Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick update before bed

I just updated my tumblr .
And I realize there is a lot of people who only regret after losing that special someone .
Like when you have it you dun cherish it unilateral it's gone .

So I am happy to say that I have realize I have so many people by my side .
Firstly my bf(of course)
Secondly my one and only HB .
But most importantly I know that my parents will always be there for miie .
Through all the ups and downs in life .

Therefore I am here to boast that .
I feel so blessed everyday .
But complaining how life is hard for miie when I have so many people who care .
I just wann to say thanks to all that is always by my side .
I love you girls and bf and daddy mummy the most.
Just like how you love miie !!!
Ok so going to bed now .
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