Wednesday, February 16, 2011

jobless = getting mre & mre lazy

so now most people know i am jobless .
as without my Dip i cant apply a job for better pay .
it suck big time .

and then now i am always rotting at home .
doing household chores and such ....
wasting lots of time .
playing games, watching shows/movies etc etc .

now i have even come to a point that i got nothin to blog about .
so this is how bad .
as i was staring to this blank page .
and i realise i haven change my blogskin for some times .
so i decide to change it .

now i am at the phase where i am editing the original skin .
await ba peeps .
might take awhile or not ....

so on friday i would be going to vonne's hse for mj .
den saturday got to go for my gp's 80th birthday .
so hopefully a peaceful one .
otherwise big show ....
better or worst lo .
and i have ask baby to not come cos mx will be going to m'sia .
and i ask him to go with them and enjoy the day .
cos it would be rather bored stayin here .

might as well enjoy his holidays while he could .
and so while i end here .
i need to give my dad a ring to buy miie dinner .
so ciao peeps .

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