just so funny .

i would give it a 4/5 .
as the storyline actually isnt that good even for a comedy .
but everything is funny .
so recommended to catch it in the theater .

that is about it for today's post .
currently rotting at rubics with mx, pat and boon hui .
waiting for baby to come .....
tired .....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

great cny spent in 3 years time !!!!

it seems that cny has kept miie rather busy .
after all i expect this year cny to be a sucky one .
but it turn out rather fine .
cos i received so much on the first day .
then there was lots of eating and gambling and GAME-ING .
hahaas .

so i had a great cny thanks to god-mummy, korkor, syndi jie and lastly MY BABY PIGGY!
he join in with all the fun .
and now i blogging while i have a span of time to waste while waiting .
cos later on at night we will be going to catch a movie at GV .
Movie Title : Mr & Mrs Incredible
so will then maybe talk more about the movie after i watched it tonight .

ok so this year i took lots and lots and lots of pictures of myself .
which i am verii proud to feel no shame to love to camwhore !!!

also pics with piggy .

that would be end of this post .
so ciao people !!!
This post has been edited .

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Third day of cny

Ok so I just finish bathing .
Just came back from god mummy house .
Piggy and I went there for supper !
Which I am sill having a bloated stomach .
Not so good for someone starting her diet .
Wadever la . After cny den see how lo .
Hahaas .

So today I went to syndi jie de house for visiting .
Her mum just kept on serving miie and korkor with tons of snacks .
Which I am not saying is bad .
But it was non stop one after another .

And then acc korkor go get his earpiece .
Some verii funny thing happen .
Shall not elaborate about it .
Cos too long a story to tell .
Got to sleep early tonight .
Cos tmr need to wake up and leave home at 10am .

So a verii brief on wad happen next .
Travelled to soak cheng( dunno how to spell ) house .
Den walk over to piggy house for dinner .
Guess wad we had steam boat for dinner .
Den after that to ehub for sushi .
Den travelled down to my god mummy house for supper .

So about end of post .
I would like to end it with camwhore pic .
But it's seem like the stupid itouch dun allow miie to upload pics ! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese(Bunny) year

ok so today marks the first day of chinese new year .
As for the zodiac will be Rabbit .
and this means that my daddy is going to 48 this year .
2 more years and he'll be 50 .

smth sad happen ytd .
cos my daddy de eldest brother passed away .
daddy is kinda upset .
but he felt like there is nothin for him to grief too long .
as grieving is not going to bring anyone back to life .

anyway i am currently at my god mummy's house blogging .
as my own family would not be going for visiting this year .
therefore i am going with my god mummy for visiting .
a fully planned day !!!

hahaas .
anyway while waiting to go ah gong house .
i did some cam whore and a few pics that i like .

so that is the end lo .
will update again soon .
you can look forward to the Nuffnang event's post .