Sunday, April 10, 2011

my blog is not dead !

sorry people .
i know i have not be blogging for some time .
first of all i was busy .
second of all i was tired .
third of all i had losing my freedom .
plus stressful workload .

so i will no longer tolerate this .
ok maybe 1 mre week .
as i have tendered my resignation .
but i need to give two weeks notice .
and i am left with one mre week to go .
den aft that i would be "free" again .
maybe mre of slacking ba .

but i wann work with zoelyn leii .
den the zoelyn also nvr get back to miie .

but i know HB cares alot for miie even for our MIA star .
just so you dunno .
our MIA chart goes like this .
4. Ho carol
3. Lee Qian Hui/Zoelyn
2. Zoelyn/Lee Qian Hui
cant reali tell cos we some time take turns .
lol .
no la .
is depending de .
i work or deeply in love den MIA de .
if not slack like shit .
hahahas .
ok back to the topic .
our winner is ......
Tan Supeng !!!!!

but she cares alot ok .
recently i found out that i have a inborn defect .
which i have lived with it for like 20 yrs .
but not realising it .
how stupiid can i get .
not going to say it here .
cos i have been laughed at aft i told .
dunno everyone to laugh at miie .
you can try asking miie .
hahahaha .

anyway when i posted my tweet .
my darlings sms-ed miie asking wad happen .
and even some ppl ask if i was pregnant .
ridiculous man !!!!
crazy ppl .

so i guess my random rantings should be ok as a update ba .
if not den too bad .
you wann to know wad happen recently in mre details .
call miie or fb miie or follow miie on twitter la .
i update mre on twitter = update on fb .
cos they are linked .
of cos if you are my bestie, i expect you to sms or call la .
at least once in a while ma .

BTW if HB is reading .
do rmb our pact k .
once every mth .
this month haven huh .
arrange it real soon k ?
if not will become may le .

ok le la .
post til here le ,
not is like 0008 le .
must go slp le .
later need to wake up at 0730 .
got early shift .
ciao people .
lots of love !!!

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