Sunday, March 6, 2011

i miss HB

i miss them sooo much .
it has been so long since i last saw them .
sms wise ....
maybe one or two days ?
as we are actually planning to meet on tue .
plus i am doing my resume now for the job .

yes yes .
i finally call one of the contacts given .
but they require miie to give them my resume .
which i got no idea where it is at this moment .
so i got two ways to solve this prob .
first i go and find it do the editing and send .
second i find a template online and do it and send .
but i dunno which one is faster ?
in the sense like i think i am going to send it tmr anyway .
cos today is a non working day .
why bother people when they are not working right ?
so there is the job titles .
i rmb the person naming miie 3 .
but sadly i onli rmb two or actually one .
the position name is event coordinator .
but a choice for full or part time .
so obviously i in for the full de .

ok so i am going to stop all this blabbering and start doing my resume .
so bye people !!!

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