Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese(Bunny) year

ok so today marks the first day of chinese new year .
As for the zodiac will be Rabbit .
and this means that my daddy is going to 48 this year .
2 more years and he'll be 50 .

smth sad happen ytd .
cos my daddy de eldest brother passed away .
daddy is kinda upset .
but he felt like there is nothin for him to grief too long .
as grieving is not going to bring anyone back to life .

anyway i am currently at my god mummy's house blogging .
as my own family would not be going for visiting this year .
therefore i am going with my god mummy for visiting .
a fully planned day !!!

hahaas .
anyway while waiting to go ah gong house .
i did some cam whore and a few pics that i like .

so that is the end lo .
will update again soon .
you can look forward to the Nuffnang event's post .

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